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General Awareness – SBI PO Mains Questions Asked—4.6.2017SBI PO Mains 2017 Questions Asked – Descriptive Test

General Awareness – SBI PO Mains Questions Asked—4.6.2017
·         Total agricultural credit target as per budget – 10 lakh crore
·         In MSF, “S” stands for?
·         Highest women wicket taker? – Jhulan Goswami
·         Committee of IBBI head? – MS Sahoo
·         MNREGA total outlay? – 48000 Cr
·         In PCA, ‘C’ stands for? – Corrective (Prompt Corrective Action)
·         Manoj Kumar related to which sports?? – Boxer
·         On GDP rating?
·         What is not a function of payment banks, and its limit? – 100 Cr 
·         Does UPI require bank account details of recipient?
·         Indian foreign exchange?
·         Who manages ATMs in India?
·         Where was Buddha Conference held?
·         What is the increase in budget in percentage for Defense?
·         Which among the following is a class of derivatives whose value will fluctuate according to the value of the share price – Equity Derivative
English – SBI PO Mains Questions Asked
·         Reading Comprehension – 1 set based on German Economy, Decision making by an employee.
·         Error Spotting – Phrase Error related Qs
#SBI PO Mains 2017 Questions Asked – Descriptive Test
Q1) Letter:
a) Write a letter to your Branch Manager regarding Non Credit of amount deposited in ATM
b) Write a letter to Editor expressing your concern over impact of irrelevant news through social media
c) Write a letter to your sibling giving them advise related to stress and anxiety. Or write to an author thanking for authoring a book on ‘fighting depression’.
Q2) Essay:
a) Travelling is better than watching movies and documentary
b) Why Technology’s being in power is a menace?
c) Write an essay on effect of social media and its consequences on our population.


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