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Questions asked in CWC exam held in 29th May

1. Bolo app launched by google who is the assistant in this app ?- Diya

2. Longest Salt Cave discovered in Israel is in which sea ?- Dead Sea

3. Who is new  Finance Secretary ?- S.C. Garg

4. Qutub Minar is adopted by which firm under the Adoption of Heritage Monuments ?

5. Name the ship which is converted into museum ?- INS Viraat

6. Name the Capital which is cleanest capital in India under Swachh Survekshan 2019 ?- Bhopal

7. Name the Country which tops the Inclusive internet ranking(2019) ?- Swedan

8. Name the Head of UGC committee to examine the Ph.d and M.phil creteria ?- P. Balram

9. Bandipur National Park in which State ?- Karnataka

10. Name the Minister for Labour and Employement ?- Santosh Gangwar

11. Good Governance Day is in which date ?- 25 December

12. Name given to Atal Vihari's Death Smarak ?- Atal Smarak

13.  Atal Aahar scheme launched by which state ?- Maharashtra

14. Name the Phone Pay Brand Ambassador ?- Amir Khan

15. Question related to Vivo Dream 11 ?

16. Mrinal Sen is ?- Film Director

17. Which country host 2019 cricket world cup ?- England and Wales

18. Name the Highest Polling Station ?-Tashigang

19. Maitri Bridge built on which river ?- Indus

20. New Guinness World Record for the longest single moving line bicycle parade at the Yamuna Expressway by which indian force ?- CISF

21. Mission Shakti launch from which island ?- APJ Island

22. Name the university which awarded to Amratya Sen ?- Oxford

23. On London book Fair Indian pavilion focuses on whom ?- Mahatma Gandhi

24. Who won Badminton Premier league 2019 ?- Bengaluru Raptors

25. Who topped Huruns global rich list 2019 ?-Jeff Bezos

26. Why National Science Day significance ? -Raman Effect

27. Who is the Chief Minister of Odisha ?- Naveen Patnayak

28. Name the Country which launch 1st 5g serives ?- South Korea

29. Name the institute which has topped in the overall category of NIRF ranking 2019 ?- IIT Madras

30. Name the Male player who won 109 singles titles in tennis ?-Jimmy Corons

31. Name the country which recently joined the International Criminal Court ?- Malaysia

32. Name the author who wrote adventure of Huckleberry Finn ?-Mark Twain

33. Where is the Beach Volleyball venue ?- Visakhapatnam

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