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In these type of questions the candidate is required  to trace out the pattern in the given rearrangement and then determine the desired output step, according as asked in the questions.  Substance-wise these problems are not very tough but they are time consuming.  To solve these problems one is asked to imagine that there is some kind of computer or word processing machine and this machine performs operation on the Input given.  The `machine’ operates repeatedly according to  a pre-determined pattern and as a result we get output at different steps.  Since, this category of questions is new, therefore, no standard nomenclature has been given to this range of questions, we are dealing with this type of questions under sequential output tracing / input – output.
Types of questions asked in the examination. There are basically three types of questions which are asked in the Bank examinations.  They are.
Type 1 Arranging the Given Numbers in Forward / Reverse Alphabetical Order
Here we are given a collection of number, we have to follow a pattern whether to arrange them in ascending or descending order.
Direction (Example 1 to 12) An electronic device rearranges number step-by-step in a particular order according to set of rules.  The device stops when the final result is obtained.  In this case the device stops at step.
  Input       99       78       96    103       61       35       53
 Step I     103     99       78       96         61       35       53
 Step II   103     99       96       78         61       35       53
 Step II   103     99       96        78        61       53       35
Study the above arrangement carefully and then answer the following questions.
1. Which of the following will be step III for the input below.
Input         46     76      53      11    28    27     6
a)        76    53    46   28  27  11   6          b)    76     53     46     11    28   27    6
b)         76   53    46  28    11   27   6        d)    cannot be determined      e)   None of these
Solution.    c)   Here given numbers are arranging in decreasing order.
            Here we have to arrange given numbers in descending orders.
                                    Input    46  76  53   11   28  27   6
                                    Step I   76  46  53   11   28  27   6
                                    Step II  76  53  46  11   28   27  6
                                    Step II  76  53  46  28   11   27  6
2.  Which is the last step for the input below?
     Input  6     131820   25
      a)  Step III     b)   Step IV      c)  Step V      d)    Step VI      Step  VI
Solution.   b)     Input     6         13     28        20       25
                  Step I           25          6     13         18       20
                 Step II          25        20     18         6         18
                 Step III         25        20     18        6         13
                 Step IV         25         20      18      13         6
                                  This is the final step
Type 2 Arranging the Given Words  / Alphabets According to Dictionary
Here we are given some words or alphabets and we have to arrange them according to dictionary.  First we have to compare first letter of each word if first letter of two or more words is same then arrange them according to second letter and so on.
Directions (Example 3 to 4) Study the following information and answer the given question followed the information.  A word arrangement machine when given an input line of words, rearranges them following a particular rule in each step.  The following is an illustration of input and the steps of rearrangements.
Input            Sherry went to market and came back
Step I           Went Sherry to market and came back
Step II          Went to Sherry market and came back
Step III         Went to Sherry market came and back
Step IV          Went to Sherry market came back and.
(Step IV is the last step for the given input).  As per the rules followed in the above steps, find out the following steps for the given input.
3. Input `Roni and Soni are best friends’.
    Which of the following steps will be the last step?
     a)  Step III        b)   Step IV         c)   Step V        d)  Cannot be determined    e)  None of these
Solution.   b)    Here given words are arranging in descending alphabetical order.
        Input Roni and Soni are best friends.
        Step I        Soni Roni and are best friends
       Step II       Soni Roni friends and are best
       Step III      Soni Roni friends best and are
      Step IV      Soni Roni friends best are and.
4.  Input `Who assembled and saw tiny living things’.
     Which of the following will be step III?
     a)  who things tiny saw assembled and living
     b)  who tiny things saw and assembled living
     c)  who tiny things saw living and assembled
     d)  Who tiny things saw assembled and living
     e)  None of these
Solution.   d)  For the given input, we have the following arrangement:
     Step I   who tiny assembled and saw living things
     Step IIwho tiny things assembled and saw living
     Step III who tiny things saw assembled and living
Type 3 Changing places of Words / Numbers According to A set Pattern
Here candidate is required to follow the pattern in which input line of words rearrange them according to positions of each letter.
Example 5 A words arrangement machine when given an input line of words, rearranges them following a particular rule in each step.  The following is the illustration of the input and the steps of arrangement:
Input   man’s mood varies with time and environment.
Step  Ivaries with man’s mood environment and time.
Step II and time environment mood man’s varies with.
Step III environment time and varies with mood man’s
Step IV and varies environment time man’s mood with.
and so on for subsequent steps. You have to find out the logic and answer the questions given below.

If step IV reads, “everyone wereaware about their intimate friendship”. What will be the middle three words of step II?
a) their intimate aware      b)  aware intimate their    c)   everyone were friendship
d)  aware were intimate     e)  None of these
Solution.    e)  In step, I, the last three words get reversed while the first and third, and second and fourth interchange their positions.  In step II, the middle three words get reversed and the alternate words interchange among themselves in the remaining four.
Input      1     2     3      4       5      6     7
Step I     3      4     1      2      7      6      5
Step II    6      5     7      2      1      3      4
Hence, step II for “everyone were aware about their intimate friendship”
                                       1        2       3      4      5       6      7
Þintimate their friendship were everyone aware about
                          6        5       7       2     1      3      4

Hence, middle three words :  friendship were everyone.

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