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LIC ADO INTERVIEW EXPECTED QUESTIONS -- --application print out link --...

attending LIC ADO INTERVIEW  please use
the links given above for download of materials not only for lic but also for
ibps .  KINDLY  read about LIFE INSURANCE from the ambitious
baba or bankers adda materials and ALSO FROM LIC WEBSITE.  PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEOS I HAVE posted on why
insurance, lic policies, why lic etc. note down the points practice answering
for the following questions:    1. tell
us about yourself 
 2.  what
are your strengths and weaknesses
3. what are
your hobbies 
4.  What is your father?  (profession)
 5.  Tell
us about your family  
6.  Have your gone thro the website of LIC? 
7.  What aspects of LIC WEBSITE you like? 
 8.  Tell
us about three life policies -- terms and conditions, important points, who can
take it, premium., assignment, nomination.
 9.  have
you read insurance terms and tell about five interesting insurance terms. 
10.  What do you know about LIC?  (PLUS POINTS). 
11.  Why do you want to join LIC? 
12. Why do
you prefer LIC ADO? 
13.  What is the job role of LIC ADO and what
aspect of it you like very much.  
14.  Who are LIC Agents and why they work for
15.  How will you convince a customer to take LIC
policy -- tell details of a scheme high lighting salient features?
  16.  In
what way you will be a better ADO ?  
17.  How will you motivate your Agents?
18.  How will you ensure that your agents play an
active role?
Supposing an Agent is not attending phone calls how will you react? 
20.  How will you display your leadership skills
over LIC Agents? 
What is insurance and why people take insurance? 
22.  What do you know about IRDAI and its
23.  What do you know about insurance
ombudsman  --tell a few points about
24.  Tell us about your native place and main
25.  Which group of people you will target for
canvassing new policies through agents?


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