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Directions (1-5) : Given below the sentences each of which has been divided into five parts out of which the first part has been marked bold. Each of the questions is then followed by the five options which give the sequence of the rearranged parts. You must choose the option which gives the correct sequence of the parts. If the sentence is already arranged or the correct sequence doesn’t match any of the given sequence, mark (5), i.e., “None of these” as your answer.
1. Madhya Pradesh tried an alternative/the difference between the market price (A)/and the MSP, but traders took advantage by artificially depressing prices (B)/to state procurement: paying the farmer (C)/so that the state would pick up the tab. (D)
1) ACDB   2) DBAC   3) CABD   4) BACD   5) None of these
2. While the lieutenant governor/unless faced with an emergency (A)/any decision of the government he finds problematic, (B)/has the power to refer to the President (C)/the court is clear that the lieutenant governor has no powers himself, (D)
1) DABC   2) ABDC   3) CBDA   4) BDAC   5) None of these
3. The need is to create market linkages,/free farmers from the stranglehold of middlemen, (A)/and institute organized retail to raise competition. (B)/India also needs a robust futures market for (C)/better price discovery to raise farm incomes (D)
1) BDAC   2) ACBD   3) BACD  4) CDAB   5) None of these
4. The proposal entails/so that they can provide for the haircuts they take, (A)/which has started showing signs of strengthening (B)/immediate recapitalization of the banks. (C)/and regain the capacity to lend, to finance growth, (D)
1) BCDA   2) DABC   3) CADB   4) ADBC   5) None of these
5. It is neither necessary nor desirable/But the Station House Officer (SHO) (A)/in its administrative territory (B)/should have a current list of all Whats App admins in his area (C)/for every police station to know all the Whats App messages being shared (D)
1) ACBD   2) BACD   3) BDCA   4) DBAC   5) None of these
Directions (6-10) : In these questions, a sentence has been divided into four parts denoted by (A), (B), (C) and (D). Read the sentence and find out if there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. Mark that part as your answer. If there is ‘No error’ in the sentence, mark ‘No error’ as your answer.
6. ‘Blood typing’ allows ourselves to safety (A)/and routinely perform procedures (B)/such as transfusions and transplant surgery (C)/and has resulted in the saving of hundreds of lives. (D)
1) C   2) D   3) B   4) A   5) No error
7. If their technique is (A)/successfully implemented on a large scale (B)/it could transform how (C)/humanity addresses with the problem of climate change. (D)
1) C   2) D   3) B   4) A   5) No error
8. Every year, at least 7 million people (A)/worldwide die from infections (B)/that any longer respond to antibiotics (C)/and that toll could balloon to 10 million by 2050. (D)
1) D   2) B   3) A   4) C   5) No error
9. He argued that by using advanced methods (A)/to increase per-acre yields, (B)/farmers would not have to plant as many acres, (C)/an idea researchers now call the “Borlaug Hypothesis”. (D)
1) C   2) B   3) A   4) D   5) No error
10. French researchers who visited an (A)/emergency room and interviewed nine hundred (B)/patients over a period of six months reported that (C)/majority have been daydreaming at the time of the accident (D)
1) A   2) B   3) C   4) D   5) No error
Directions (11-15) : Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. Select the part with the error as your answer. If there is no error, select ‘No error’ as your answer. Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any.
11. This company has been (1)/served a legal notice for (2)/using banned substances in (3)/the manufacture of its using banned substances in (3)/the manufacture of its products. (4)/No error(5)
12. All coastal villages have (1)/been evacuated to prevent (2)/any losses of life due (3)/to the incoming cyclone.(4)/No error (5)
13. The reporter was arrested and (1)/his camera seized by the police, (2)/after he entered the prohibited  (3)/zone and started taken photos. (4)/No error (5)
14. After been caught drinking (1)/in their hostel room, the (2)/students were suspended from (3)/the college for a week. (4)/No error (5)
15. Once the party ended, we (1)/realized that it was (2)/midnight and that there was (3)/no way we could return home (4)/ No error (5)
Directions (16-18) : In these questions, four words denoted by (A), (B), (C) and (D) are given in bold. One of these words given in bold may either be wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Find out which amongst (A), (B), (C) and (D) is inappropriate in the context of wrongly spelt, if any. That option is your answer. If all (A), (B), (C) and (D) are correctly spelt or appropriate in the context of the sentence, then mark ‘All correct’ as your answer.
16. Ever since I joined (A)/the new school I was keen on exploring (B)/the spacious (C)/hall which was open to students of higher clauses (D)/only.
1) C   2) B   3) A   4) D   5) All correct
17. Wrighting (A)/essays on various (B)/topics improves the creativity (C)/of children. (D)
1) A   2) D   3) B   4) C   5) All correct
18. Man does not live by bread (A)/alone, rather, his relationship (B)/with family as well as society (C)/gives him an identity. (D)
1) D   2) C   3) A   4) All correct    5) B
Directions (19-26) : The sentence has been split into five parts denoted by A, B, C, D and E. Part A is fixed in the sentence and is to be taken as grammatically correct. The remaining four parts B, C, D and E may or may not have either (an) inappropriate word (s) or spelling errors in it. From these four, there will be ONLY ONE part without any error. Identify that part and mark it as your answer. If the sentence is correct as it is, then mark ‘No error’ as your answer.
For example : The following question is just an example. The actual question will follow.
The government is (A)/trying to ensure (B)/that the food on (C)/our pilates is (D)/free from harmful fertilizers. (E)
Apart from part (A) which is fixed, the error in this question is in three parts (B), (D) and (E). So, the only part remaining without an error is (C). So, part (C) is the answer.
19. Traditionally, people have (A)/associated more sweating (B)/with having a higher body fat (C)/percentage and less sweating (D)/with a higher level of acrobic activiti. (E)
1) B   2) C   3) D   4) E   5) No error
20. The country is among (A)/the emerging global players in (B)/research and innovation, thenks (C)/to the excellent research centres (D)/and a considerable talent pool. (E)
1) B   2) C   3) D   4) E   5) No error
21. After a gap of over eighty years, (A)/the black bear has returned (B)/to the northern region of the country (C)/through conservation. (D)/with their population believed to be over 500. (E)
1) B   2) C   3) D   4) E   5) No error
22. The government is likely (A)/ to lounch a policy on electric vehicles (B)/ proposing benefits for manufacturers (C)/ and putting into place the necessary (D)/ support system by the end of this year. (E)
1) B  2) C  3) D  4) E  5) No error 
23. ‘Writer Page’, is a unique platform  (A)/ where budding writers (B)/ are encouraged to hone (C)/ their writing skills (D)/ with the help of established authors. (E)
1) B  2) C  3) D  4) E  5) No error
24. Ferrying of coal in (A)/ uncowered vehicles and rail wagons is (B)/ said to be won of the key (C)/ reasons behind high pollution (D)/ levels along the transportation root. (E)
 1) B  2) C  3) D  4) E   5) No error
25. Thanks giving is that (A)/ festiwal when families (B)/ gather together, forgot (C)/ their differences and feast (D)/ on turkey and pumkin pie. (E)
 1) B  2) C  3) D  4) E   5) No error
26. There needs to be (A)/ a dipper exploration of (B)/ why parents actually have (C)/ a problem with  (D)/ their children reading books based on violence . (E)
1) B  2) C  3) D  4) E  5) No error
Directions (27-36) : In each of the questions given below a sentence is given which is then divided into five parts out of which last part is correct. There is an error in three part of the sentence and only one part is correct. You have to choose the part as your answer.
27. After he had read/ the first two chapters / to the novel,/ he had felt like/ reading the book in one sitting.
1) After he had read   2) the first two chapters    3) to the novel    4) he had felt like
5) All are incorrect
28. Since most of the urban people/ have been lived/ at polluted areas/ they suffers from severe/diseases  caused by pollution.
1) Since most of the urban people    2) have been lived    3) at polluted areas
4) they suffers from severe   5) All are incorrect .
29. Broadly speaking of a/layman language disability/could be/classified in two groups/namely mental and physical.
1) Broadly speaking of a   2) layman language disability    3) could be
4) classified in two groups   5) All are incorrect
30. Although there are some/similarities at the disqualification/of both the candidate/the differences among them/are considerably pronounced.
1) Although there are some   2) similarities at the disqualification   3) of both the candidate
4) the differences among them   5) All are incorrect
31. When the group of teenagers/visits the entertainment centre/little did they knows/that its outing/would lead them to a hospital.
1) When the group of teenagers   2) visits the entertainment centre   3) little did they knows
4) that its outing   5) All are incorrect
32. In the present guidelines,/the bank are required/to obtaining a photograph/from any persons/who wishes to open an account.
1) If the present guidelines   2) the bank are required   3) to obtaining a photograph
4) from any persons   5) All are incorrect
33. Although the clock struck twelve,/we hear the big bang of/the fire crackers and saw/all the guests scream,/shouting and wishing each other with joy.
1) Although the clock struck twelve   2) we hear the big bang of   3) the fire crackers and saw
4) all the guests scream   5) All are incorrect
34. The Rupali wanted/to gets/the clear picture about/the incident so she spoke/to the victims.
1) The Ruplai wanted    2) to gets   3) the clear picture about   4) the incident so she spoke
5) All are incorrect
35. The centre has accepted/the report of the judicial commission/that indicted a former chief minister/and six of his ministerial colleagues for corruption,/favouritism, nepotism and administrative impropriety.
1) The centre has accepted    2) the report of the judicial commission
3) that indicted a former chief minister   4) and six of his ministerial colleagues for corruption
5) All are incorrect
36. Before invested,/you should look at the/overall business dynamics for the company/along with its efficient management and/good corporate governance.
1) Before invested   2) you should look at the   3) overall business dynamics for the company
4) along with its efficient management and   5) All are incorrect
Directions (37-46) : Below in each question some sentences are given, find the sentence which is not really contributing to the main theme of the passage or find the odd sentence out and rearrange the remaining sentences to make a coherent paragraph. If the given sentence is correct as it is then choose option (5). If the sequence is the one which is not given then choose option (4) as your choice.
37. (A)/keep their inner life (B)/Tightly under control (C)/Educational institutions seldom serve as precise mirrors. (D)/Of historical change because pedagogic and administrative rituals (E)/That have nicely preserved an empty shell of a special inherited identity
1) CEDB   2) CDEB   3) CDAB   4) No correction required   5) None of these
38. (A)/Most importantly the labour market’ (B)/We can expect to see continued spillovers (C)/Into other areas of the economy, (D)/Combined with a ‘broader unraveling of credit markets. (E)/Parliament should act quickly to keep the economy from stalling
1) DECA   2) DEAC   3) ECBD   4) None of these   5) No correction required
39. (A)/And act judiciously to bring the economy back on track (B)/The start-up ecosystem cannot progress in a disturbed business cycle (C)/The economy appears to be in a shambles (D)/Leaders in the government are failing to recognize the pessimism (E)/And despite the gloomy forecasts for the future.
1) DAEB    2) BEDA   3) CEDA   4) None of these   5) No correction required
40. (A)/Even at the risk of reducing an appraisal (B)/It strove to make this evident, (C)/Of a great writer such as Ishiguro to a trite high school essay (D)/While announcing the name, (E)/That came its way last year.
1) DBAC   2) ACBE   3) DCBE   4) None of these   5) No correction required
41. (A)/But laws do have the utility value (B)/To heed the line between religious traditions and superstitious practices (C)/Of curbing the prevalence of inhuman rituals and practices (D)/To eradicate superstition from society, (E)/Mere legislation is not enough.
1) EBAC   2) DEBA   3) EDAC   4) None of these   5) No correction required
42. (A)/As the LTTE displaced the other Tamil militias and became dominant, (B)/To its ambition of a separate state (C)/The abuses perpetrated by the warring actors (D)/They boldly challenged its political choices, (E)/Which, they felt, subordinated the well-being of the Tamil people.
1) CEDB   2) DABE   3) ADEB   4) No correction required   5) None of these
43. (A)/Area expected to bring their regional expertise (B)/Are in the exclusive domain of the Union government, (C)/The successful outcome of a request made by the Kerala Chief Minister (D)/Has been widely applauded (E)/Although traditionalists may argue that foreign affairs.
1) EBCD   2) CDEA   3) EACD   4) None of these   5) No Correction required
44. (A)/It is this crucial human health angle (B)/That has spawned a mushrooming body of science centred (C)/On understanding the linkages between sleep and normal metabolic activity, (D)/And the potentially deleterious effect of sleep deprivation (E)/That helped complete the jigsaw puzzle.
1) CABD   2) ABCE   3) AEBC   4) No correction required    5) None of these
45. (A)/Has to give way to (B)/Avert accidents (C)/At the cost of maintenance and safety (D)/The present system of running trains on a congested network (E)/Safety consciousness in operations.
1) DCAE   2) EABC   3) DCAB   4) None of these   5) No correction required
46. (A)/It is increasingly manifested in their converging interests (B)/To invest in greater coordination security cooperation (C)/to ensure Eurasian connectivity plans (D)/that are truly multilateral, (E)/and also financially and environmentally sustainable.
1) ACDE    2) ADCE   3) BACE   4) None of these   5) No correction required
Directions (47-65) : Read each sentence of find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. Mark the part with the error as your answer. If there is no error, mark ‘No error’ as your answer. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any)
47. The fare will be calculated (1) on the basis of (2)/expected travel time distance (3)/and traffic where applied. (4)/No error (5)
48. Junior colleges sees (1)/marginal violations in (2)/minimum score cap for arts, (3)/science and commerce streams. (4)/No error (5)
49. The actor has(1)/filled a case (2)/against the director and (3)/has sought a written apology. (4)/No error (5)
50. The practice of big pharma companies (1)/offering kickbacks to (2)/prescribing physicians may not be (3)/a breach of ethics. (4)/No error (5)
51. The government has narrowed (1)/its list of candidates (2)/to become the next (3)/governor on the RBI. (4)/No error (5)
52. The infection is commonly found (1)/in pork eaters and is (2)/also a result on unhygienic practices (3)/like not cleaning vegetables properly. (4)/No error (5)
53. One of the greatest (1)/surrealists of his time. (2)/Ali was the ultimate conquistador (3)/in an art he alone perfected. (4)/ No error (5)
54. In the (1)/plush property-a (2)/seat in power (3)/or a political ill omen ? (4)/No error (5)
55. A gang war inside (1)/the high security jail resulted (2)/in four under trials (3)/being rushed for the hospital. (4)/No error (5)
56. The museum suffer (1)/severe damaged after (2)/ fire hydrants were (3)/ rendered useless. (4)/ No error (5)
57. The progress of the south west monsoon (1)/is relatively slow as it is (2)/not getting a favourable system (3)/for move forward. (4)/No error (5)
58. Authorities have (1)/derived requests (2)/for private hospital care (3)/to the accuse. (4)/No error (5)
59. The drive intended to creating (1)/an awareness of (2)/th perks of riding two wheelers (3)/without a helmet. (4)/No error (5)
60. Gold continued its rising streak (1)/for the fourth straight session (2)/to reclaim the (3)/psychologically significant thirty thousand mark. (4)/No error (5)
61. The system, which keeps (1)/a record for personal and professional details (2)/of all community members, (3)/was hacked. (4)/No error (5)
62. Profitability of fleet operators (1)/have improved due to a decline (2)/in fuel prices during (3)/the last two months. (4)/No error (5)
63. We are a young country, (1)/a brash country, a forward (2)/looking country, and (3)/true history interest us a lot. (4)/No error (5)
64. The joint statement included (1)/just three lines on military (2)/cooperation, restriction itself for (3)/exercise and ship visits. (4)/No error(5)
65. In a country currently there is (1)/absolute no shortage in fact (2)/there is an abundance of pilots holding (3)/a valid licene but unable to find a job. (4)/ No error (5)

1.(4)    2.(3)    3.(5)    4.(3)    5.(4)    6.(4)    7.(1)    8.(4)    9.(4)    10.(4)
11.(4) Use ‘manufacturing’ in place of ‘manufacture’ in the sentence.
12.(3) ‘Any’ is followed by singular noun/singular pronoun. So, use ‘any loss’ in place of ‘any losses’.
13.(4) ‘started taking’ will be used in place of ‘started taken’.
14.(1) Here, Perfect participle will be used. So, ‘Having been caught drinking’ will be used in place of ‘After been caught drinking’ in the sentence.
15.(3) Remove ‘that’
16.(5)  17.(1)  18.(4)  19.(3)  20.(1)  21.(5)  22.(4)  23.(5)  24.(3)  25.(3)  26.(3)  27.(2)            28.(1)
29.(3)  30.(1)  31.(1)  32.(1)  33.(3)  34.(4)  35.(2)  36.(4)  37.(3)  38.(2)  39.(4)  40.(3)            41.(3)
42.(1)  43.(1)  44.(5)  45.(1)  46.(1)  47.(4)  48.(1)  49.(5)  50.(5)  51.(4)  52.(3)  53.(1)            54.(1)
55.(4)  56.(2)
57.(4) Use ‘to’ in place of ‘for’.
58.(4) Use ‘accused’ in place of ‘accuse’.
59.(1) Use ‘create’ in place of ‘creating’.
60.(1) No error
61.(1) Use ‘kept’ in place of ‘keeps’.
62.(2) Use ‘has’ in place of ‘have’.
63.(4) Use ‘interests’ in place of ‘interest’.
64.(3) Use ‘to’ in place of ‘for’.
65.(2) Use ‘absolutely’ in place of ‘absolute’.


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