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1.  The “Desirability and Feasibility for New Financial year Committee was headed by:
a) Shankar Acharya                 b) Dr. Urjit Patel       c) Dr. Raghuram Rajan
d) Vijay Kelkar                       e) None of these.
2. Krishi Kalyan Cess was implemented with effect from which of the following dates?
a) 1st July 2016            b) 1st May 2016                       c) 1st June 2016
d) 1st April 2016          e) None of these.
3.  Which of the following bank has its headquarters in Chennai?
a) State Bank of India       b)  Union Bank of India         c)  Bank of India
d) Indian Bank                                    e) None of these.
4. What is the maximum total credit amount in BSBDA account in a year ?
a) Rs.50000                 b) Rs. 100000              c) Rs. 250000              d) Rs.10 lakhs
e) None of these.
5. NACH has been implemented by which of the following organizations?
a) National Payments Corporation of India    b) Reserve Bank of India
c) State Bank of India                                                d) Union Finance Ministry
e) None of these.
6. Rani Jhansi National Park is located in which State/Union Territory?
a) Uttar Pradesh          b)  Bihar                      c) Uttarakand
d) Andaman & Nicobar Islands                      e) Lakshadweep
7. Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY) maximum amount under non farm micro unit is ---
a) Rs. 5 lakhs               b) Rs.10 lakhs             c) Rs. 50 lakhs                         d) Rs. 1 lakh
e) None of these.
8.  Lakhwar dam located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand is constructed on which river?
a)  Ganges                   b) Sutlej                       c) Yamuna       d) Saraswati
e) None of these.
9.  The Managing Director of Bandhan Bank is
a) Chandrasekar Ghosh                       b) Ashok Lahiri            c)  Pradeep Ghosh
d)  Sanjay Kumar Ghosh                    e) None of these.
10. Maputo is the capital of which country?
a) Mozambique                       b) Madagascar         c) Morocco         d)  Mauritius
e) None of these.
11.  Fino Pay Tech is which type of Bank?
a) Payment Bank         b) Small Bank             c) Public Sector Bank
d) Cooperative Bank               e) None of these.
12.  The ease of doing business index is an index created by ---
a) Asian Bank Group              b) BRICS                    c)  IMF
d) World Bank Group             e) None of these. 
13.  “State of Children Report”  is prepared by
a) Ministry of Child Affairs                b) UNICEF          c) Home Affairs Dept.
d) Union Finance Ministry                  e) None of these.
14. Women Economic Forum – Annual WEF 2017 is to be held in which city?
a) New York               b) Islamabad               c) Kabul
d) New Delhi              e) None of these.
15. Madhavrao Scindia Cricket Ground is situate in which place?
a) Jaipur, Rajasthan                 b) Nagpur, Maharashtra
c) Rajkot, Gujarat                   d) Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
e) None of these.
16.  India’s first integrated Defence Communication Network (DCN) was launched by Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in …..
a)  New Delhi              b) Chandigarh             c) Srinagar                   d) Panaji
e) None of these.
17.  Which of the following is not a money market instrument?
a) Certificate of Deposit                     b) Commercial Paper
c) Commercial Bill                              d) Indian Depository Receipt
e) None of these.
18. Bharath Mahila Bank is to be merged with which Bank?
a) Reserve Bank of India                    b) Industrial Development Bank of India
c) State Bank of India                                    d) Bank of Baroda
e) None of these.
19.  The 2016 Warsaw Summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was the 27th formal meeting of the heads of state and heads of government of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, held at the National Stadium in ………..on 8 and 9 July 2016
a) Warsaw , Poland                 b) Wales, United Kingdom
c) Chicago, USA                     d)  Belgium, Brussels
e) Istanbul, Turkey
20. The headquarters of  Capital Small Finance Bank Ltd is situate in…..
a) Jalandhar, Punjab                b) Amritsar, Punjab
c) Dehradun, Uttarakand        d) Ranchi, Jharkand
e) None of thse.
21.USD 500 million project for construction of bridge over Ganges was sanctioned to Bihar recently by….
a) World Bank                        b) Asian Development Bank
c) BRICS                    d) IMF                        e) None of these.
22. Which Bank launched a ‘mobile-only bank’ in India?
a) Yes Bank                b) Kotak Mahindra Bank
c) DBS Bank               d) Bandhan Bank                    e) None of these.
23. How many rural houses will be covered under Housing to all by 2022 ?
a) 5.65 crore                b) 10.45 crore              c) 2.95 crore
d) 8.35 crore                e) None of these.
24.As per UN WESP Report which of the following countries is to grow at 7.3%?
a)  U.K.                       b) Switzerland             c) Pakistan                   d) India
e) None of these
25. Talcher Coal Hub is located in which State?
a) Bihar                       b) Jharkand                 c) Rajasthan                d) Odisha
e) None of these.
26. The current aggregate foreign investment limit is --- per cent will apply to universal banks
a) 50%             b) 74%             c) 49%             d) 26%
e) None of these.
27.    The proportion of economically active population (15-59 years) stands at …..%,(in 2013) according to Economic Survey 2016?
a)  57.7                        b) 63.3             c) 74.5             d)  42.5      e) None of these.
28.  in 2015 the topmost State in FDI is
a) Gujarat        b) Tamil Nadu             c)  Telengana               d) Maharashtra
e) None of these.
29. Amazon Tatkal is started for the benefit of which type of businesss?
a) PSUs                       b) Govt. departments
c) Small and Medium Businesses                   d) Large scale industries
e) None of these.
30. Yakshagana is a popular dance-drama of which State?
a) Tamil Nadu                         b) Kerala                     c) M.P.
d) Karnataka                           e) None of these.
31.  Which Bank secured the World Bank $625 million Solar Programme?
a) SBI              b) UBI             c) IOB             d) BOI   e) None of these.
32. “Mingle” is the Twitter and Facebook platform of which of the following Banks?
a) Indian Bank                                    b) Canara Bank
c) IDBI                                   d) SBI                         e) None of these.
33. Certificate of incorporation of a company is like a:
a) License
b) Permit
c) Clearance
d) Birth certificate
e) None of these
34. To open the account of a public charitable trust, the key document required is:
a) Permission of Charity Commissioner
b) Permission of Local Authority
c) Permission of Court of Law
d) All of the above
e) None of the above
35. RBI's open market operation transactions are carried out with a view to regulate?
a) Liquidity in the economy
b) Prices of essential commodities
c) Inflation
d)  (a), (b) and (c)
e)  None of these.
36. Which of the following is not associated with risks related to risk management in banks?
a) Credit risk
b) Market risk
c) Profit risk
d) Operational risk
e) None of these
37. The assets of the banks will be classified as Standard, Sub-standard, Doubtful and Loss assets. Wherein assets which have remained NPA for a period less than or equal to 12 months, are termed as:
a) Substandard assets     b) Doubtful assets
c) Loss assets
d) Provisional assets
e) Other than those given as  options
38. Which of the following products launched by most of the banks help farmers in getting instant credit for various agricultural purposes?
a)Kisan Credit Card      b)  Personal loan      c)  Business loan   
d) only a) and b)            e) None of these.
39.   The 14th edition of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas will be held in January 2017 in?
a) New Delhi     b) Bengaluru             c) Jaipur             d) Hyderabad    e) None of these.
40. The 4th World Congress of Biosphere Reserves was held in March 2016 in:
a) Chile, Santiago
b) Ankara, Turkey
c) Brisbane, Australia
d) Lima, Peru
e) Jakarta, Indonesia

1.A         2.C          3.D         4.B          5.A         6.D         7.B          8.C          9.A         10.A
11.A       12.D       13.B       14.D       15.C       16.A       17.D       18.C       19.A       20.A
21.B       22.C       23.C       24.D       25.D       26.B       27.B       28.A       29.C       30.D
31.A       32.D       33.D       34.A       35.D       36.C       37.A       38.A       39.B       40.D

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