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Write a circular letter to your \Bank customers cautioning them against frauds committed suggesting them to be cautious.

Beware of Fake offers from Fraudsters
Dear Customer,

It has come to our notice that customers are getting fictitious offers through letters, e-mails, mobile phones, SMS, etc regarding various fraudulent schemes. Please do not to fall prey to any fictitious offers / lottery winnings / remittance of cheap funds by certain foreign entities / individuals, including Indian residents acting as representatives of such entities / individuals. Many fraudsters lure public to deposit money in specific accounts towards various charges, taxes, duties, etc. Once the money is deposited, the amount is immediately withdrawn and the miscreants vanish without a trace. The victim loses the money paid.

We are sending this email to create awareness among our customers for protecting their hard earned savings. Please be alert and immediately report any such fraudulent attempts to local police authorities / Bank officials for taking action.

Please also be informed that Ixxx Bank , it's employees and service providers will never ask for your User ID / Password / PIN through phone calls/SMS/e-mails. Please do not respond to any such attempts and exercise caution. 

You are advised to be more cautious in dealing with people over phone/in person and not reveal details about your accounts to outsiders.

With Regards, 

Thanks to source from  circular letter of bank/s. 

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