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an interview ibps po new delhi

Question  asked  in  interview  on 24th January,2015  .
5 members , 1 lady and 4 male interviewers.
M1: what is meaning of your name.
Me: answered…easy meaning
M1: what is venture capital
Me: told exact definition ..but they cross questioned and asked what  venture means.
M2: what is cooperative societies.
Me: answered in detail
M3: what is balance sheet and on which side assets are shown.
Me: answered.
M1: what is LTV
Me: forgot full form of LTV (loan to value)
M3: what is sensitivity analysis.
Me: don’t know the exact meaning ..just told the idea I have but they didn’t look satisfied
M3: difference in funds flow and cash flow.
Me: answered but they crossed questioned me on this also.
M4: accounting ratios in detail
Me: not able to answer properly as not studied in detail
M2: ratio of india’s share in world GDP
Me: not sure
M5: what is beti bachao ,beti padhao ?

Me: answered in detail and left no scope for cross questioning .

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