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Thanks for your help sir
Questions asked :Introduction 
1) About priority sector and examples
2) They asked questions about my job and it's relation to bank 
3) Self help groups working
4) Major projects in our district ( central govt projects) 

Today was
my interview it went well Sir.

asked in IPSO(Marketing SO)
Introduce Yourself
2) What
is MIS 
3) How
MIS is related to Artificial Intelligence?
4)Do you
know banking products?
5) Why
should I hire you?

There were 5men & 1woman
Wished them good evening . My interview was at 7:45pm I was 2nd last
candidate they were in rush to complete the interview not a single banking
question they have asked.

M1 - you have studied in Patna college?
 Ans- yes sir
M1- which Patna college?
Ans- I said sir Patna college , Patna.
M2- apna Patna college? Laughing
Ans- yes 
M3- where you had been staying in hostel?
Ans- no sir ( Patna college hostel is not having social respect because
of unnecessary fights)
M3- why?
Ans- given the reason.
M4 - tell me some thing about your college.
Ans- answered .
M2- tell me about Patna college?
And - told
M3- when patna college established?
And 1863
M4- tell me alumni names of Patna college.
Ans - given two names.
M5- where do you stay at nawada.
Ans - told my address.
M5- he asked PNB bank address in nawada.
Ans - told.
M1- why bank is nationalised.
Ans- so that bank will come under RBI regulatory.
M1-r u sure ,,asked twice
Ans - yes sir 
M1- after this interview Google it you will find more. 

M2- what benefit you will give to bank .
Ans - sir my knowledge and experience.
M2- which experience.
Ans- told them about my experience in Patna college once me along with
three more friends were head of placement cell.
M1 - who is the speaker of loksabha.
Ans - i can't recall sir . ( One interview given me hint as well but
till that time I was lost)
M1- speaker of Rajya sabha.?
Ans - I can't remember as of now.
M1- kya puchhe fir aapse.

He passed to the lady .

W1- what makes a student perfect.
Ans- mam, discipline, hard work & dedication.
M3- I have heard practice makes a man perfect.
Ans - yes sir that is true , but these are basic principles which is
 M1- ok prem Sagar you may leave now thanks .

Sir I'm really worried my interview was not so good . In mains I am
expecting 40/60 what is my chances. I have not given proper answer for one
question and not answered two questions.
 Sir, my interview is over. They asked questions like KCC ( who
determines interest rate for kcc loan), Irrigation schemes, Mutual fund( I
couldn't answer this) , SHG, allied activities, PMFBY, interest subvention.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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