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Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 11:47]
Morning 8:30
Panel 1

Panelists say, L1/M2/M3/M4/M5( were sitting left to right in the same order)

I entered, did formalities, greetings, was asked to sit..

L1 (smiling lady): tell me something about yourself?

M2(obnoxious and very serious till the end of interview):
So you said you have done engineering and have job experience as a developer. How is that gonna help in banking, don't you think you have wasted your graduation?

M2: tell me about Blockchain technology (as I mentioned it)
Answered,looked pretty impressed!

M2: So you are now preparing for UPSC, what all have you prepared for this interview?

M2: what are NPAs? Solutions?
Answered, now he felt relaxed and didn't ask anything till the end! (Hard nut!)

M3(smiling old man): why don't you join your family business? blah nd blah.

Answered! He looked satisfied!
Then follow up questions related to family business and modern technology involved in it, expansion related!

M4(moderator, old man): asked about NABARD, and RRBs etc(other banking questions i don't remember exactly but I answered them all)

L1(this time a little serious): why have you fold your sleeves?
Answered, she smiled!

M3(smiling face): what is AI? Examples? Father of AI?
Answered! Looked okayish!

M5(moderately old, no expressions good or bad): so, tell me which banks you have accounts with?
Compare both?

L1: suppose for a day you are made a bank PO what would you do the first thing(as in change in the system?)
I answered, she looked pretty impressed and frowned,nodded!
Then, follow up questions based kn answers!

M5: NPA solutions as a PO what would you do?
I strated, then started beating around the bush, he helped in between then asked some terms, I stopped there saying, sorry sir, I don't know technicalities of it. He smiled and said okay!

M3: then casual conversation related to business, budget, and modern technologies!(No questions related to budget, he himself stated budget data)

All in all, it was very smooth, Interview went for some 20 minutes (didn't feel at all)  they all looked satisfied except M2 but later he also became less furious!

They will help you!
Nothing to worry. Just a personality test! Be positive! Rock it!
All the best!

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 12:11]
Panel 1 #bhopal 8:30 am
B tech marine engineering
1.fluid hammering
2.critical speed range.
3.why u left d job? Ur salary was more than that of the GM.why here background
5.rbi functions does it controls inflation
wished me all d best. And said dis is the first time we have interviewed a Marine engineer.

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 12:14]
Feb 1.
Panel 2
Time 1 p.m.
Venue #Chandigarh
4 males, 2 sardar ji,1 female.
5 to 7 minutes only.

I knocked and enter.
Wished all sit comfortably.
1.Who are you. I am shivani sharma.
2.Tell me about yourself.
Answered name city and hobbies
Ans mcom
4.fav sub
5 prospecting and cross selling btao.
I said no any idea. you have account
Ans.Yes savings.
7.sell it to your customer how do you do
Bcs i said i dnt believe in theory but do believe inn practical
Ans.Features btaye.
Sardar ji said okay good ans.
8.tds savings pe hota hai kya.
Ans.Yes. I said crores k amount me hota.
9.lakhs me hota hai ya nai?
Ans. Said nahi muje jaha tak pta hai crores me e hai. person
Fund flow statement btao.
Ans.Muje pta thi indid not ans. Said i cant recall now but yes studied in 12th.
11. Derivatives btao. I told ye nahi pta, debenture and shares ka pta hai.
They said vo btao.
Maine debenture and share ka btaya bcs derivative k liye sure nahi thi.
12. Next person.
Social security btao.
I told epf esi vgera kr k. person
Senior citizen account k bare me btao.
maine ans kia max interest no min amount nd age 60 yeras btai open k liye.
14.max.amount to be deposited in this account?
I assumed nd said 15 lakhs. with permission guess kia
Then sardar ji said KBC me jao beta ap to.
15.koi scheme b thi puchi maine jan dhan bta di.
All the best bola. Unhone result ka. Beech me 2 bar very good answer b bola tha.
Savings account vale ka. Nd 1 bar marketing ka pucha tha kaise hogi kya dekhoge vgera kar k. Tab b kaha good explanation.
Maine good evening wish kar k , thank you , nice meeting bol k aa gyi..
Overall first and happy experience tha.

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 12:15]
Panel -Bank of baroda
Venue- BIRD , #Lucknow
Date-31st Jan
(I am presently working as clerk in bob since 15th may 2019)

5 panelists :
Q1) Tell me about your family background , educational qualifications and why do you want to become an officer?

Q2) Where are you posted at present?
Q3) How is the staff in your branch?
Q4) What type of complaints are there from customers?
Q5) What is the total business of your branch?
Q6) What is the total NPA of your branch?
Q7) How npa effects banks?
Q8) What is provisioning in npa?
Q9) How much salary do you get?
Q10) What are the different accounts you open in your branch?
Q11) If you're posted in a rural branch, which is the account you will open maximum?
Q12) What are your strengths and weaknesses?

(One mam was total silent, she asked nothing. Rest four kept on asking one after another.)

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 12:18]
Ibps PO interview
#Patna panel 4
Date 1-feb - 2020

4 male 1 female - panel

M1 (main) -
1- name batao
2- Kb graduate hue ( graduation ke baad kya kr rahe)
3- Subject kya tha (chemistry- so they asked 4-5 ques from chemistry)
4- About my town

M2- some more chemistry que
M3- 5 freedom fighters ke name batao bihar se ( maine 2 he bataye the)
Then asked India level ke 5 batao
Mentioned sc Bose.. To unka pucha fir.. Slogan by him..
Then ek aisa slogan jo kisi ne as a PM diya ho ( jai jawan jai kishan- laal bhadur shahstri I said )
pram veer chakra
Ashok chakra
And diff between them
F1- nationalization of banks in India
Jb 1969 me hua he to fir 1980 me kyu
Ek aur big thing hua tha banking sector me 1969 me wo batao- I said Lead bank scheme (detail me pucha unhone fir)
Apke district me lead bank kon hai?? Lead bank Head ko kya bolte hai??
Mudra loan
M1 again- Bhut acha laga apse baat kr ke shubham ji .. Handshake liya sir ne ..maine v wish kiya... Mam ne chocolate lene kaha... M1 sir ne fir kaha haan..chocolate lete jao..fir mai deep breath ke sath bhar aa gaya...
Time- 13-14 min
All the best 👍

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 12:19]
Interview was the most random experience for me !

UBI HO #Kolkata, panel 1, 1st February.
5 panel members, 1 ma'am,4 sirs
They greeted me as I entered ask me to sit down I said thank you and.
Every member was equally asking questions
1: What did you do all these years after graduation
2: Republic Day chief guest and special performance
3: How will English help in banking and counter questions on my answers(I had English Hons)
4: Ques about my previous working place.
5: GDP current, Economic survey and budget
6. Meaning of drawee and payee bank in cheque
7: Last book read, and Nobel literature prize
8: As the interview was in United bank , they asked me which banks are getting merged with it.
9. International women's Day when is it
10.How was your experience for this interview?

They were very friendly, helped me answer and very positive vibe. Let's hope for the best.

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 12:22]
Panel 2
Bird #Lucknow 2nd feb
3 male and 2 female

1- where are you from and what is your city famous for.?

2- graduation subject and passing year.?

3- what did you do between 2017 and till now.. as my passing year was 2017

4- asked me that what should we ask from you.?
I said- basic banking awareness, budget and economic survey

5- tell us about NPA..
I told them and when i stopped they explained me the things i missed..

6- what is money laundering.?

7- how it is controlled and what steps are taken.?

8- what is ED.? (As i said they perform raid)

9- they asked me about my hobbies( i told them watching football and formula 1)

10- they asked me about my interest.. i still stayed on these 2 sports

11- they asked you know how to cook.? I said yes they asked what can you cook.?

12- they said can you cook fluffy omelette.. i said yes

At last they said okay and very good.. and i said thank you and left..

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 12:24]
IOB central office, #Chennai
4 male & 1 female panelist
1)Introduce yourself, i gave them clue that economy is my favorite subject
1)Current state of Indian Economy
2)How you say Indian economy growth is low and in the verge of stagflation
3)Where it started
4)You are saying demonetisation and NBFC crisis are the only reason
5)Banks role in Indian economy
6)Banks gave loans then why indian economy is low
7)Why unemployment
8)Then when economy is called recession and when stagflation
9)Nobel laureate in Economy
10)Amartya sen & welfare economics asked
11)Do you think welfare economics is possible in india
12)IMF chief name asked and indian economist in IMF asked
13)Tell me about Davos
14)What WEF advised on Indian economy
15)What is CAA
16)Why your name has 2 names SHANMUGA PRABHU
17)What is under employment
18)which sector contribute more to GDP, is it good for India
19)With 70% disability, how you could contribute to bank
These are asked and answered every question confidently. Hoping for best & All the best

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 12:32]
Canara bank #Trivandrum
Panel 2

Introduce yourself

Stressed on my academics and why it is not high.(Had 62 percentage in btech)

Asked about cocuricular activities in college.

What is rbi and it's functions?

What is priority sector? explain.

Who is a minor? Can they open an account in bank? And if they can what are required?

Who is an nri? How do rbi classify a person as nri? What are the accounts an nri can open?

Asked about family background.

Why banking?

At last they offered me a chocolate.Overall the panel was very friendly.

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 14:22]
Brajamohan Panda:
UCO bank zo #Bhubaneswar
Panel 1
8:30.I was the 23 rd guy out 26 aspirants.
Told my introduction,in mean they inturrupt and asked about my college.They were talking to each other about my college and atartd told(like gossiping)  me about my college.

They asked why I didnt go for campus.I said as I was preparing for banking and cleared exam I joined uco bank.

They got astonished when heard about uco bank.

What is fullform of uco bank.
Lead bank of ur district
Total branch advance,branch deposit and business.
FI,u cash,mclr, current housing loan.MD and CEO of uco bank.what is ur current working profile.

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 14:23]
BIRD, #Lucknow, panel 1
Btech,mtech (CSE)

Apne baare me bataiye...
1-email id me @ kyu hota h
2-Synergy kya hota h
3-Production development k factors kya hain
4-banking ki definition, kis act me diya hai ye definition (batane k baad bolta h ki beta aap padh k ni aaye ho lag raha h) maine shi bataya tha Ofcourse definition
5-motivate kaise kr sakte ho kisi ko mujhe motivate kr loge, kisko motivate aasani se kr skte hain
6-cibil kya h,km ho cibil score uska kya matlb h,,,kitna km hona shi ni hota h
7-Rcibil kya h
8-madam hobby puchi ...fir puch rhi cooking aata h ? kya kya bna lete ho? chai aata h banane?
9-kis kis tel se khana banate hain ...maine 2 bataye to 2 sir ne bataya fir puchi jaitun k tel se khana banaya jata h ki ni?

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 15:10]
2Feb, #Bhopal, 8:30 Am, Panel 1, 25th(last in the list), around 1:15 entered
Background : working experience in Tcs, left in 2016, first interview in banking.
5 members in the panel including chairman who is sitting at the Corner.
Entered the room and wished, they told me to sit and told you must be feeling hungry as I was the last one, I just smiled.
Than asked why you are planning to leave and told bank looks attractive from outside but here also there is struggle.... After he completed I told him sir I already left it in 2016. Than with astonishment couple of panelist asked what you were doing for so much time. I told them sir initially I took it casually but since than I was preparing for banking only. Than they again questioned tell me correctly what were you doing for so long and I repeated the same answer.
Than they asked the reason of leaving I told them 2 reasons for it. After listening my answer they have given me some gyan abt banking operation telling here it is not easy as you see from outside.
Than asked me kya padh kar aaye ho, I told them banking related stuff, than they again asked what specific topic in banking I told sir about basic banking and it's operations 😊

Than they asked okay tell about liability, I answered, than again asked about types of liability I answered beautifully (because this is the only topic I have a command in banking) after explaining chairman also applauded me.  Than madam asked me a question which account doesn't gives interest I answered correctly. Again asked about the places I worked in TCS.
Than about my family background and father occupation and liittle discussion went in English this time(rest all interview was in hindi only) than they said ok directed me to leave. I said thank you and came out.

Note : Have faith in you and try to be original. Don't feel bad if you couldn't perform well to the extent you have desired.

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 16:29]
BOM #Pune
2 Feb 1 PM Panel 2
5 Male Members
1. where are you from?
2. what's your qualification?
3. asked about gap, told UPSC preparation
4. What other exams you attempted?
5. what was your optional in UPSC?
6. What did you study in your optional?
7. If a farmer is unable to pay his loan, what should bank do?
8. what should be government policy regarding farmer loans?

1. What is GATT?
2. What is Kyoto Protocol?
3. What is MFN Status?

1. Tell me 3-4 types of deposites
2. Tell me 3-4 types of loans

Tell me about your family
That's all.

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 16:30]
#Pune Panel 3
2nd Feb 1pm
Tell about yourself
How do you know about banking
How computer engineer is useful in banking.?
Do you have bank account.?
What documents are required for opening savings and current account.?

Time- approx 5-6 mins

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 16:30]
#Jaipur 2nd Feb
1:00 PM panel 2
1.questions about my college
2.forensic science and its use in banking
3.Functions of Cbi &ED
4.Function of Banks
5.Govt Scheme
6.what is robotics
9.Venture Capitalist
10.Economic Situation of my hometown.

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 16:58]
Panel 2 from #Bhopal, Madhya Prasdesh
About my locality govindpura how it is working
About BHEL
Budget se Kusum scheme
Why RBI asked banks to link with repo rate
About cheques where it will be placed in balanced sheet
That's it

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 17:38]
2 feb Panel 2 #Bhopal 1pm entered 4:22-4:35
Background BTech
1) 3 strength 3 weakness
2) honestly batao kyun bank join krna hai engineering krke
3)NBFC and MFI batado
4) Agar koi acha offer mil gya toh bank chhod doge
For eg- ias ke liye chhod doge
5)Dicgc ka insurance 5 lakh kr diya toh tumhe kya lagta hai govt ne sahi kiya?
6)Counter question PMC scam ne RBI ne monitoring sahi se nhi ki..?
7) Capital and financial market btao
8)Bank po bankr sbse pehle kya change krna chahoge..?

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 17:58]
2nd February 2nd Shift, Panel- 4

4 male 1 Female
I - May I come
Yes Come in
I entered the room
Good afternoon sir
Good afternoon Ma'am
M1- Good afternoon SATISH Prasad. You have very good personality ( I smiled). Please sit down.
I- thank you sir
M1- Satish please relax and say what you know otherwise say sorry. And say in any language in which you are comfortable.
I - ok sir
Did you given RRB PO interview interview
I - yes sir
M1. Did you qualified?
I- no sir I was 2 marks behind Cut off
M1  no matter satish
M1-. Introduce yourself
I - told
After listening my graduation in 2013 he asked me again
M1- in which year you completed your graduation
I - in 2013 sir.
M1-. Then in between??
I - preparing for Banking examination.
M1 - Ok
M2 - what is working capital, current assets, intangible assets, contingent liabilities,  where we write contingent liabilities in balance sheet.
I - I told all the answers because the same questions was asked in RRB PO by the same person.
M3- define Msme, 5 CM from South India, Kaushal Vikas yojana, ayushman Bharat, BPL,
Approximately I told all these. ( Forgot the criteria of msme, and BPL in that case I said sorry)
F1- what is the full form of virus
I - vital information resource under seize.
Last question by ma'am was not clear to me so I told sorry Ma'am.

Thank you Satish you may go.
I- thank you sir thank you ma'am.

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 19:00]

After my DV..i was brought to the interview room..i waited outside for 20-25 mins.

Still my time has come.
As i entered inside..i wished all of them good afternoon..mam mujhe initially dikhi ni..but jaise hi aage i wished him to..

The person next to the chairman (M1) :- so rajat tell me about your family..?

Me :- sir i have my younger brother n my mother in my family..she is a basic teacher..

M1:- n ur father?
Me:- sir unfortunately he left us when i was just two years old..

M1:- graduation..?
Me :- sir i hv done my engineering from a pvt engineer college from ghaziabad in electronics n communications engineering in 2016

M1:- which college?

M1:- hav u appeared in college placements??
Me:- yes sir i college i appeared in TCS..but unfortunately i was not able to get selected..

M1:- since then..u r preparing for banks..?
Me:- no sir actually i started preaparing for SSC CGL after my 1st attempt i was not able to clear that..after that i had to listen about some scams..n it also has h 2-3 year someone suggested me to prepare for ibps..n this is my first attempt...

M1:- with a smile he said..n in first attempt u r with us..
Me:- i responded politely..yes sir bit fortunate this time

M1:- tell me about banks..?
Me:- with an hesitation..sir what..means current situation..or why i chose it or what??

M1:- okk tell me what is NPA..n what will u do..when u become an officer??
Me:- sir NPA is a loan ammount..which is not reapid..and if i become officer..

He interrupted me..n said tell me the types of NPA.
Me:- sir sbse pahle special mention account hota hai...

He interrupted again..beta that is not NPA..
Me:- okk okk sir..then substandard asset..doubtful asset..n lost asset..

M1:- okk define all these..
I defined it well..

Now person left to M1 :- ok tell me what the problems is india facing..?

Me:- sir economic crisis..lack of educational infrastructure..poverty..though in budget it is mentioned that india lift 271 million people out of poverty..n sir climate change...i stopped. .

M2:- aur?
Me:- sir............a deep silence..

he himself said..manufacturing..

I said yes yes sir..and explained that manufacturing sector is stagnant since 1947..when agricultural n services is growing..

He said and unemployment and mocked..
I said yes yes sir..

He laughed n to mai hi bata raha hu..
I smiled with embarrassment n said yes sir it is also 45 years high..😬

Then he said okk why education improvement kind of..??
Aisa lga ki aaj sb bol hi daalu..jitna b dil m ho..

I said that though i m an electronics engineer by degree but if u give me a silicon chip..i wasn't able to recognize even the functioing of today engineering is also purely theoretical without any govt should permit license to open college with professional courses..

M1 agreed n said ya u r right n said good good..( bach gya..coz it might backfire me)

Then person right to the chairman (M3) :- so rajat what is IMF?
I monetary fund

M3 :- its function?
I confidently answered balance of payment..

M3 :- what..??? 😡😡😡
I was shocked..mjhe laga maine sahi bola..

M1 interrupted n said RBI ka ni pucha hai..IMF ka batao..

I tried to explain..he refuses..then i politely said..sorry sir..maine yahi pada tha..shyd m bhool gya hu..ya kahi galat source se pd liya ho..

M1:- koi baat ni

M3:- IMF HQ?

i was confused...n slowly answered...sir NEW YORK..😬😬😬😬 ya WASHINGTON..😫😫😫😫

He said no of members..
I said i think 186

M1:- beta dnn guess if u dnn know..koi baat ni..i said sorry sir..

M3 said to mam pls ask..mam said no its okk..

Then chairman..he was grazing me seriously..jb maine use dekha..
He said..okk alright..thankyou..

I said tnkyou v much..n aa gya waps..

Bs key takeaways..look everyone during answering..i was nervous so can't focus on every may kill my marks..

Rest very static topic like IMF pls at least dekh lena yrr..

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 19:10]
Feb 2 #Chennai
1 pm panel 3

*Asked on balance sheet*
balance sheet format, meaning of all terms and gone so deep inside it..
Difference between capital reserve and revenue reserve.
Contingent liabilities
Two qstns on company law (which I don't even know what it is)
Women empowerment
Schemes for women
Difference bw pledge hypothecation and mortgage.
Net worth

Note : no self intro , no personal qstns . Fully related to accounting..

Ibps Po 2020 interview experiences, [02.02.20 19:49]
Panel-2 in #Bhopal
Carbon emissions
What is money market
Commercial paper
Certificate of deposit
Rbi priority sector norms
What is renewable energy
What is startup
If u will become then on what basis u will loan to new startups..

Credit rating agencies
Notice money
Term money

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