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Real Interview --IBPS PO --B. Pharm graduate--nicely reported by the candidate.

I am a job seeker in banking sector and I followed all your videos on You Tube. Your Guidance has given me insight about the interview process and helped me lot Thanks a lot for your guidance. I am a Pharmacy graduate and also done Master's in business administration with Marketing specialization. Having work experience of 2 years with Nestle India Ltd. as Nutrition Officer, resigned from the job and started preparing for banking exam from April 2014. Qualified in written examination of IBPS PO/MT and appeared for Interview on 24 Jan 2015, Morning Shift. at Pune.  I would like to share my Interview experience with you so that you can provide your insight about it as I am totally confused about it  and getting this job is very important for me..
I entered in the room after seeking the permission..
wished them there were 7 people 6 Men 1 Women.
M1- Where are you from?
Me- Answered.
M1- You have written here Cooking as your Hobby, What do you cook?
Me- Non- Veg Dishes taught to me by my mother.
M1- Do you like Non-veg?
Me-Yes Sir, I am a connoisseur of Non-veg food.
M1- Can you tell me what is the Fish production of India?
Me- Sorry Sir I have No Idea.
M1- How much Fish India Exports?
Me- Don't Know Sir.
M1- Does India Exports Fish?
Me- Yes Sir.
M1- To which countries?
Me- Most of the European and Asian countries which are land locked where fish is not produced.
M1- What is Export and Import, which is goo for the country?
Me- (Explained Import and Export) ..exclusive Import or exclusive Export are not good for a country there should be balance between them to maintain the stability in Economy.
M1-What is happening with India is this balance maintained?
Me- No, sir Our country is Importing more than Export.
M1- Why?
Me- Because of Manufacturing sector is contributing less to the Indian Economy and we need to Import What is not produced in India. To maintain the balance growth of manufacturing sector is important.
Now  M2
M2- Pramod if you find a bearer's check on road can you en-cash it? 
Me- Yes Sir!
M2- So, you will en-cash it ?
Me- No, I mean as its Bearer's Check anybody can en-cash it if found.
M2- What things India Imports?
Me- Crude Oil and...
M2- Ok
M3- Do credit Card offers credit facility?
Me- Pardon Sir.
M3- Do Credit Cards Offer Credit Facility?
Me- Yes Sir.
M3- On What Basis?
Me- On the basis of repayment capacity of the credit card holder.
M3- How its repayment capacity is calculated?
Me- If a person is salaried then by checking its salary slip and if a businessman then by checking its bank account statement.
M3- What are the products marketed by a bank?
Me- Saving and Current account, Security Lockers, Bank assurances,  FD, RD, Loans- Crop loan, House loan, Vehicle loan, personal loan..
M3- If a person takes a loan and defaults, what steps banks takes?
Me- First bank gives reminders about payments then, files suit in Lok adalat if still don't get payment then Suit is filed in criminal court and finally with the help of SARFAESI act the mortgage  or security goes to the ARC and banks get its money back.
M4- Do you know about Debit Cards?
Me- Yes Sir, Debit cards also called as Plastic Money and issued by bank upon opening Saving or Current account, Used for withdrawing money from ATM and several other transactions. But can be used only when there is balance present with the respective saving or Current account.
M4-Ok, what is the period of Hypothecation process ?
Me- Sorry Sir, I read about it but not recollecting right now.
M4- What is a period of Promissory Note>
Me- Up to One Year Sir.

W1- What are the Risks faced by bank?
Me- Now a days biggest risk faced by Baks is NPA's..(by her expressions I realized that she is expecting something else I gave a thought process and got the correct answer..operational, credit, market risk but before i say anything she said Ok you can go. Best luck!

Me- Thanked everybody, Have a good day! and came out of the room.
M5 and M6 were only observing.
It was over in 10 min. I felt it as of rapid fire round. As nobody given time to me to think before I give an answer. I maintained confidence level and voice tone through out the Interview. As I am from Pharma Background and having Work exp in Food company I was expecting at least single question about it but not a single question also I was dam sure about "Why Banking?" question but it was also not there.
Please provide me your opinion on it sir.

sambasivan srinivasan

9:14 PM (0 minutes ago)

Period of hypothecation agreement is 12 years.  But since banks claim based on promissory note limitation period is 3 years from the date of DPN.
Promissory note validity 3 years.
The following was a trap question.  you have not understood correctly initially.
"M2- Pramod if you find a bearer's check on road can you en-cash it?  Me- Yes Sir!
M2- So, you will en-cash it ?
Me- No, I mean as its Bearer's Check anybody can en-cash it if found."

The answer should have been "  If I find a bearer cheque I will not encash it and it does not belong to me.  If the branch is nearby I may get to know the cell no. of drawer, call and tell him.  If that could not be done it is better to tear the cheque so that no one can encash."
You have attempted the interview well broadly.  Marks you get on this --probably 13 to 14 out of 20.  If you have scored well in the written test you will clear the test.  
best wishes

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