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The Descriptive test in the banking exams consists of Essay and Letter writing. Many feel the Descriptive part is quite challenging even at the times being aware of the various topics and formats of Essays and Letter writing. This is because of a need for more awareness and knowledge about the rules and the methods to be followed during the examination. This article will brainstorm with you about the Descriptive test in the banking exams and provide you with the ways to approach it.

General Instructions:

Once the test starts you will be first seeing the instruction screen. Go through the instructions carefully and next you will be opened to the writing screen.

Instruction Screen:

It is mandatory to mention the option of the question in Essay/Letter writing which you choose to write. 

 → For example, If you are choosing question “b.”, mention the option “b.” and then give an enter and start writing your answers.

You need to give “Save next” once after completing the Essay/Letter writing, only then your answers will be submitted on the exam server.

In the exams, there will be a total of 3 topics in the essay and 3 topics in the letter writing and you need to choose 1 topic from the essay and 1 topic from the letter writing.

The test duration is of 30 minutes (Consolidation).

The word limit for the essay will be around 200 or 250 words.

The word limit for the letter writing will be around 150 words (This word count may also vary).

Writing Screen:


The computer screen will be divided into 2 parts: The left side will consist of questions and to the right side will be the writing space.

There will be a timer on the top of the writing space, and words count below the writing space.

Points to Remember:

The first and foremost issue is that while writing, you cannot enter after space and this is because of the AI program. It is always advised to not press the spacebar just before you press the enter key. If you do so, it gets stuck and the keyboard may get locked.

If you press the Space+Enter accidentally you do not need to panic as it can be fixed. Likewise pressing the space key two times will be taken as an error by AI.

Do not give space or a tab before the beginning of the paragraph.

The writing space will be like the Notepad so you need to give the linebreak manually.

Once after writing the last word in a sentence press the enter key immediately after the last letter of the word, do not use the Spacebar in between. In case if you gave the space before pressing the Enter button, give a Backspace and then press Enter.

Overwriting will be considered as a spelling mistake and so try to avoid overwriting at any cost.

You cannot use the keyboard number pad, instead, you can use the numbers below the Function keys.

Do not cross the word limit, keep it within the limit. Occasionally you can exceed up to five words.

Choosing the Topic:


You need to be very careful while choosing the topic.

Take a minute to choose the topic.

Choose the topic in which you are very sure.

Always be aware of the current topics as they will be asked in the exam frequently.

After choosing the topic, make a mind map about the structure of your Essay / Letter.

Dos and Don’ts

The descriptive test will mainly evaluate command over the language, reasoning and your ability to support the argument.

While putting forth your ideas you need to present it in a coherent manner.

You should stick with the theme and avoid deviating from the topic.

Use the punctuations carefully. Punctuations are necessary as they will provide legibility to your writing.

Avoid superfluous words.

Repeating points or a specific word will make the writing more clumsy.

You can give the positive and negative points on the topic but do give a solution to the topic.

Be careful with grammar and spelling errors.

Last but not least do not forget to go through your essay and letter once after you complete them.

Good luck 🏻💐



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