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Violation of rules is the main cause of human disasters --Write an essay

Violation of rules is the main cause of human disasters

I agree with the title.  The example is the recent disastrous fire in Chennai Silks, T.Nagar, Chennai 600017.  Chennai Silks is a famous Textile merchant having branches in other cities also.   Its headquarters is in T Nagar --Usman Road.  The company was given permission to build a four storey building for its business.  Even this is disastrous because there is no adequate car , scooter parking space.But the company constructed 7/8 storeys.

Subsequently Government of Tamil Nadu brought a scheme for regularising buildings constructed in violation on payment of charges.  This company has paid money for this. Of course a large amount would have been taken as pocket money by others,   Prior to this there was a move to demolish the building and it was kept in abeyance due to court orders.  The company continued to flourish violating legal norms.  Following this many other shops like Saravana Stores, GRT, Pothys, RMKV  etc. started constructing huge building with/without violations.  This also caused problems in parking and movement of people.

Luckily in this fire which has destroyed the eight storey building -- there is no loss of human life to my knowledge.    The main reason for such disasters --man made -- 1) Corrupt government and officials
2) Greedy people desirous of making more and more.
3) Leniency of government, court and intervention on political forces in important decisions

In advanced countries rules are strictly followed including for VIPs.  Any violation in traffic committed by a higher authority or VIP is also brought to notice and punished.

In India there comes favouritism in almost every aspect of life and that tells upon the quality of life resulting in such man made disasters.  The solution for this lies in all the citizens agreeing to follow the rules and regulations and leniency being not shown by government and legal authorities

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