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M .Sc Finance Interview --- useful for Bank interviews also

POSTING THIS FOR CLARITY IN EXPRESSION...  good communication skill.

Two panelist were there-male and female.Both were in their fifties.
Q.1 Tell me something about yourself 

 I am XXXXXXXXX born and brought-up in Giridih. The environment here first introduced me to industrialization and business,as the whole region is covered with mineral resources and is being mined for different industries.As an individual I can describe myself as a cricketer,dance enthusiast,an avid reader,an altruistic person and a person who desires to make it big in the corporate world.

My father is a businessman into retail of garments.I have seen him handle the business which has grown year on year right from my childhood.His ability to empathize with situation and people has inspired me and I think that was the first seedling that was implanted in me for pursuing business administration.My mother has been the pillar of strength for the whole family and has ensured that all of us adhere to best of social and cultural value system.

Right from my primary classes because of my academic performance and active participation in extracurricular activities,I was chosen as the class prefect from STD-II to STD-X.With this opportunity I learnt how to manage a class.During school,I was part of almost all sporting activities and regularly participated in extra curriculars which included dramatics and cultural events.At the academic side,I completed my class Xth with 9.0 CGPA and completed my class XIIth with 82% marks. I also headed my team in District Cricket League which enhanced my leadership skill and taught me the importance of team work  and groomed in a better team player.

Post school I moved to XXXXXX college,Ranchi to pursue higher studies.The environment at college ensured an all round development.With the zeal to do something for the society, I and my friend established a social group named as "Indian Youth'' which is helping the needy.This enhanced my helping nature,communication skill and I started to empathize with people in a better way.I became more comfortable in collaborating with others.I became an active listener and I display positivity, humour an enthusiasm in enhancing work climate and boosting morale.

At this juncture of life,I look forward to acquire formal business education supported by my logical thought process and academic learning to have a significant impact in the world of business in days to come.

Q.2 So you have strong liking towards sports.Why don't u make ur career in sports??
I like sports as my hobby and I enjoy it but I dont see it as my profession bcoz its not where my interest lies as a career.My interest lies in corporate world and I want to make my career in this field only.

Q.3 You are quite active in social work.Why you dont do a course in that??
I want to give something back to the society which gave me sooo much and for this I dont require a course. Whereever I will be in future,I will dedicate a part of my life for the society and for this I dont think any course is required.

Q.4 Are you thinking of joining your father's business??
My father's business is only limited to clothing but I want to be a part of corporate world.That's why I havnt thought of joining that business.Most important part is that I want to start something of my own instead of carrying the legacy of my father. 

Q.5 Suppose this course of M.Sc in finance would not have existed.What would be your career plan then?
If this course would not have existed,I would have tried for MBA in finance but first choice will be always M.Sc in finance.The obvious reason is because of the legacy of JBIMS which will provide me best platform for my career as per the current setting.Also in MBA course,in first year I have to study general MBA and in second year I will study abt finance but in M.Sc I will study about finance from the first year which will provide me deep knowledge in finance.

Q.6 You are from a science background.Have u did any online course regarding finance??
I have decided to do an online course after taking admission and before classes to start.I want to utilize that time in doing the course which will be beneficial to me and will allign with my requirement.

Ma'am-Ok..All the best!! Hope to see you in the class.



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