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A report about good interview --- 23rd January 2015 IBPS PO IV

Dear Sir,
             first off all thanks for your guidance to all banking
aspirants. I have watched all your videos on you tube and it really
helped me a lot. I had my interview on 23rd Jan 2014 and want to share
the same with you. Sir currently I am working with Maharashtra Gramin
Bank as a cashier. Sir there was 6 member in interview panel. My
interview is as follow-

Me- May I come in sir?
they asked me to come and offered to sit. I wished them all.

M1- Tell me your name?
Me- Audumbar Arvind Kalamkar

M1- Tell us about your family?
Me- Told them about my family.

M1- For how long you are working for Maharashtra Gramin Bank?
Me- I am working from last 6 months and I am working as cashier.

M1- You also have prior work experience, How long you have served Nestle?
Me- For 2 and half year sir.

M1- Is your salary incresed or decreased?
Me- Sir salary is decreased but I am getting job satisfaction that is
very important for me.

M1- You have given first preference BOB why?
Me- It has good growth opportunities and also has max no of oversees branches.

M1- In your working place  which are other Banks?
Me- No sir, there is only MGB

M1- suppose in your town there are both nationalized bank & Gramin
Bank so tell us the role that nationalized bank can do but Gramin cant
and role gramin can do but nationalized cant?
Me- Tried to explain that there is area allocated to Gramin bank  for
them only Gramin bank can disburse crop loan but he said is function
of other bank. I said sorry sir I dont have idea.

M2- Do you found excess cash at day end?
Me- No Mam, once it had happened but after checking i found that i
missed one posting.

M2- If you found excess cash what will you do?
Me- I will never keep it in safe untill the cash on hand and cash in
system doesnt match. I will check manually if i found manually cash is
tally then I adjust the drawer and Keep it in safe.

M3- If cash not tally manually and you found ten thousand excess what
will you do?
Me- I will keep it as Cash found in excess.( and all said we are
expecting this word cash found in excess from you as banker)

M3- what will do at the end of month?
Me- I will check all billing vouchers, receipt voucher. and keep it to
sundry ( Here I made Mistake, I didnt know the procedure)

M2-If a person has FD account for 3 years and He wants to break it
after 2 years, what will you do?
Me- First I will try to convince the person if he keep it for 3 years
then he will get the full benefits but if he is need of money then i
will break it after 2 years.

M2- What is procedure for It?
Me- We will charge the penalty of 1% on interest rate.

M2- On which interest rate?
Me- on interest rate of 3 years..sorry mam on interest rate of 2
years.( She Smiled)

M4- what SME?
Me- SMe is small and medium interprises, it plays very important role
in development of our country. Particularly in rural area it helped a
lot in employment generation and by that way in development of

M4- Very good..SME has huge contribution in export and also it helped
in creating millions of job. Tell me only three thing we should take
into account consideration while financing SME?
Me- 1 credit worthiness of individual 2 primary security

M4- only primary security doesn't we take mortgage, land holding as security?
Me- Yes sir value of mashinary degrade over time but we doesnt take
mortagage..I dont have through knowledge of SME loan. Main business of
our branch is crop loan. I have detail idea about crop loan.

M4- You should know you should always keep on getting information?
Me- Yes sir, I will get detail information about it and keep learning.

M1- asked M5 and M6 to ask anything, they said no its ok.

I thanked them all and wished good day. while leaving M6 said your tie
is very nice...I Thanked him and left the room. Through out the
interview I was so confident. Interview went for 10-12 min.

              This is all about my interview, eagerly waiting for your
views as I am confused about my own performance.

Thanks & Regards,
my reply
I am happy with your report.  The cogency with which you have reported reveals you have done the interview well.  17 plus out of 20.  blessings.

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