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Question Generally Asked In Interview---

Question Generally Asked In Interview👉Meaning of your name?👉Which famous person name relates with yours?👉Your Date of Birth?👉Any Historical Importance of that date?👉Which Person shares the same Date of Birth?👉Father's and Mother's profession?👉Number of Brother and Sister?👉Brother's and Sister's profession?👉If married, then question on Husband/Wife profession?👉Hobbies, Strength and Weakness?👉Are you a team player?👉What is your ambition?👉Number of Districts in your state?👉Your Aggregate in Graduation?👉Why do you want to join BANK?👉What are today's headlines?👉How your field is useful to us(BANK)?👉How important is this Interview to you?👉What qualities differentiate from other candidates?👉Why have you filled PNB/BOB/ECEG your first preference.👉Why have you filled ___ bank as your Last preference.👉Name of your college?👉If ans is UPTU/Lucknow University, then follow up questions were like - Tell me something about Lucknow university.👉When did you complete your graduation?👉Did you join any Job?👉How much are you earning?👉Why do you want to leave your job?👉You are from CSE ryt? Why don't you try in Software Industry...Why BANK?👉Why 2/3/4 years of gap between your graduation and now?👉What you did in between?👉A leader should be Liked or Feared?👉What kind of leader you are?👉What is your opinion?👉How do you think that you are suitable for the job?👉How can you add value to the job?👉Why do you want to leave present job?👉Why is your academic record not consistent?👉What are your strength and weakness?👉What do you know about the ministry or department or which job is located?👉How long will you stay in the job if you are selected?👉Don’t you think that you are more suited for the job you are currently holding?👉Why do you want this job when you have technical or higher qualifications?👉Can you describe how through team work you could resolve a ticklish issue?👉Describe the most difficult situation you have faced in your current job and how you handled it?👉What was your role in the last assignment handled by your team and how you handled?
Some Additional Banking Questions👉What is IPO ?👉What is LAF ?👉What is ECGC?👉What is CASA?👉What is Liquidity?👉What is Fund Flow?👉Full from of CORE?👉What is VAT, MAT?👉What is Balance Sheet?👉What is Mutual Fund?👉Credit Rating Agency?👉IT products in Banking?👉What is Plastic Money?👉Why NPA is increasing?👉What is Demat account?👉What is social Banking?👉What was SBI old name?👉What is break even point?👉What is Deficit Financing?👉What is CTS? How it works?👉Debit Card with drawl limit?👉Who is the regulator of banks?👉Who Signs on Bank Notes?👉Who Signs on Re 1 note?👉What is recurring deposits?👉What is growth in Economy?👉What is current Bank Rate?👉What is merchant banking?👉Who is the chairman of SBI?👉Saving Account Interest Rate?👉What is Zero Based Budgeting?👉What is FMC? Who controls it?👉Is there an ATM without a PIN?👉What is the full form of ATM?👉What is IMF? Its role and HQ?👉Types of ID and address Proof.👉Have you heard about Micro ATM?👉Why does NPA hurts bank most?👉What is SLR? Why RBI uses it?👉Who does open a Demat account?👉What do you know about Banking?📌 This post is for reference purpose related to upcoming banking interviews🙏👍

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