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LOK ADALAT a few points for sbi PO/clerical


1. LokAdalat is created under Legal Services Authority Act 1987.

2. Cannot entertain dispute cases. Only compromise cases are eligible. No court fee is payable.

3. Decisions are consent decrees. No appeal against these decrees.

4. Civil Procedure Code is followed by these courts as they are like civil courts.

5. Banks can also call LokAdalt with application to High Court.

6. Amount - Normal LokAdalt : Up to Rs.20 lac (wef Aug03, 2004)

7. Above the aforesaid cut-off of Rs.20 lac - DRT LokAdalat.

8. Eligible accounts - NPA (Loss and doubtful).

9. Decree for principal and interest should be sought by banks as per RBI guidelines.

10. After full payment discharge should be given.

11. Repayment : Preferably down-payment. If it is instalments, max period is 1-3 years.

12. As per Supreme Court direction personal loan cases up to Rs.10 lac, should preferably be settled 

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