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I reached the venue around 8 am. They opened the main door exactly at 8.30 am. I was 18th in my panel thats why my interview started around 12.30 pm. My interview duration was 15 minutes.
There were 5 persons M1, M2, M3, M4, L5 (4 male, 1 female). I asked for permission and wished them good afternoon(first mam then sir). They welcomed me with smile. They asked me to put my file on the table.

M1 - So, Ankita what are ur qualifications?
Me - Replied that I have done Btech in CSE.
M1 - How can ur Btech will be helpful for bank?
Me - Replied.
M2 - What is Artificial Intelligence?
Me - explained a little only  :(
M3 - What is mobile banking?
Me - replied
M3 - Which technology is used in mobile technology is used in it? What are the risks involved?
Me - replied
M1 - What is CASA?
Me - replied
M1 - If a bank has high CASA percentage tehn it is good for bank or bad and why?
Me - First I misunderstood the question and replied something else then M4 asked me to listen once again the question and repeated the question once again.
Then I replied and M4 was really happy with my answer. 
M4 - Have u read newspaper?
Me - yes sir
M4 - Who have received Ashoka Chakra and why this award is given?
Me - I forgot the names but I told them how they were killed and what is this award for. M4 was very supportive.
L5 - Who have received Bharata Ratna?
Me - replied
L5 - tell me something about Madan Mohan Malviya
Me  - replied
L5 - Who is ur role model and why?
Me - replied
M3 - What is GPRS?
Me - I forgot its full for but replied what is it.
M1 - What is intangible asset?
Me - Gave definition but I was not able to give example.
M2 - What other news you have read?
Me - Told about the nuclear deal.
M2 - He told me the other fact except the insurance in nuclear deal for which it was not done in 2006.
Me - Told about US demand. He then asked me another reason. I said sorry sir I dont know. Then M2 told M1 that only first reason is in news thats why she know only that. M1 asked me to read the other reason at home with smile.
L5 - Best moments in ur life?
Me - Replied
M2 - Do you have a certificate for Best Employee Award?(I told them that I was awarded as the Best Girl Of my school, also Best Employee Award)
Me - Told that they gave me incetive and he was satisfied.

Then they offered me a candy and wished me Best of Luck for my future. :))

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