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60 LAKH HITS FOR given by members

My dear candidates and other users:

I started this blog for guiding people for Bank Interviews in 2009.  During 2009 and 2010 I have posted only 13 and 4 blogs.

In 2011 when I was in USA, I came in contact with Mr. Manohar Veera.  He was appearing for Bank Exams/Interivews after completing his ECE degree with good marks.  I guided him over phone about Bank interviews.  My blog was in    He took efforts to transfer it to this form and named it[].  He got recruited in a bank in that year.  In that year I have posted 237 blogs.

In 2016 I have posted more than 900 blogs.  I am thankful to candidates for making use of the blog and also guidance for interview over phone.

I am happy to share that like Mr.Manohar many candidates have got placed in banks-- to mention a few -- Jonnadula Raja, Srikanth, Gajapathi Karthik, Christopher, Sredhar, Meenakshi, Dilip, Sudha, Vijay Shankar and many others.

I am not remembering other names.  They are all well placed and are doing extremely well.  Right now it has touched 59,88,267 hits and I am sure it will cross 60 lakh mark today or tomorrow.  Credit for this achievement goes to you all and Mr. Manohar for his service attitude.  I would like to attribute credit to SMART TRAINING RESOURCES, CHENNAI for nurturning my writing/teaching skills all these years.

On this occasion I wish to inform that those candidates who are desirous of taking mock interview over phone for 15/20 minutes may send email to or send message to 9003037557.  I will call through my landline and conduct free mock interview and inform my evaluation and guide for improvement.

with best wishes


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