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General Awareness related to banking asked in IBPS Exams

1. Full Form of IBSA? India, Brazil, South Africa.
2. Who has directed the Bollywood film The Lunchbox?- Ritesh Batra
3. According to 2011 census which state has highest Rural Population?- Uttar Pradesh (15.51 crore- 18.16% of Indias Rural Population)
4. Which tennis player has retired in August 14, 2013?- Marion Bartoli
5. Who is the Head of WTO?- Robert Azevedo
6. What is the MSF rate as on October 2013?- 9%
7. Who is the writer of the novel 'Life of Pie'?- Yann Martel
8. International Children's Peace Prize 2013 was awarded to?- Malala Yousafzai
9. Limit of educational loans under priority sector? 10 lakh for studies in India and 20 lakh for studies abroad
10. Senior citizens can invest up to under Senior Citizens Saving Scheme? 15 lakh
11. Duration of 12th five year plan?- 2012-2017
12. Full Form of FTP?- File Transfer Protocol
13. GDP Growth rate of India as per Central Statistics Office (CSO) for 2013? 4.4%
14. Full form of CDS?- Credit Default Swap
15. Fairfax group head who brought blackberry?- Prem Watsa
16. Gujarat Mal Modi award winner 2013?- Vinod Prakash Sharma
17. Bank which has headquarters in Bangalore?-Vijaya Bank
18. Aadhaar Bill name?- UIDAI bill
19. DAX 30 is the stock exchange of which country? Germany
20. As per IMF India's GDP Growth rate? 3.8%

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