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Note:   Words which are oft-repeated in Competitive Examinations are given below for your perusal.  Besides giving meaning they are also used in sentences.  This will help in answering questions on Synonyms  and Antonyms.

            You may also prepare extensively by referring to an English Dictionary.

 ABATE- to lessen in intensity. The fury of the storm abated after 24  hours. Syn- alleviate, decrease, diminish, dwindle, lessen, lower.
Ant-aggravate, amplify, enlarge, magnify.
ABERRATION- a deviation from the normal. His mental aberration accounts for this work. Syn- variation, eccentricity, mania, derangement. Ant- straight forwardness, normalcy.
ABET- to encourage the committing of an offence.  Abetting the enemy of our country means treason. Syn- aid, assist encourage, incite, instigate. Ant- disapprove, disconcert, frustrate, hinder, obstruct.
ABHOR – to loathe something, Mahatma Gandhi abhorred violence.  Syn- detest, hate, loathe, despise, abominate.      Ant- admire, approve, relish.
ABJECT- in a miserable condition.  This state of abject poverty is trying.           Syn-beggarly, miserable, low. Ant-loft, noble, dignified, exalted.
ABJURE- to  renounce.  You must abjure allegiance to this party.           Syn- forsake, abdicate, cede. Ant- adopt, claim, defend, keep.
ABNEGATE- to deny.  He must abnegate his former friends.      Syn- give up, renounce, Ant-hold, join.
ABORTIVE – ineffectual. An abortive attempt to stage coup was made. Syn- vain, nugatory, futile.
Ant- adequate, competent, effective.
ABROGATE- to annul a law.  Outdated laws will have to be abrogated. Syn- abolish, annul, cancel.
Ant- confirm, institute, establish.
ABSCOND- to avoid penalty.  The man absconded with money. Syn-disappear, run off. Ant- appear, remain, stand ground.
ABSOLUTION- pardon.  The clergy granted absolution to him. Syn – forgiveness, amnesty, acquittal.  Ant-conviction, charge.
ABTRUSE- obscure in meaning.  Some philosophical theories are quite abstruse. Syn-complicated, involved, intricate. Ant- clear, plain, simple, direct.
ACME – the high point.  His accomplishment marked the acme of his career. Syn- pinnacle, height. Ant- depth, bottom.
ACQUIESCE- to accept unwillingly. One should acquiesce in the legitimate demands. Syn- accept, comply, concede, conform.  Ant- decline, differ, contradict.
ACRIMONY – hard or biting language.  Acrimony cannot be called a social quality. Syn- bitterness, causticity, asperity, virulence. Ant- amiability, courtesy, gentleness, mildness.
ACTUATE- incite. Opposition actuated him to rebel.  Syn-drive, impel, incite, retard, induce. Ant- hinder, deter, retard, restrain.
ACUMEN- sharpness of mind.  It is his acumen that has helped him to establishing business.
‘Syn- cleverness, insight, keenness, perception.  Ant- bluntness, obtuseness, dullness.
ADAMANT- inflexible. He is adamant in toppling the government.  Syn – inflexible, intractable. Ant- tractable, suggestible, flexible.
ADDUCE- bring forward for consideration. This was not in the original agenda, he adduced it later. Syn- proffer, render, propose, volunteer.  Ant- retract, withdraw, withhold.
ADHERE- to hold, to stick to Do not adhere to false beliefs. Syn- stick, believe, hold, be want.  Ant- disbelieve, give up, renounce.
ADJURE- to command.  The criminal adjured to tell the truth. Syn- beseech, demand, implore, request.  Ant- command, claim, enforce.
ADMONISH- to warn. He was admonished not to roam about.  Syn- censure, chasten, chide, reprove, condemn.  Ant- abet, approve, applaud, encourage.
ADROIT – skilful in the use of hands or mental faculties.  The adroit magician held the attention of the spectators.  Syn- able, talented, gifted, apt.  ant- awkward, clumsy, bungling, droll.
AFFINITY- having relationship.  There is much affinity between Hindi and Sanskrit.  Syn – kindred, alliance, kin.  Ant- antipathy, repugnance, animosity.
AFFLUENT- Prosperous.  Affluent nations can take such risks. Syn- plentiful, bounteous, luxuriant: Ant- deficient, impoverished, inadequate.
ALACTITY- briskness or speed.  The alacrity of the manager was appreciated. Syn- agility, celerity, liveliness, aliveness.  Ant- laziness, sluggishness, aversion, apathy.
ALLAY- pacify.  Assurance from his employer allayed his fears. Syn- alleviate, calm, mollify, tranquilize.  Ant- aggravate, foment, magnify, amplify.
ALTERCATE- dispute angrily. The altercation stopped when he intervened. 
ALTRUISM- regard for the interest of others.  The altruism of the teaching profession is a thing of the past. Syn- selflessness, benevolence, generosity.  Ant- egotism, greediness, inhumanity.
AMELIORATE – make better.  You must ameliorate the living conditions of the down-trodden.  Syn- mitigate, alleviate, assuage.  Ant- intensify, aggravate, enhance.
AMNESTY- general pardon.  The president of India granted amnesty to political prisoners.  Syn- remission, pardon. Ant- punishment.
ANATHEMA- a solemn curse. Anathema is feared by the God fearing Christians. 
ANIMOSITY- enmity.  Animosity among  the members of a family is dangerous.
ANODYNE- pain reliever.  There are so many medicines, which are anodynes.
ANTIPATHY-  dislike.  He had antipathy towards his cousin.  Syn- enmity, hatred.  Ant- affection, attraction.
APATHETIC- without feeling.  The apathetic attitude of the voters will kill democracy.
APHORISM- maxim. There are aphorisms in Bacon’s essays.
APLOMB- self –assurance.  His aplomb helps him in every venture.
APOCALYPSE- revelation.  The apocalypse of the prophet came true. 
APOGEE- highest point in the orbit. When is the moon at its apogee?
APOSTHEOSIS – making a human into a God. We are hero-worshippers and apotheosis our leaders.
APPELLATION – name.  Appellation cannot determine the nature.
APPEND- affix.  A report should be appended to detailed estimate.
APPROBATION- approval.  The decision was taken after the approbation of the majority.
ARCHAIC – out of use.  Do not use archaic words in your writings.
ARCHTYPE- important example. He is archtype of an honest man.  Syn- prototype, specimen, example,
ARDUOUS – laborious.  The work is not so arduous as you take it to be.
AROMA – fragrance. The aroma of coffee has attracted me.
ARROGATE – take pride.  He arrogates himself to be a real scientist.
ARTIFICE – trick. He used every artifice to cheat others.
ASCRIBE- ACCREDIT. The cause can be ascribed to his laziness.
ASSIDUOUS- performed with diligence.  Assiduous attention won him recognition.
ASSUAGE – satisfy. I cannot assuage his greediness.
ATONE- make amends for. No amount of remorse can atone for the vice he has committed.
ATTENUATE – to make slender.  He took attenuated wine.
ATTRITION- repentance due to fear of punishment.  Attrition does not show his real reaction.
AUGMENT- increase.  Augment your effort if you want to be successful.
AVARICE- greediness. Avarice will lead him astray. 

BAFFLE- perplex, frustrate.  His attitude baffled me.
BALEFUL- destructive, deadly.  The baleful influence could not be removed.
BANEFUL-  actively evil.  This idea had a baneful influence upon all.
BANTER- ridicule.  Bantering comments are made by cynics.
BAUBLE – trifle piece of finery or jewellery. Do not give up your principles for a bauble
BEGULE- cheat with cheer.  He has beguiled his opponents. Syn- divert, amuse, entertain. Ant- distract, disturb, bore, annoy.
BENEDICTION – blessing.  Many sought the benediction of their gurus.
BENIGN- kind.  His benign influence helped the sufferers. Ant- barbarous, cruel.  Syn- benevolent, kind
BIGOTRY- Obstinate attachment.  His bigotry permits no reasoning.
BLASPHEMY- irreverence shown to the church.  Speaking against the church amounts to blasphemy.
BLATANT- noisy.  Blatant herd filled the air.
BLITHE- cheerful. His blithe spirit was a source of inspiration. 
BRACE-  a pair ( used for gogs, etc.) A brace of dogs was with him.
BRUSQUE- curt in manner. This brusque reply will displease every one.

CAJOLE – coax.  He was cajoled  into favouring me.
CALUMNIATE – slander ( Noun: calumny) Do not calumniate people who disagree with you.  Ant – extol, praise, laud.
CANDID- true to facts. He often speaks candidly of his weakness.
CANDOUR- frankness.  He talked with perfect candour and no diplomacy.
CAPITULATE – surrender.  The army capitulated to the enemy. Ant- conquer, subjugate, subdue.
CAPRICIOUS- whimsical. She is capricious and does not like others. Ant- steadfast, staunch, constant:
CAPTIOUS- fault finding.  His captious criticism is unreasonable.  Ant- complimentary, commendatory.
CARICATURE- distorted sketch.  This is a caricature of his ambitions.
CARNAGE- destruction of life.  The militants indulged in carnage.
CARNIVOROUS- flesh eating.  Lion is a carnivorous animal.
CASSOCK- close fitting church garment.  The monk wore a cassock.
CASTIGATE- to criticize.  He castigated his opponents.
CATHOLIC – universal.  His catholic approach has done a lot of good.
CIVIL – unnecessary fault finding.  Do not cavil at your superiors.
CELESTIAL – Heavenly.  Planets are celestial bodies.
CHAGRIN- disappointment.  When the meeting was cancelled, many were filled with chagrin.
CHARY- careful.  You should be chary with strangers.
CIRCUMVENT- to go round; frustrate.  Do not circumvent the rules.
CLANDESTINE- secret.  This was a clandestine move of the conspirators. 
CLEMENCY- leniency in punishment. No clemency is possible in such a case
CONDOLE- express sympathy.  They condoled the loss.
CONFLAGRATION – large fire.  The conflagration engulfed the whole area.
CONNIVE- pretend ignorance over- priced things.
CONSUMMATE – perfect.  Consummation is something that everyone wishes.
CONTAGIOUS- transmitted by contact.  This disease is considered to be contagious.
CONVERSANT- familiar.  You are quite conversant with his behaviour.
COPIOUS – plentiful.  Copious illustrations were given.
CORPULENT- fat.  Corpulent persons should not take fat.
COTERIE- a small group.  A coterie of class- fellows organised a dramatic performance.
COVETOUS- greedy.  Do not covet what belongs to others.
CREDULOUS- inclined to believe.  He is a credulous person.
COGENT- convincing. You must give cogent argument.
COGITATE- think.  Cogitate before you agitate.
COHERENT- well-knit.  He made a coherent speech.
COLLOQUY – informal conversation.  The colloquy was intended to remove misunderstanding.
COLLUSION- secret agreement.  Collusion of the dealers has resulted in the price rise.
COMMENSURATE- equal to.  The reward should be commensurate to service.
COMMISERATION- sympathy.  He has shown commiseration to the offender.
COMPATIBLE- harmonious.  The two news are compatible.
COMPLACENT- satisfied. A complacent person cannot make progress.
COWER- shrink.  The rabbit would cower to a corner on hearing this noise.
CURSORY- superficial.  Cursory examination has brought out this fact.

DANK- damp. This was a dingy and dank place.
DEBILITATE- weaken.  Old age debilitated him.
DEBONAIR- courteous.  The debonair personality impresses every one.
DECRY – denounce. You should decry this display or emotions.
DEFILE- make foul.  Do not defile the sacredness of this place.
DEIGN- condescend.  He deigned to reply the criticism.
DELECTABLE – delightful.  The whole programme was delectable.
DELETERIOUS- harmful.  This medicine is deleterious.
DELINEATE- mark  the boundaries.  He delineated the areas.
DEMAGOGUE- leader mob passions.  Hitler can be called a demagogue.
DESCRY- discover by eye.  We can descry a pond near that grove of trees.
DESCRATE- profane. He tried to desecrate the holiness of the place
DETERRENT- a thing that discourages. Punishment served as a deterrent for others.
DETRACT- to take away.  This will detract from its value.
DEXTERITY- skill.  This calls for dexterity.
DIABOLIC- devilish.  The diabolic creatures frightened him.
DIDACTIC- moral.  The poem id didactic.
DIFFIDENCE- humility.  His diffidence comes in the way of his success.
DILATE- expand.  Some drops are used to dilate eyes.
DISPARAGE- to speak slightly of.  Do not disparage the beginners in their efforts.
DISSEMBLE- disguise.  Dissemble propaganda as truth.
DISSIPATE- to waste.  Do not dissipate your energies.
DISTRAUGHT- crazed.  The old woman was distraught by her son’s death.
DIVULGE- reveal. Do not divulge your secrets.
DOCILE – easily led.  The child is quite docile.
DOLEFUL- sorrowful.  He doleful tale brought tears in her eyes.
DORMANT- inactive.  Dormant passions came to the fore.

ECOLOGY- science of the relation of life to its environment. Silent Valley controversy was due to ecology.
EFFULGENT- pervading light.  The lamp gave effulgent light.
EMBELLISH- decorate.  Embellish your poem with similes.
EGENDER- give birth to .  This remark will engender controversy.
ENGROSS- fully absorbed. He was engrossed in a mystery thriller.
EPHEMERAL- short – lived.  The joys of life are ephemeral.
EPICURE- fastidious tastes in food and drink.  He enjoys epicurean pleasures.
EQUANIMITY- calm temper.  His equanimity was not disturbed.
EROTIC- concerning sex.  Erotic literature is bad for youngsters.
ESOTERIC- limited to a few.  The  esoteric rites were performed.
ETHNIC- referring to a race.  Trace the ethnic origin.
EUGENICS- producing improvement in off- spring. Eugenics will help us to get improved breeds.
EULOGY- high praise.  A fine eulogy was written on his death.
EVINCE- display.  His biting remark evinced a retort.
EXECRATE- hatred.  They deserved execration for his actions.
EXONERATE – free from guilt.  He was exonerated by the court.
EXPIATE- atone for.  He is expiating for his crimes in the prison.

FACETIOUS- amusing.  His  facetious remark were ignored.
FALLACIOUS- misleading; false. This argument is quite fallacious.
FASTIDIOUS- difficult to be pleased.  He is fastidious by nature.
FETISH- an object of blind reverence.  He asked the group to forget their fetishes.
FICKLE- likely to change.  He is a fickle minded fellow.
FLAGITIOUS- An act that brings public criticism.  This is a flagitious act.
FORAY- plundering raid.  The robbers made a foray in the train.
FRIVOLOUS – not serious.  The charges were quite frivolous.

GARRULTY – talkativeness.  Her garrulity defamed her.
GERMANE- pertinent.  The illustrations were germane to the topic.
GLUTTION- greedy for food.  Gluttons will not allow you to eat.
GOAD- urge.  He was goaded to action.
GRAPPLE – to handle the problem.  You should grapple with the problem.
GRIMACE- to distort features.  She grimaced and spoiled her impression.
GROUSE- complain.  Do not grouse at other’s mistakes.
GRUELLING- exhausting.  He had to undergo grueling practice.
GRUFF- rough.  He spoke with a gruff voice.
GUILE – trick.  She succeeded through guilt.

HAGGARD- worn by hunger or pain. The  old man looked haggard.
HARBINGER- something that precedes. Clouds are the harbinger of rain.
HEGEMONY – predominance.  Hitler’s aim was a world hegemony.
HEINOUS- atrocious.  Heinous crimes were committed in the name of religion.
HOARY- white with age.  The hoary old man did not bother about his incapacity.
HOMILY- discourse on a moral problem.  Reading a  homily for the young is of no use.
HOSTILE- conflicting.  Pakistan has been hostile to India.
HUDDLE- to crowd together.  The people were huddled in a small room.

IDIOSYNCRACY-  peculiar tendency of an individual.  His idiosyncracy has created enemies.
IGNOMINIOUS- discrediting.  His ignominious remarks led to this state.
ILLICIT- illegal. IIIicit relations of the husband led to divorce.
IMBECILITY- weakness of mind.  The imbecility of the man has led to the downfall.
IMPEDE- to hinder.  Economic imbalance will impede progress.
IMPERVIOUS- not to be penetrated.  Glass is impervious to water.
IMPETUOUS- impulsive.  The impetuous action will result in chaos.
IMPORTUNE- to beg.  Don’t importune : depend on yourself.
IMPUNITY- exemption from  punishment.  Do not violate the laws with impunity.
INARTICULATE- cannot be heard distinctly.  The sounds were inarticulate.
INCESSANT- unceasing.  The incessant rain kept us indoors.
INCOGNITO- Identity concealed.  He lived incognito.
INDICT – accuse.  He has been indicted for committing crime.
INCULPATE- blame.  To inculpate others does harm to many.
INDOLENT- lazy.  An indolent fellow can never succeed.
INEXORABLE- relentless.  Inexorable are the laws of Nature.
INHIBITION- restraint.  Social inhibitions give rise to rebellion.
INIQUITOUS- not right.  His iniquitous activities were despised.
INNOCUOUS- harmless. His speech was innocuous but his actions were wild.
INSIDIOUS- intended to entrap.  These insidious hands of that notorious man was in all acts.
INSTIGATE- urge a bad action.  The whole scheme was designed to instigate people.
INTRANSIGENT- uncompromising.  The intransigent attitude of the officer made him angry.
INTERPID- brave.  The intrepid leaders led the others to success.
INTROVERT-  a person whose thoughts are directed inward.
INVEIGH- attack.  He inveighed them for their criticism.
INVIDOUS- likely to arouse resentment.  His tactlessness was invidious.

JARGON- confused.  It was all jargon; I could not understand.
JOCOSE- jocular. He spoke in a jocose tone.

KNEAD- work up into dough.  She kneaded the dough before baking a cake.

LANGUID – listless.  His languid approach irritated his friends.
LANGUISH- dying with hunger or desire.  He is languishing for your affection.
LASSITUDE-  weariness.  The heat created lassitude.
LATENT- hidden.  I would discover the latent possibilities of all this.      
LEGITIMATE- genuine, Legitimate demands were made.
LETHARGIC- lazy.  He was quite lethargic in his work.
LIBEI – defamation. The statement amounted to libel.
LIVID- discoloured.  His face was livid.

MAGNANIMOUS- extremely generous. The king was magnanimous and granted amnesty.
MALADROIT- tactless. His maladroit remarks changed the situation.
MALAISE- general bodily weakness.  The malaise was due to hot weather.
MALIGNANT – full of hatred.  He was malignant towards his friends.
MANDATE- specific order.  This mandate is from the higher authority.
MASTICATE- to chew.  Masticate the food properly before swallowing it.
MEDIOCRE- middle quality. He is just a mediocre student.
MEDLEY – mixture.  There was a medley of  crowd in the street.
MENACE – threat to destroy Science is a great menace.
MENDICANT- beggar.  There are so many mendicants in India that one cannot ignore them.
MILITATE- oppose.  This argument militates against our customs.
MISCREANT- wicked.  We could not catch the miscreant who stoned the police officer.
MITIGATE- lessen.  He wanted to mitigate the evil he had done.
MOLEST- annoy.  He was asked not to molest the women.
MORIBUND- dying.  The moribund scholar bequeathed his property to his brother.
MOTLEY- multi- coloured.  The joker was wearing motley dress.

NEFARIOUS- abominable.  He has been convicted for his nefarious activities.
NIGGARDLY- stingy.  She is niggardly and cannot spend money even on necessities.
NIHILISM-  disbelief in religion. This will foster nihilism among the people.
NONCHALANT- unconcerned.  The woman acted in a nonchalant manner.

OBESITY- excessive fatness.  Obesity leads to many disease.
OBLITERATE- to finish.  The flood obliterated all the signs of life.
OBLIVIOUS- forgetful. He was quite oblivious of his duties.
OBLOQUY – public disgrace.  He had to face obloquy due to his foolishness.
OBSEQUIOUS- servile. The obsequious obedience leads to dictatorship.
OBSOLESCENT- discarded.  This machinery is obsolescent.
OPPROBRIOUS- expressing scorn.  His friends were opprobrious of his success.
ORIFICE- opening into a cavity.  There was an orifice below the ribs.
OBSTENSIBLE- apparent.  The ostensible purpose of this question was to get truth from him.

PAMPER- spoil by flattering.  Do not pamper your friends.
PANEGYRIC- a discourse in praise of a person.  He wrote a panegyric on his friend.
PARADOX- a statement which is apparently contradictory. “ He is regularly irregular” is a paradoxical statement.
PARITY- equality. There should be parity among all.
PAROCHIAL- narrow in viewpoint. His views were parochial.
PAROXYSM- spasmodic pain.  The paroxysms have reduced him to a skeleton.
PECULATE- embezzle.  He has been tried for peculation.
PECUNIARY- financial.  He had no pecuniary interest in the business.
PEDANITIC – fretful. He is peevish by nature, so unpopular.
PEREMPTORY- imperative.  The captain gave a peremptory command.
PERIPHERY- external boundary.  The periphery of this playground is walled.
PERMEABLE- through which substances can pass.  Clay utensils are permeable.
PERNICIOUS- causing harm.  It will have pernicious effects.
PERSPICUITY- clear in expression.  Perspicuity is one of the qualities of a good writing.
PICARESQUE- concerning rogues. This is a picaresque novel.
PIQUANT- stimulating taste.  Mustard serves as a piquant.
PLATITUDE- trite remark.  These platitudes will not help us much.
PLETHORA- over –supply.  This plethora of news is difficult to scan.
PONTIFICATE – speak like a church priest.  He is in the habit of pontificating.
PRAGMATIC- practical values.  Pragmatic outlook will solve all the problems.
PRECARIOUS- critical.  He was removed to the hospital in a precarious condition.
PREDILECTION- having preference for.  He had predilection for a better life.
PREPOSTEROUS-  very absurd.  The suggestion is preposterous.
PREGOGATIVE – special right.  This is my prerogative to meet the class teachers.
PRODIGIOUS – large.  His nose is quite prodigious.
PROFLIGATE- immoral.  The profligate son was exiled.
PROMISCUOUS- without discrimination.  He works in a promiscuous manner.
PROPINQUITY- near in place.  The propinquity of dust bin decreases the value of the house.
PROTAGONIST – leading character, such is the protagonist of all of his novels.
PROVIDENTIAL- fortunate.  It was a providential escape.
PUISSANT- powerful.  The puissant official used his influence.

QUIRK- twist.  The sudden quirk of fancy changed his mind.
QUIXOTIC- foolishly chivalrous.  I do not like this quixotic action.

RAMPANT- rank in growth.  The rampant growth of weeds is not harmful.
RAMSHACKLE- tumbling down. This ramshackle house will collapse.
RECALCITRANT- stubborn.  He is a recalcitrant child and will not obey you.
REDUNDANT- wordiness. Delete this word; it is redundant.
RELEGATE- to get rid of . This idea was relegated to the background.
REPRISAL- injury in return.  This was just reprisal and nothing else.
REPUDIATE- denounced. He repudiated the whole scheme.

SALACIOUS- obscene.  The salacious language irritated him.
SALUTARY- morally healthy. The decision will have salutary effect on the economy.
SANGUINE- ardent and confident.  He was quite sanguine of his success.
SARDONIC – ironical.  The sardonic smile irritated others.
SATIATE- satisfy.  The dishes satiated him.
SEDITION- plotting against government.  He was charged with sedition.

TACITLY – silently.  He tacitly assented to my proposal.
TAUTOLOGY- useless repetition.  Your sentence is marred by tautology.
TAWDRY – showy or cheap.  She was wearing tawdry jewellery.
TENUOUS- held by a thread.  Establish tenuous relationship with your customers.
TIRADE- a forceful speech.  The politician shouted a long tirade at his followers
TRACTABLE- easily lead.  He is a tractable fellow and is generally misled.
TRANSCENDENT- very excellent.  The transcendent work of this has increased its value.
TRANSGRESS- violating a law.  You should not transgress the divine law.
TRANSMUTE- change from one form to another.  You must transmute this energy into electricity.
TRAVAIL- labour. The travails undergone by them are well known.
TRENCHANT- sharp.  The trenchant criticism unnerved him.
TREPIDATION- great trouble.  They had to face tribulations before getting success.
TRUMPERY- worthless ornament.  She  threw the trumpery at her husband’s face.
TRUNCATE- cut off.  The tree was truncated before being carried.
TURBULENT- violent.  The turbulent river killed many.
TURBID – swollen.  ( see tumid)
TURPITUDE- shameful.  He is convicted of moral turpitude.

UNCOUTH- awkward. He was uncouth in his behaviour.
UNDULATE- wavering. The undulating voice was because of emotionalism.
UNKEMPT- uncombed.  His unkempt hair attracted suspicious eyes.
UNMITIGAED- no lessened.  This foul treatment is an unmitigated curse.
UNOSTENATATIOUS- not showy display.  They are rich but unostentatious.
UNRAVEL- reveal.  Unravel the mysteries of nature.
UPBRAID- to reproach.  The father upbraided the child for his spend thrift habit.
URCHIN – mischievous child.  The urchins were troublesome to the teachers.
USURP- to seize power.  The man who usurped power is shot dead.

VANDAL- destroyer.  They indulged in the acts of vandalism.
VANGUARD- herald.  The vanguard moved very proudly.
VARIEGATE- different coloured.  Flowers of variegated colours were available.
VENDETTA- feud.  In village murders are due to vendetta.
VENERATE- respect. You must venerate your superiors.
VERDANT- green.  The verdant valley was very pleasing.
VERISIMILITUDE- appearance of truth.  There is a great verisimilitude but it is not true.
VERNAL- pertaining to spring.  The vernal influences was everywhere.
VESTIGE- remnant.  This is the vestige of ancient glory.
VICARIOUS- acting for another.  The vicarious experience is never the true experience.
VICISSITUDE- regular  change.  The vicissitudes of fortune are evident.
VILLIFY- defame.  Politicians vilify their opponents.
VITUPERATE- abuse verbally. Do not vituperate the judge.
VOCIFERATE- loud.  Make your demands vociferously.
VOLATILITY- thoughtlessness.  His volatility makes him unpopular.

WAGGERY- mischievous merriment. The waggery of the boy was not liked.
WARP- repeating.  He is warping on the same string.
WAYWARD- perverse.  The wayward behaviour was deplorable.
WEAN- alienate.  Wean away  the child from these circumstances.
WHEEDLE- coaxing.  Only a clever person can wheedle what he wants.
WHINE- express distress.  The man whined pitifully.
WILY- tricky.  He was wily enough to evade questions.
WINCE- to shrink.  He winced under her sarcasm.
WINNOW- to sift.  The winnowing wind helped up a lot.
WRY- distorting face features.  He made a way face when he suggested this.
YEARN- longing.  He has been yearning for a meeting with his friend.
ZEAL – enthusiasm. He worked with so much of zeal; that nobody could complete with him.


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