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Recruitment Of P.O in Indian bank(PGDBF) Venue- Indian bank zonal office, Mumbai

THIS CANDIDATE has been selected as PO in Indian Bank List released by Indian Bank five minutes back and the candidate informed me. best wishes

Recruitment Of P.O in Indian bank(PGDBF)
Venue- Indian bank zonal office, Mumbai

There were 4 Panel members (3 M 1 F)
One thing i learned from Mr. S.Sivan Sir is that a candidate can drive interview in direction where he/she want to if he/she is careful enough....Having learnt this I prepared all possible questions that could have arised out of anything...And it helped me a lot...

I can not describe in words how Mr. S.Sivan Sir helped me in last few months.he is a trasure of knowledge and good soul.will owe him for lifetime

Here goes my interview....

    I went in and wished everyone..
M1- Introduce yourself in brief.
Me- I gave an introduction starting with my name,place,graduation and then I simply said "I consider that I could be quite useful in banking"
M2-How can you say that?also There are every category (low income,middle,high worth) of customers you will have to deal with..
(I knew they will ask and I felt delighted cause I prepared for such cross question)
Me-Sir when it comes to low income group people I grew up in a village so I have been with them so I know what they expect...When it comes to middle class I am also one of them so I can handle that well too and in case of high net worth I can manage those because I want to be that.
     They all laughed(I guess it was satisfactory)
F1- Tell us about CBS
Me-explained in brief like a customer no longer remains customer of only particular branch...He becomes customer of bank can access a/c from anywhere in country
M3- A few points from economic survey
Me-as I prepared for same so explained that too...Mentioned 3 risks as per survey and UBS...Migration problem...Oil price etc..
M1- What is ECGC
I read somewhere but forgot at that time so I tried to start but bluffed so I simply said sorry I am unable to recollect right now but will learn again
M2-what you think about this year budget it was a good one or disappointing?
Me-tried to explained 1-2 points for some important sectors...I think I managed that well
M3- again asked me some questions related to Indian bank's deposits and revenue where I got confused so i may have misrepresented some figures.
   At last there were some very basic questions too like KYC... Credit card etc..Also 1 question I couldn't answer
F1-Okay so you can go now..Thank you
Me-thank you sir,ma'am...Thank you so much...Have a good day

I believe it was a good experience for me as panel was supporting and informative at the same time ....

And once again big thanks to Mr.Samba S.Sivan sir for all help and blessings .

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