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1. CONDONE (VERB): Ignore:(ध्यान न देना)
Synonyms: excuse, forgive
Antonyms: veto, regard
Example Sentence:
I condoned him at the party.

2. SURMOUNT (VERB): Conquer:(विजय पाना)
Synonyms: defeat, overpower
Antonyms: surrender, yield
Example Sentence:
He surmounted his enemy.

3. OBLOQUY (NOUN): Calumny:(निंदा)
Synonyms: aspersion, humiliation
Antonyms: commendation, exaltation
Example Sentence:
His parent could not stand their obloquy at the party.

4. SOLIDARITY (NOUN): Union:(एकता)
Synonyms: consensus, agreement
Antonyms: disagreement, discord
Example Sentence:
He believes in solidarity.

5. HARDLINE (ADJECTIVE): Unyielding:(कट्टरपंथ)
Synonyms: militant, staunch
Antonyms: flexible, irresolute
Example Sentence:
Those hardline opinions he carries would lead him no where.

6. STORMY (ADJECTIVE): Violent like a storm:(प्रचण्ड)
Synonyms: rough, furious
Antonyms: calm, quiet
Example Sentence:
They are going through a stormy phase in their career.

7. ESTEEM (NOUN): Respect:(आदर)
Synonyms: regard, honour
Antonyms:  disregard, dishonour
Example Sentence:
It is a matter of great esteem.

8. ALACRITOUS (ADJECTIVE): Quick:(फुर्तीला)
Synonyms: brisk, speedy
Antonyms:  slow, lag
Example Sentence:
He is so alacritous to be caught.

9. BLABBER (VERB): Talk foolishly:(बकवास करना)
Synonyms: babble, blather
Antonyms:  be quiet, be silent
Example Sentence:
Don’t blabber before your boss.

10. BRAG (VERB): Boast:(डींग मारना)
Synonyms: bluster, gloat
Antonyms:  be modest, be quiet
Example Sentence:
She always brags about her achievements.

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