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I understand you are working in ……….In that case --- the preparation for interview will be a little different -- you can read the links given and mostly you may be aware of them already.

Further you have to prepare on the following lines:


1)  Tell us about yourself and your service in … Bank


2) Tell about your branch


3) About your bank


4) Nature of duties you are doing and you have done so far


5) About demonetisation period and experience


6)  Tell us about your family


7) About recent reports -- bank mergers, PAC, reduction in SLR, priority sector, Central Government agreeing for interest suvbvention, 


8)  About your learning or studies in your College


9) /why did you not accept campus placements


10) Will you be willing to work in North India --rural areas including


11)  /what is the difference between private banks and nationalised banks


12) About State politics


13)  About Bipartite settlement due


14) How did you prepare for IBPS tests and for interview


`15) About your strengths -- substantiate leadership, team player ...etc .


16)  How do you see yourself in 6 years from now?


17) Have you tried SBI , UII, NIAC exams


18) Did you write UPSC, SSC exams  --why?


19) How do you see Indian economy in the next five years


20)  Qualities required in a Bank PO, branch manager


You can also prepare on the above lines some more questions and be ready for answering.  If you have any doubts please email or msg in facebook.




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