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I am posting a message from an Engineering graduate who is on the waiting list of IBPS -- missing by 0.7 marks in the end.  This in spite of guidance given to him for interview.   

The reason for posting this now is many candidates may be feeling sorry for not clearing SBI PO missing by a few marks.  This time cut off is high.  In the case of Visually Impaired candidates also cut off is 64.75.    I am quoting this here because I had an opportunity to be a trainer for a group VI candidates in Chennai thanks to HTBF.   There were candidates who are visually impaired right from birth and a few have lost their vision at the age of 18/25 etc.  The plight of such candidates ---we must appreciate the sincere efforts being taken by HTBF to guide them and the candidates for their efforts.  

SO DO NOT LOSE HEART.  You have not been selected not because you are not fit, but the cut off is high since vacancies are less--for this you are not responsible.  

Try to concentrate on the next examination -- banking, SSC, Insurance and am sure you will succeed.

"Guys, let me tell you what i know...
Practice bankersadda quiz daily and for prelims or mains use adda247 package or oliveboard package!! 
For current affairs study in bankersadda, do quizes in adda, gk today and aspirantszone... most of the guys wouldn't heard of aspirantszone but practice quiz from tat and for english dont read hindu newspaper and never go for editorial for real,, its full of economics and you will never know what they are concluding,, if you read hindu newspaper, then atleast know about the meaning of the paragraph once you read it, from tat way you can learn English... its a language not some aptitude or reasoning,, you gotta learn it!! 
    & mostly i prefer novels over newspapers!!
& about me, i failed in many exams by 0.07 to 0.25 and im in ibps po reserve list now..
So good luck!!!"

I have 7 whatsapp groups started by me wherein I post the materials being given by other teachers and guide them.  In case you are interested in becoming a member of whatsapp group please    use this link :

I wish you best of luck in your next examination.   YOU WILL SUCCEED.  

Retd. Chief Manager --IB

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