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SBI PO: Banking Related General Awareness - Previous Questions


1. India inked DTA pact with which country? Morocco
2. Decadal Growth Rate according to Census 2011? 17.64%
3. Indira Gandhi peace prize was conferred on? Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
4. World heart day? 29th September
5. Who monitors 5year plan? Yojana Ayog
6. Which company has launched Jupiter Bike? TVS
7. Parsi Community new scheme to increase parsi population? Jiyo Parsi
8. RTI Information fees? Rs.10
9. Sandeep Tulsi Yadav is related to which sport? Wrestling
10. New High Commissioner to UK? Ranjan Mathai
11. UN Representative of India? Asoke Kumar Mukerji
12. Nobel Peace Prize in Economics: Eugene F. Fama (and Robert J. Shiller and Lars Peter Hansen)
13. Nikkei is the stock exchange of which country? Japan
14. Director of ‘The Good Road’: Gyan Correa
15. Anna Hazare received which prize? Allard Prize for International Integrity
16. Aircel Parternership with which mobile company? Micromax
17. What is Depreciation: Decrease in currency’s value due to market forces, not government policies or actions
18. Movable Assets: Movable assets are those which are 'movable'- stocks, money, shares, furniture, gold, jewel
19. First RBI Governor? Sir Osborne Smith
20. Brand Ambassador of Anti Tobacco: Rahul Dravid

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