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IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Bhubaneshwar) - 64 Read more:

IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Bhubaneshwar) - 64

Date: 07/02/2017
Time: 1 pm
Panel: 3

NAMING M1, M2,M3,M4,F1 seated like this.
I sat before M3.
I:May I come in Sir?

M3:yes come in...
I:Thank you sir.

I went in. And wished all... First from F1 who is far right and she was busy with some paperwork.

M4- something he said but I couldn't hear properly.  So I went near the chair and stood there. Then he said YOU CAN SIT.
I: Thank you sir.

M3: then sumit you are a pharmacy student then why you want to join banks.
I: Sir banking is a fastest growing sector and it has more growth opportunities and in the other hand in pharmacy there are lesser opportunity in PSB and GOVT SECTORS.

M3:but you can go to industry they pay good..and he told me about healthcare sector and all. Because I thought he was not satisfied with my answer. So I told,
I:sir actually I had to do architecture but due to some family issues I couldn't pursue that so I joined b.pharm and also I am not a biology student.
Then he checked my +2/inter certificate and laughed.
Then M3 asked me about my job profile why I had not tried in b.pharm jobs.
I told him I got job 2 times both campus selections first was in aurobindo and other one a MR job. So I told my seniors suggested me to not to go both..

M3: how come you came to banking?
I: after b.pharm some of my friends went for m.pharm and some for banking.I took m.pharm. but those took banking they are now well settled in banks like SBI, Canara ,syndicate etc so by looking them I came to banking they inspired me a lot.
Then M3 passed to M4.

M4: then what preparations you made for this interview sumit.
I: (as a dumb said) sir I am from odia medium background and I had very poor knowledge in English so I tried very hard to fix this.
They all laughed and said it's OK we all are from odia background and you can talk in odia. But I talked in English only.

M4: which topic you covered sumit
I: sir banking awareness and general awareness.

M4:please specify so that I can ask you.
I:sir RBI, commercial banks ,psbs, payment banks etc sir.

M4: what types of deposits are there?
I: 2 types demand and term.

M4: and demand deposit divided into
I: savings and current account.

M4: why people use savings account.
I: told 3 points
He asked me more but I said sorry sir I couldn't recall at this time.
He said it's fine.

M4:what is interest on savings account.
I: sir each bank has different rates on their own.
I saw they were not satisfied that gave me examples. But I said the same.

M3:how interest calculated on them?
I:on daily basis
I saw F1 noded her head I felt relaxed.

He also asked 2 to 3 questions on banking which I forgot.
Then it's time for M1.
M1: on tablets it is written like IP USP what are those.
I:Indian pharmacopoeia sir.

M1:OK what is that.
I:explained well.

He noded his head.
M1:and what is USP.
I: I explained.

M1:what is composition of blood.
I: I explained.

They looked satisfied.
M1: which is commonly available blood group.
I: o positive sir (but I was nt sure)

M1: if I have one bottle of blood and there are 2 patients what will I do.
I: sir we have to give to the patient with most serious.

M1: both are serious then.
I: we have to arrange another one.

M1: can I add saline with blood and give the two.
I: no sir.

All laughed.

M3: OK sumit it's over very good sumit.
I: thank you sir.
M3: take a chocolate.
I: which one sir
Because there were 2 kinds of chocolate i.e. mango bite and chloromint.
They all laughed and said whichever you like.
I took the chloromint and thanked all individually.

M3: all the best.
That's all..

Good luck friends...

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