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Cardless Cash Withdrawal Facility for Unbanked Persons-- NEW SCHEME -- BANKING AWARENESS

Cardless Cash Withdrawal Facility for Unbanked Persons

During the year, 2 entities were granted 'in-principle authorisation' to set up a payment system in India which will facilitate unbanked persons to withdraw remittances initiated by 'senders / remitters' from their bank accounts. The proposition behind the cardless service is to enable bank account holders to transfer / remit funds, within permissible limits, to an unbanked beneficiary using a mobile number as the identification of the receiver and pin codes for enabling withdrawal. The service will be made operational on submission of system audit reports by the said entities. A brief scheme of the approved systems is given below. Remittance will be possible by an account holder to a non-account holder using the internet or his debit card at an ATM. The sender will use any participating bank's ATM to transfer funds to the receiver by activating a special button. Thereafter he will be prompted to provide the following information :
-  Receiver / beneficiary's mobile number
-  4-digit sender code of his choice Own (sender's) mobile number
The beneficiary will be able to withdraw the money in full at any of the ATMs of the participant banks using a set of pin codes - one received from the bank and the other from the remitter. At the ATM, the beneficiary will need to activate the special button and provide the following information :
-  His own (receiver) mobile number
-   The sender's code (received on phone / Short Message Service (SMS) from remitter)
-  The transaction pin (generated by the bank and sent to him by SMS)
-  The amount (also received from the bank and remitter by SMS)
On successful completion of the transaction, the remitter will get an SMS of successful delivery of the value. The service will be chargeable to the sender. The withdrawal can also be enabled through a micro ATM {hand held device with a Business Correspondent (BC)} to extend the reach of the system. 


Cardless Cash Withdrawal

Presenting Cardless Cash Withdrawal service, a simple and safe mode to send cash 24x7, to any mobile number in India.

All you need is to login to ICICI Bank with your Internet Banking user ID and password and initiate a Cardless Cash withdrawal transaction. The recipient need not have any bank account and can withdraw cash from over 10000 ICICI Bank ATMs across India, without any ATM card, using the details received through an SMS.

Advantages of Cardless Cash Withdrawal!
  • 24X7 service to send and withdraw cash, anywhere in India
  • The recipient need not hold a bank account
  • Safe and secure mode of cash transfer using Internet Banking
  • Obtain the cash instantly without any ATM card
  • Cash withdrawal is available from a large network of ICICI Bank ATMs
List of Cardless Cash Withdrawal ATMs

To view only Cardless Cash Withdrawal ATMs on Maps, click here
ATM Locator

SMS ATMCC <> to 9222208888 to locate ICICI ATM for cash withdrawal.

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