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Achievement Motivation Traits -- for PO Interview

In the recent IBPS PO interview in a few centres questions relating to soft skills are asked.  Hence I am giving a list of traits present in a person with achievement motivation skills.

Studies have proved that the following characteristics are present in people with achievement motivation directed towards achieving EXCELLENCE.

1.         Creative
2.         Calculated risk taking
3.         Not too discouraged by failures
4.         Hard working
5.         Taking personal responsibility
6.         Desires feed-back and learns from experience recognising errors.
7.         Has self-confidence
8.         Success oriented
9.         Competitive
10.       Positive attitude
11.       Time is important
12.       Innovative
13.       Likes challenges
14.       Dynamic  - identified with creating and changing
15.       Takes initiative
16.       “There is always a better way’
17.       High tolerance for ambiguities
18.       Intensive
19.       Leader
20.       Ability to grasp quickly
21.       Dissatisfied with general life situation
22.       Average intelligence.
23.       Has a strong reason for wanting to achieve something special.
24.       A clearly defined goal
25.       Planning of priorities carefully
26.       Knowing when to ask for help and involve others in their plans.
27.       Not just to dream about their goals – they take action and measure results.

Hygiene factors
Company policy and administration  --  relationship with supervisors
Work conditions                                 -- salary
Personal life                                        --  relations with subordinates
Status                                                  -- Security
Motivators or satisfiers
Achievement                                       -- recognition
Work itself                                          -- responsibility
Advancement                                      -- Growth


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