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Directions (121-123): In each of the following questions, a sentence is written in four different ways conveying the same meaning and following the correct grammar structure. Choose the sentence among the four options which is grammatically incorrect or carrying a grammatical/idiomatic error in it as the answer. If there is no error in any of the sentences, choose (5), i.e. "All are correct" as the answer.
121.     (1) Racing for the bus, her bag flew open and all the documents were lost.
(2) As she raced for the bus, her bag flew open making the documents lose
(3) Racing for the bus, her bag, flung open and all the documents were lost.
(4) The documents were lost, when racing for the bus, her bag flung open.
(5) All are incorrect.
122.     (1) The Trump administration is intensifying its effort to crack down the so called sanctuary cities that refuse to comply with federal immigration authorities.
(2) Efforts were intensified by the Trump administration to crack down the sanctuary cities that refused to comply with federal immigration authorities.
(3) The so called sanctuary cities that refused to abide by the federal immigration authorities will be cracked down by the intensified efforts of the Trump administration.
(4) Federal immigration authorities must be compiled into by sanctuary cities if the efforts of the Trump Administration must be intensified.
(5) All are incorrect.
123.     (1) Dark web transactions were initially carried out using legally state-issued currencies.
(2) The initial dark web trans-actions were carried out by legal state-issue currencies.
(3) The legal state-issued currencies were used to initially carry in the transactions between the dark webs.
(4) Legal state-issued currencies were initially used to carrying out dark web transactions.
(5) All are incorrect.
Directions (124-126): Select the phrase/connector (STARTERS) from the given three options which can be used to form a single sentence from the two sentences given below, implying the same meaning as expressed in the statement sentences.
124.     I. The surface of our planet appears to be firm and stationary.
II. There is convincing evidence that the materials that form the solid rock on the surface of earth are moving.
(i) Even though the surface of our planet....
(ii) However, the evidence is convincing...
(iii) Notwithstanding that the surface....
(1) Only (i)     (2) Only (ii)    (3) Both (i) and (iii)   (4) Both (ii) and (iii)
(5) None of these
125.     I. The implementation rules of the program describe pre-defined criteria for evaluation of projects.
II. The quality of project proposals is evaluated by the independent evaluators.
(i) In line with the implementation rules of...
(ii) In accordance with the implementation rules...
(iii) Complying the implementation rules...
(1) Only (iii)   (2) Only (ii)    (3) Both (i) and (iii)   (4) Both (ii) and (iii)
(5) All of these
126.     I. Theresa May won the general election in 2017.
II. She has been forced to re-shuffle her Cabinet a number of times amid a number of high profile resignations..
(i) Since Theresa May won...
(ii) Owing to the fact that Theresa May....
(iii) While Theresa May won the....
(1) Only (iii)   (2) Only (ii)    (3) Both (i) and (iii) (4) Both (i) and (ii)      
(5) All of these
Directions (127-133): Read the following passage divided into a number of paragraphs carefully and answer the questions that follow it.
Paragraph 1:  Financial markets don't much like uncertainty. Thanks to, Italy's politicians, in recent days they have had plenty. By May 30th some calm had returned: it seemed possible that a pair of populist parties, the Five Star Movement and the Northern League, would form a government after all. Markets had been in turmoil for two days, unsettled by a farcical back-and-forth between the populists and the country's president who had rejected the parties' choice of a Eurosceptic economist as finance minister. The Politicians may have done the markets a service, by shaking them out of complacency. Investors may have returned the favor, by shaking some sense into the politicians—at least for now.
Paragraph 2:  Italy is perennially slow-growing and groans under public debt of around $2.7 trillion, or132% of GDP. The drama reawakened dormant worries about those two problems—and the deeper fear that the euro zone's third-biggest member might be sneaking towards the exit. So the yield on Italian two-year bonds, negative as recently as May 15th, leapt toalmost 1% on May 28th. It carried on climbing the next day, touching 2.73%, the highest since 2013, before retreating. Ten-year yields also rose, if less spectacularly. yields on German Bonds; Europe's safest government bonds, declined.
Paragraph 3:  Share prices tumbled. Banks in Italy, holders of 600bn of government bonds, were hit hardest. Uni-Credit, the country's biggest, fell by 9.2% and Intesa Sanpaolo, the number two, lost 7.2% on May 28th and 29th. Other European banks' shares were also roughed up. The worries rippled across the Atlantic. The S&P 500 index slipped by 1.2% on May 29th, with banks again leading the way down. The yield on ten-year Treasury bonds fell fr6m 2.93% to 2.77%, the biggest drop since the day after Britons voted for Brexit in June 2016. So far, this adds up to a nasty bout of the jitters' rather than full-blown panic. Italy's two-year bond yield is far below the 7.6% it hit in November 2011, at the 'depths of the euro zone's previous crisis. The effect on the euro area's other problem members has been limited—even though yields in Greece, Portugal and Spain, where the prime minister faces a confidence vote on June 1st, reached their highest this year on May 29th.
Paragraph 4:  Foreigners are also unlikely to have suffered much direct harm from the fall in bond prices (the corollary of rising yields). Nor has the run-up in yields yet threatened the sustainability of Italy's debt. On May 30th Italy sold a total of5.6bn-worth of five-, seven- and ten-year bonds at yields of 2.32%, 2% and 3% respectively. Granted, that is dearer than in the re-cent, past, but it is well below the average coupon of 3.4% on its existing stock of debt. And the longish average maturity of its bonds, around sevenyears, gives it breathing space. Alberto Gallo of Algebris, an investment firm, estimates that yiel6 would have to be at least 4-4.5% for several months before higher coupon payments would make debt unsupportable. That is not unimaginable, but is some way off.
Paragraph 5:  One reason for that is the backing of the European Central Bank. Under its quantitativeeasing programme, which has held down borrowing costs across the euro area, the ECB has bought • 340 bn worth of Italian bonds; it holds around a sixth of the stock. In effect, it has been a willing buyer as foreigners have quit. Yetnone of this means that markets could not turn against Italy with greater violence—if, say, a populist government undid recent reforms, opened the fiscal taps or picked a fight with bureaucrats in Brussels or Frankfurt. Although the biggest banks are now in decent health (or getting there), they own lots of government bonds. One bank: Monte del Paschi di Siena, is still in intensive care. The bad-loan burden, though reduced, remains heavy. Departure from the euro area would be unthinkably costly—for both Italy and the zone. Just like when Argentina abandoned dollar parity at the start of 2002, the value of Italians' bank deposits would plunge. Italy is not Greece, in that it is in far better shape. But it is not Greece, too, in that it is much, much bigger. In 2012 Mario Draghi, the ECB's president, quelled the crisis that looked likely to destroy the currency club by saying that the ECB would do "whatever it takes to preserve the euro".
127.     Which of the following is/are synonyms of farcical?
I. Skeptical      II. Preposterous           III. Ludicrous              IV. Perplexed
(1) Only I        (2) Only II and III       (3) Only I, III and IV   (4) Only II, III and IV
(5) All of the above
128.     Which of the following is/are antonyms of complacent?
I. Vitriolic       II. Slack           III. Humble     IV. Gloat
(1) Only IV     (2) Only III      (3) Only I, III and IV               (4) Only II and IV      
(5) Only I, III and IV
129.     Which of the following statements from paragraph 2 shows that investors were losing confidence in Italy?
I. Its debt hit a level of $2.7 trillion, many times above its GDP.
II. Yield on Italian bonds rose in general.
III. Yields on German Bonds fell.
(1) Only II       (2) Only III      (3) Only I and II          (4) Only II and III
(5) Only I and III
130.     Which of the statements below strengthen the argument -So far, this adds up to a nasty bout of the jitters rather than full-blown panic'?
I. The bond yields in Italy are still far below the levels reached during the 2011 Euro-zone crisis.
II. The effect of the issue has not impacted other members very hard.
III. The ratings given to many Italian Bank stocks by credit agencies has not changed at all.
(1) Only I        (2) Only III      (3) Only I and III         (4) Only II and III
(5) All of the above
131.     Which of the following could be a possible reason for the line- 'Foreigners are also unlikely to have suffered much direct harm from the fall in bond prices'?
I. Italy's huge public-debt market gives it a decent weight in global bond indices.
II. Foreign investors have cut their Italian holdings from 473 bn to (250 bn during the last year.
III. Exposure of banks outside Italy has fallen by almost half since 2009, to 133bn.
(1) Only II       (2) Only I and II          (3) Only II and III       (4) Only I and III
(5) All of the above
132.     As per paragraph 4, which of the following does not adverse-ly impact the sustainability of Italy's debt?
I. The rate offered on the bonds has increased when compared to the past.
II. The current rate offered on bonds is around the average rate of the existing debt.
III. Most of the debt is short to mature in terms of maturity.
(1) Only II       (2) Only I and II          (3) Only III      (4) OnlyII and III
(5) None of the above
133.     Which of the following is/are true in context of the passage?
I. Italy's Populists prefer the option of leaving the EU.
II. Bond yields and bond prices are inversely related.
III. Italy is not much bigger than Greece in terms of the size of its economy.
(1) Only III      (2) Only I and II          (3) Only I and III         (4) Only II and III
(5) All of the above
Directions (134-136): Given below are six sentences (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) and (F). Answer the following questions after rearranging the following sentences into a coherent paragraph.
134.     (A)The nature of threats is such that they continue to evolve all the time.
(B) Both the 2001 terror attack in New York and the November 2008 attack in Mumbai were one of a kind with few parallels at the time.
(C) Anticipating an attack of this nature remains in the area of an "Intelligence gap" rather than an "intelligence failure".
(D) The real problem is that when dealing with terrorism and terror networks, no two situations in the actual world arc identical.
(E) Most experts explain an intelligence gap as one denoting an absence of intelligence output while an intelligence failure is one where, based on available evidence, no warning was issued.
(F) Even while the IS has gained a great deal of prominence due to its brand of violence, other terror networks have continued to be no less active. If the sentence (D), "The real problem is that when dealing with terrorism and terror networks, no two situations in the actual world are identical." is the first sentence of the paragraph, then which of the following sentences does not fit into the paragraph formed after rearranging other sentences?
(1) A               (2) E                (3) B                (4) C                (5) F
135.     (A) A number of viruses, malware and cryptoworms are also being developed in the JavaScript, which gives the attackers cross-platform options.
(B) The attacks aren't limited to mobile phones and e-Pads.
(C) While Windows operating Systems were the most vulnerable to cyber-attack, a number of Android threat; have been reported in the last couple of years, including potent crypto-ransomware attack, on Android device.
(D) In 2016, the first known Ransomware, named KcRenger, targeting Mac was also reported.
(E) All devices, including televisions that use Android, are also potentially vulnerable.
(F) The Miralbotnet malware affected 2.5 million home router users and other Internet of Things device. If the sentence (C), "While Windows Operating systems were the most vulnerable to cyber-attacks, a number of Android threats have been reported in the last couple of years, including potent crypto-ransomware attacks on Android devices." is the first sentence of the paragraph, then what is the sequence of other sentence, after rearrangement?
(1) DEFAB     (2) BEDFA     (3) BADFE     (4) AFBED     (5) ADBEF
136.     (A) Funding varies with the political climate: there will be money to buy equipment but no certainty that resources will flow for all the years needed to ensure significant results.
(B) But, Mr. Bhattacharjee says, "Working with hands is not encouraged among scientists. The words used in Indian labs are; one needs hands to do experiments, not brains."
(C) To succeed, experiments re-quire at least two conditions: guarantees of long-term funding and scientist's collaboration with each other.
(D) Lab assistants are the hands, while scientists avoid what they regard as mere manual labour.
(E) Experimental science "is very poor in India".
(F) And collaboration is a social process, not an intellectual one.
(G) It involves, among other things, physical labour together with others.
If the sentence (F) And collaboration is a social process, not an Intellectual one is the fourth sentence of the paragraph, then which of the following options indicates the follow-up sentence, the FIFTH sentence of the coherent paragraph so formed?
(1) A               (2) C                (3) G               (4) B                (5) D
Directions (137-140): In each of the following questions, a passage is given with three blanks. Select the correct option of fill the blanks appropriately.
137.     Where curriculum designers fear to tread, film directors take relaxed, bold__________. Few will consider ghosts and witchcraft as suitable topics for a textbook. Killing of women on the __________that they are practicing witchcraft occasionally figures in the news. Such episodes may be on the decline, but witches and ghosts continue toshape the deeper layers of the collective __________mind.
I. abrade          II. Suspicion    III. Strides       IV. Impute       V. Convoke     VI. Social
(1) III, II,VI     (2) I, II, IV       (3) VI,V,III      (4) II,V,I          (5) III,IV,II
138.     Memory is a great charger. It is also a great __________. The Congress's memory of its past __________energizes it but restricts its scope for a practical of current realities.
I. Accommodation      II. Leavening   III. Supremacy            IV. Fallacy      V. Inhibitor
VI. lampoon
(1) III, VI, IV               (2) I, II, IV                   (3) II, VI, V                 (4) V, III, I
(5) IV,II,I
139.     While education has improved the distribution of __________and job opportunities for women, it has made little impact on male aggression and self-righteousness. The potential that education has for improving male sanity has been severely __________ by the Unprecedented and easy__________ provided by digital devices to pornography, including child pornography.
I. Eligibility    II. Hampered   III. Access       IV. Enmesh     V. Notable      VI. Bewitch
(1) III, IV, V                (2) I, II, III       (3) II, I, III       (4) IV, V, VI   (5) None of these
140.     The Road Accidents in India report of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for 2017 comes as a disappointment. By __________ poorly performing policies and programmes, it has failed to signal the __________ shift necessary to reduce death and disability on the roads. It expresses concern at the large number of people who die every year and the thousands who are __________in accidents, but the remedies it highlights are weak, Incremental and unlikely to bring about a transformation.
I. Quantum      II. Reiterating             III. Overhang   IV. Crippied    V. Rampart
VI. Tribulation
(1) VI, V, IV               (2) II, I, IV       (3) III, VI, I     (4) V, III, II     (5) III, V, II
Directions (141-145): In the following questions, a paragraph is divided into five parts with one of the parts omitted. You must choose the most suitable alternative among the five that should fill the omitted part making the paragraph grammatically correct and contextually meaningful. if none of the given alternatives are appropriate to fill the blank, choose option (5) i.e. "none of these' as your answer choice.
141.     The present impasse between China and India, is a flare up of a long- standing eczema that is the result of incessant border scratching. The legalities of the present issues aside, diatribes of reminders of a previous war
(1) Besides the countries are bound by bilateral peace and diplomatic treaties.
(2) goes beyond what may be considered as acrimonious diplomatic language.
(3) not impose on what you yourselfdo not desire.
(4) having suddenly having hit many "home runs", from where President George W Bush left
(5) None of these
142.     We believe in many, gods but the basics are a belief in nature and the universe and a oneness with these elements and thus ­­­__________. If we talk about this or say we are proud of it, we become Hindutva. It seems it is a shame to be Hindu, at least this is what the so called liberals have been saying for decades and now we are also called intolerant.
(1) are jaded; beyond belief and are clutching at straws
(2) The Geeta and so many more including the Buddhists and Jains
(3) are of a philosophy that was born in this land
(4) are only a billion of us who belong to this rather prolific geographical race
(5) None of these
143.     __________ the spread of fake or questionable information, then it also helped in making people aware of, the world around them by making information access virtually free. This medium has been exploited by politicians to win elections, bigots to spread the message of hate, cheats to earn quick bucks —and NASA to share the latest discovery.
(1) If the growth of digital media gave a boost to
(2) the times we live in, 'live-action science' is not a bad idea
(3) there is an urgent need for a well-crafted strategy to
(4) these obscurantist forces that are backed by powerful political and
(5) None of these
144.     This is exactly the kind of situation that the Right to Information law is meant for. The RBI is always in the news for monetary policy or licensing or its leadership. That mostly obscures the fact that its track record in consumer protection is terrible. It's time for bank customers __________ changes.
(1) the banks and their so-called regulator
(2) to why banks must continue to be allowed to dip
(3) into your pocket whenever they feel the need
(4) to step up, get organized and start forcing some
(5) None of these
145.     And the trends are ominous. Petrol prices are now rising by 16.7%, high speed diesel by 33.1% and aviation fuel by a massive 67.3%. In contrast cereal prices have come down from 9.6% in November 2016 to 6.1% in February with __________ of a good rabi crop.
(1) global recovery in other commodity prices is also adding to the price pressures
(2) even wheat prices decelerating in anticipation
(3) wholesale prices very different is unlike in the past when food prices
(4) fuel and power prices which is driving the priceline
(5) None of these
Directions (146-152): Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.
Paragraph 1- One of the easiest ways to establish a savings habit is to participate in your employer's 401(k) plan. Funds are withheld from each pay-check and deposited into your account. If your employer matches part of your contribution — and many dol — you will accumulate yet more. A second way to consistently save is with an automatic savings transfer program with your financial institution.
You decide how much and when you want funds transferred from your checking account into a savings account. You can also use a payroll deduction plan from your employer and get the same results.
Paragraph 2 – Along with how much and how often you save, what you earn on your funds will determine how fast your money grows. You cannot control what happens with Interest rates or the stock market, but you can consider different types of savings vehicles that Provide different returns. The simplest savings vehicle to consider is buying certificates of deposit (CDs) instead of leaving funds in a savings account. CDs usually offer higher interest rates, but they are time deposits and have ………. for early withdrawal. If you can accept not having immediate access to your funds, CDs can be an attractive savings vehicle.
Paragraph 3 – Budgetingis an important tool for saving. First, you need to segregate all your income and expenses. Now, categories your expenses as least important, important and very important to prioritize them while settling them through your income, which is limited. Try to figure out ways in which you can increase expenses. Ensure that your income exceeds the expenses with as wider a margin as possible. The surplus fund after meeting all the expenses would be your saving. It is only after you have assured savings that you can thinking about investment.
Paragraph 4 – The way most of us save is to put away whatever is left after all expenses are taken care of, or put away any surplus income. But that is not the best way of saving and there are chances of us falling short. Avery stringent savings plan that favours future demands over current aspirations is also likely to fail. Instead, a better approach is where due consideration is given to Current and future needs. This will help divide the available income between Current consumption and future saving. If an expense or a need is too large to be met out of the regular income, earmark it. for the future. So the ………. way to buy a coveted watch is not to swipe the credit card and commit yourself to debt, but to set aside money from your current income and buy the watch when you have the required funds.
146.     According to paragraph-3, which of the following is the correct chronology of steps as can be inferred?
(1)Saving-Budgeting-Investment      (2) Investment-Budgeting-Saving
(3)Budgeting-Saving-Investment      (4) Budgeting-Investment-Saving
(5) None of the above
147.     What is the tone of writing according to Paragraph-1?
(1) Satirical    (2) Critical      (3) Didactic    (4) Sarcastic   (5) Nostalgic
148.     From combining paragraph-1 and paragraph-2, which of the following can be inferred as the theme of the passage?
(1) Certificate of deposits is the best way to establish savings habit.
(2) Establishing a consistent saving habit and also smart saving with CDs.
(3) Employer's 401 (k) plan provides a convenient way for consistent and smart savings.
(4) You savings decide how well you flourish and grow.
(5) None of these
149.     Which of the following can be best inferred from the paragraph-4?
(1) The better way to save is to give due consideration to current and future needs and plan accordingly.
(2) It’s better to buy the things that you require at present than to 'save money and buy them later.
(3) Buying a watch is more important than saving for the future.
(4) A stringent savings plan will produce a good result for the future.
(5) None of these
150.     Which of the following word can fill the blank in the paragraph 2 to make it meaningful and grammatically correct?
(1) gifts           (2) lucrative    (3) casualties (4) penalties    (5) None of these
151.     Which of the following can be the next line after the last line of the paragraph-4?
(1) Most of us never have enough money for immediate expenses as well as saving.
(2) There will be a lot of un-wanted expenses that can creep in every now and then.
(3) If we had enough money to meet our current expenses and future goals, there would be no problem.
(4) Expenses or needs that have to be met at a point of time in the future are called goals.
(5) Just as we segregate the essential and less important things in our shopping list, do the same with our goals.
152.     Which of the following word can fill the blank in the paragraph 4 to make it meaningful and grammatically correct?
(1) Stringent   (2) bad            (3) unethical   (4) moneywise            (5) Both (1) and (4)
Directions (153-155): In each question below four statements are given. These four statements are connected with the four options given below in each question. You have to determine in which option the four statements have been most appropriately expressed giving the full meaning of the statements and select it as your answer.
153.     It received generally negative reviews from critics; it has amassed a strong fan following; it has grossed a total of $539 million; it has a combined budget of $212 million.
(1) It received generally negative reviews from critics nevertheless it has amassed a strong fan following as well as it has grossed a total of $539 mil-lion yet it has a combined budget of $212 million.
(2) Despite receiving generally negative reviews from critics, the five films have amassed a strong fan following and have grossed a total of $539 million, against a combined budget of $212 million
(3) Although it has a combined budget of $212 million yet it has grossed a total of $539 million and it has amassed a strong fan following instead of receiving generally negative reviews from critics
(4) It not only ha's amassed a strong fan following but also received generally negative reviews from critics despite grossing a total of $539 million over a budget of $212 million
(5) None of these
154.     He obtained his doctorate in economics; he obtained it from oxford; he worked for the U.N. during 1966-69
(1) As he obtained his doctorate in economics from Oxford. He worked for the U.N. during 1966-69.
(2) After obtaining his doctorate in economics from Oxford, he worked for the United Nations during 1966-69.
(3) Being obtained his doctorate in economics from Oxford, he worked for the United Nations during 1966-69.
(4) Because he worked for the United Nations during 1966-69, he obtained his doctorate in economics from Oxford.
(5) None of these
155.     This book is short; this book is 'interesting; this book arrived late.
(1) As the book arrived late, it is interesting and short.
(2) Despite arriving late this book is short yet interesting.
(3) Instead of arriving late and interesting, the book is short.
(4) As the book arrived late though it is short and interesting.
(5) None of these

121. (5)           122. (4)           123. (5)           124. (1)           125. (3)
126. (3)           127. (2)           128. (4)           129. (5)           130. (1)
131. (5)           132. (4)           133. (2)           134. (1)           135. (2)
136. (3)           137. (1)           138. (4)           139. (2)           140. (2)
141. (1)           142. (3)           143. (1)           144. (4)           145. (2)
146. (3)           147. (3)           148. (2)           149. (1)           150. (4)
151. (5)           152. (1)           153. (2)           154. (2)           155. (5)

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