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Today's Questions Asked In SBI Clerk Exam

Comprehension 1

Once upon a time, a foolish donkey used to live in a small town. There was a forest near the town where many wild animals lived. The king of the jungle—the lion also lived in the forest along with his minister, a cunning fox. Now it so happened, that a few days back, the lion had got into a fight with a wild elephant and was badly injured. The lion was weak and wounded and was unable to go and hunt for his prey himself. So, his minister, the fox was in charge of bringing food for the lion.

Like every day, the fox set out to hunt for prey, so that he could bring back food for his master. He had not gone far when he saw the donkey. The donkey was looking nervous, foolish and hungry. The fox walked up to him and said, “Hello! You seem to be new here. Where have you come from?” The donkey replied hesitantly, “Yes, I have come to the forest for the first time. I used to live in the nearby town. My master, the washer man, used to make me do a lot of work and gave me hardly anything to eat. So I have run away from his house in search of a better place.”

The fox realized that this was his chance. He said cheerfully, “You have come to the right place, friend! I am a minister of this kingdom. Our king is looking for a bodyguard for his palace. He wants to give the job to someone who has experienced town life. You will have a very comfortable life here, living in the palace and feeding on the fresh, soft grass that grows around the palace."

The donkey was very happy on hearing this and he agreed to follow the fox back to the palace at once. When the lion saw the fox leading a donkey to the palace, he became very impatient with hunger. He pounced upon the donkey immediately and grabbed him. Due to his injuries and constant hunger, the lion had lost much of his strength and so he could not overpower the donkey. The donkey freed himself and ran as fast as he could. “My Lord,” the fox said to the lion, “You have scared away your prey. You should not have attacked him in such a hurry.” The lion was disappointed. “See if you can manage to bring him back,” he said to the fox.

Comprehension 2

Once four young Brahmins were disciples of a learned guru. They spent years learning all the scriptures. And then one day, they were ready to leave their teacher’s hermitage. The teacher advised the Brahmins, “Knowledge is power. Use it wisely. Never use your powers in vain.”The four young Brahmins were excited that they had completed their schooling. They were eager to test their skills. As they were going through the forest they saw the bones of a lion lying on the ground. “Look at that! They look like the bones of a lion. Let’s try our skills on these bones.” said one of the Brahmins.

The four young Brahmins agreed to test their knowledge. The first Brahmin decided to put the bones together and recreate the skeleton of the lion. “There you see! This is a perfect skeleton of the lion!” said the first Brahmin.The second young Brahmin eager to test his knowledge and skills decided to give the skeleton flesh and skin. As the others watched he created a perfect life-like lion. “Doesn’t it look perfect? A pity it is not alive!” said the second Brahmin.The third young Brahmin was the cleverest of them all. He decided to try and breathe life into the body of the lion. He said, “Our guru taught me the special skill of giving life.”But the fourth Brahmin who was not as clever as the others felt that they were using their powers in vain. When the others would not listen to him, he climbed onto the branch of a tree before his friend gave life to the lion. He told the others “I think I’ll stay on this tree while you test your skills.”The fourth Brahmin watched from the tree as his friend uttered spells and sprinkled water on the lion. As soon as the lion came to life, it sprang up and killed the three young Brahmins.

Cloze Test 1 (17 Camels and 3 Sons)

Long...long ago, there lived an old man with his three sons in a deserted village, located in the vicinity of a desert. He had 17 camels, and they were the main source of his income. He used to rent out camels as means of shipping in the desert. One day, he passed away and he had a will, leaving his assets for his three sons.

After the funeral and the other obligations were over, the three sons read the will. While he divided all the properties he had into three equal parts, he divided the 17 camels in a different way. It wasn’t shared equally among the three as ‘17’ is an odd number and prime number, which cannot be divided.

The deceased old man stated that the eldest son will own half of the 17 camels and the middle one will get the one third of the 17 camels and the youngest one will get his share of camel as one ninth!

All of them were stunned to read the will and questioned how to divide 17 camels as mentioned in the will.

It is neither possible to divide 17 camels and give the half of the 17 camels to the eldest one nor able to divide the camels to the other two sons. They spent several days to divide the camel as mentioned in the will, but none could find the answer.

They finally took this issue to the wise man in their village. The wise man heard the problem and instantly found a solution. He asked them to bring all 17 camels to divide them as intended by their father.

The sons brought the camels to the place. The wise man added a camel owned by him and made it count 18.

Now, he asked the first son to read the will, he get half the camels, which now counts to 18 / 2 – 9 camels! The eldest one got 9 camels as his share.

Remaining camels left – 9 camels

The wise man asked the second son to read the will – he was assigned a share of 1 / 3 of the total camels.

It comes to 18 / 3 – 6 camels. Second son got 6 camels as his share.

Total camels shared by the elder sons – 9 + 6 = 15 camels.

The third son read his share of camel – 1 / 9th of total camels – 18 / 9 = 2 camels.

The youngest one got 2 camels as his share.

Totally there were 9 + 6 + 2 camels shared by the brothers, which counts to 17 camels.

One camel brought by the wise man was taken back.

The wise man solved this problem smartly with his intelligence. Intelligence is nothing but finding a common ground to solve an issue.

In short, every problem has a solution.

Cloze Test 2:

It was a sunny day, but the climate was enjoyable. Everyone in the railway station was waiting for the train to arrive. Among the crowd, there was a group of friends, youngsters who were on board for vacation.It was a busy station with juice shop, mobile restaurants, coffee and tea stalls, newspaper shop, restaurants, etc. They ran to get their reserved seats before anyone could get into the train.

The empty seats were filled and the train whistled to move. An old man with a young boy aged around 15 years came running to catch the train.As the train started moving fast, the young boy again screamed, ‘Dad the trees are green in colour and run backward very fast.’ His father said, ‘Yes dear’ and smiled.Just like a kid, he was watching everything with great enthusiasm and happiness loaded with tons of surprises.A fruit seller passed selling apples and oranges.

The young boy asked his dad, ‘I want to eat apples.’ His father bought him apples. He said, ‘Oh apple looks so sweet than it tastes’ I love this colour.’The group was watching all the activities of this boy for a while asked the boy’s father ‘Is your son having any problem? Why is he behaving very differently?’
A friend from the group made fun of him and shouted, ‘His son is mad I think.’The father of the young boy, with patience, replied to the friend-group.‘My son was born blind. Only a few days before he was operated and got the vision. He is seeing various things in his life for the first time.’The young friends became very quiet and apologized to his father and son.

Question Asked In Quantitative Aptitude Section:-

4, 3, 5, 14, 55, ?

21, 60, ?, 72, 18, 6, 3
24, ?, 44, 80, 144, 244
6, 3, 3, 4.5, 9, ?
16, 13.9, 18.1, 11.8, ?

1) Gold is 19 times as heavy as water & copper is 9 times as heavy as water.In what ratio should these be mixed to get an alloy 15 times as heavy as water?

2) While covering a distance of 24 km,a man noticed that after walking for 1 hr &40 min,the distance covered by him was 5/7 of remaining distance.What was his speed in m/s ?

3) 3 containers have their volumes in ratio 3:4:5.They r full of milk & water.The mixture contains milk & water in ratio(4:1),(3:1) & (5:2). The contents of all these 3 containers r poured into 4th container.The ratio of milk & water in 4th container is?

4) A man purchased 2 articles at the same price. One he sold at 20%. Profit, While other sold at the loss of, half of the 1 Profit. Finally what was the Profit percentage?

5) A car depreciates at a certain rate. The current value of the car is estimated to be Rs. 32.768. Also, the ratio of decrease in the value for 4th year and 5th year is 5 : 4. Find the value of the car 5 years ago.

6) Solve 3^1/5+2^2/54?

7) The sum salary of A,B AND C is 72000.They spend 80,85 and 75% of their salary.If the ratio of their savings is 8:9:20.what is the salary of A?

8) X invest 4000 more than Y . If the total profit at the end of the year is 8000 and Y's share in profit is 3200, calculate the amount invested by X.

9)  Length and breadth of rectangle are equal to height and base of triangle. And perimeter of the rectangle is given. If length is 2 more than breadth. Find the area of triangle.

10) Data Interpretation Question was asked on Five batsmen A,B,C,D,E scored runs in Five Matches I, II, III, IV, V( 4-5 Questions Were Asked)

11) Ratio of Son and Mother age is 2:7 and Ratio of Son and Fathers age is 4:15 find the ratio of Mother's to Father's age.

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