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                  IMP. CURRENT AFFAIRS

1.   Rolene Strauss, who won the Miss World 2014, is related to which of the following countries?
      a) Hungary            b) USA            c) Honduras                d) South Africa          e) None of these

2.   Who of the following actors was recently honoured with the centenary award for Indian Film Personality of the year 2014 at the 45th International Film Festival of India (IFFI)?
      a) Kamal Hassan                           b) Rajinikanth                                   c) Amitabh Bachchan
      d) Mammootty                              e) None of these

3.   Sutirtha Bhattacharya was appointed the new chairman and Managing Director of which of the following companies?
      a) Steel Authority of India Limited
      b) Hindustan Petroleum corporation Limited
      c) Coal India Limited
      d) Bharat Petroleum Limited
      e) None of these

4.   Who of the following was awarded with the prestigious International Children’s Peace Prize 2014 for her work to help orphans in India and other vulnerable children?
      a) Tanushi Sharma             b) Arya Krishna                                  c) SruthiMenon          
      d) Neha Gupta                             e) None of these

5.   Who of the following was/were recently nominated the Director/s on the Central Board of Directors of the Reserve bank of India (RBI)?
      a) Rajiv Mehrishi                           b) Dr. Hasmukh Adhia                       c) Gurdial Singh Sandhu
      d) Both a) and b)                         e) None of these

6.   Who of the following was appointed the new chief of Intelligence Bureau (IB)?
      a) Dineshwar Sharma                 b) Ashok Prasad                                  c) Divya Prakash
      d) Arvind Saxena                          e) None of these

7.   Which of the following organizations has won the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development for the year 2014?
      a) IPCC                                         b) Bachpan Bachao Andolan              c) ISRO         
      d) Red Cross                                 e) None of these

8.   Keshari Nath Tripathi was given the additional charge of Governor of Bihar.  He is presently the Governor of which of the following states?
      a) West Bengal     b) Assam        c) Madhya Pradesh     d) Jharkhand   e) None of these

9.   Who of the following actors was appointed by Housing finance company DHFL as its brand ambassador?
      a) Aamir Khan                              b) Salman Khan                                  c) Shah Rukh Khan
      d) Amitabh Bachchan                   e) None of these

10. Who of the following was appointed the new chairman of the Press council of India (PCI)?
      a) Justice Chandramauli Kumar Prasad
      b) Justice Mukul Mudgal
      c) Justice KG Balakrishnan
      d) Justice HL Dattu
      e) None of these

11. Renowned classical dancer Sitara Devi, who recently passed away, was an exponent of which of the following classical dance forms?
      a) Kathakali           b) Mohiniyattam         c) Kuchipudi               d) Kathak       e) None of these

12. Who of the following was recently appointed the new chairman of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)?
      a) Rajni Razdan                            b) Amar Pratap Singh                         c) Manbir Singh
      d) Deepak Gupta                         e) None of these

13. Who of the following was appointed the new Director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)?
      a) Mallikarjun Kharge                   b) Anil Kumar Sinha                        c) Ranjit Sinha
      d) Rajiv Mathur                            e) None of these

14. Name the Prime Minister of Taiwan who has resigned after his party had a heavy loss in local election?
      a) Jose Mujica                               b) Tabare Ramon Vazquez Rosas       c) Jiang Yi-huah
      d) Wu Den-Yih                                                     e) None of these

15. Who of the following was appointed the Director General of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF)?
      a) Ashok Prasad                            b) Arvind Saxena                                c) OP Singh
      d) Rajinder Khanna                      e) None of these

16. Tabare Ramon Vazquez Rosas was recently elected the President of which of the following countries?
      a) Taiwan              b) Uruguay        c) South Korea           d) Malaysia         e) None of these

17. Who of the following was recently named the ‘TIME’s Person of the Year 2014’?
      a) Ebola Fighters                         b) Ferguson Protesters                         c) Vladimir Putin       
      d) Narendra Modi                         e) None of these

18. Who of the following was recently appointed the UN Goodwill Ambassador for the South Asian region by UN the International Day to End Violence against Woman?
      a) Saina Nehwal                            b) M C Mary Kom                              c) P V Sindhu
      d) Sania Mirza                             e) None of these

19. Warren buffet has recently become second richest person in the world replacing Carlos Slim, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.  Who of the following is the world richest person?
      a) Amancio Ortega                        b) Bill Gates                                       c) Larry Ellison          
      d) Jim Walton                               e) None of these

20. After the appeal of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, United Nations has declared the World Yoga Day on which of the following dates?
      a) 15 June              b) 21 June      c) 20 November          d) 2 December             e) None of these

21. Who of the following has become the first Indian-American to be appointed the US Ambassador to India?
      a) Richard Rahul Verma                        b) Preet Bharara                      c) Sunita Williams      
      d) Nikki Haley                                          e) None of these

22. Which of the following NGOs has won the United Nations Lighthouse Activities award 2014?
      a) Bachpan Bachao           b) Aranyak    c) Deshaj         d) Vidhivat                 e) None of these

23. Anerood Jugnauth was recently elected the Prime Minister of which of the following countries?
      a) Nepal                             b) Vietnam      c) Mauritius   d) Uganda                   e) None of these

24. Shinzo Abe was recently re-elected the Prime Minister of which of the following countries?
      a) Taiwan                          b) Malaysia      c) Japan          d) South Korea           e) None of these

25. Aishwarya Rai was recently felicitated at Miss World 2014 for her commitment to “beauty with a purpose”.  In which year did Aishwarya Rai win the Miss World title?
      a) 1991                              b) 1994            c) 1996            d) 1999                        e) None of these

26. Time Magazine has recently released list of 25 Best Inventions 2014.  Which of the following invention/s are related to Indians?
      a) Blue Room                    b) Osmo          c) Mangalyan      d) All of these         e) None of these

27. Who of the following will be the chief guest at 66th India’s Republic Day celebrations 2015?
      a) Barack Obama, President of USA
      b) Shinzo Abe, PM of Japan
      c) Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghanistan
      d) Jigme Khesare Namgyel Wangchuck, King of Bhutan
      e) None of these

28. Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed which of the following SAARC agreement at the 18th SAARC summit held in Katmandu, Nepal?
1)      Regional Railways Agreement (RRA)
2)      Framework Agreement for Energy Cooperation (Electricity)
3)      Motor Vehicles Agreement
      a) Only 1 and 2                                         b) Only 2 and 3                       c) Only 1 and 3          
      d) All 1, 2 and 3                                       e) None of these

29. Which of the following states has recently announced a Home-Stay scheme for tourists visiting the state?
      a) Gujarat            b) Rajasthan    c) Karnataka      d) West Bengal        e) None of these

30. Union Government has recently approved launch of Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (DUGJY) to provide access of electricity to rural households across the country.  Which of the following schemes merged with this scheme?
      a) Rajiv Gandhi Grammen Vidyuthikaran Yojana
      b) Indira Gandhi Grameen Vidyuthikaran Yojana
      c) Jawaharlal Nehru Grameen Vidyuthikaran Yojana
      d) Mahatma Gandhi Grameen Vidyuthikaran Yojana
      e) None of these

31. The Union Government has recently re-launched Kisan Vikas Patra scheme (KVP) to encourage the habit of small savings among the citizens.  KVP has a maturity period of how many years?
      a) 5 years and 6 months                            b) 10 years                   c) 8 years and 4 months       
      d) 7 years and 3 months                            e) None of these

32. India has signed five pacts on social security, transfer of sentenced prisoners, combating narcotics trade, tourism, and Arts and Culture with which of the following countries?
      a) Japan                 b) Australia            c) Nepal           d) Bhutan                        e) None of these

33. India and which of the following countries has recently signed an MoU to facilitate technical cooperation in Railway sector between the two countries?
      a) Japan                 b) Nepal          c) Republic of Korea             d) China          e) None of these

34. In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign, which of the following Ministries is planning to come up with a ‘Think in India’ drive to encourage students and researchers to come up with innovations and new ideas and to keep the talent back home from leaving abroad?
      a) Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
      b) Ministry of Science and Technology
      c) Ministry of Human Resource Development
      d) All of these
      e) None of these

35. According to a recent study, number of people online in India is forecast to touch 302 million by end of this year, overtaking which of the following countries as the second-largest Internet market in the world?
      a) China                 b) USA           c) UK              d) Saudi Arabia           e) None of these

36. Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir, the proposed tallest temple in the world, the foundation stone of which was recently laid by the President Pranab Mukherjee, is in which of the following states?
      a) Gujarat                                      b) Arunachal Pradesh                          c) Uttar Pradesh       
      d) West Bengal                             e) None of these

37. Sachin tendulkar, a Rajya Sabha MP, has adopted Puttamrajuvari Kandrika village under the ‘Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana’ programme.  This village is situated in which of the following states?
      a) Maharashtra                              b) West Bengal                                   c) Madhya Pradesh    
      d) Andhra Pradesh                     e) None of these

38. Which of the following states has reversed the retirement age of government employees from 60 to 58 years?
      a) Gujarat              b) Haryana     c) Andhra Pradesh      d) West Bengal           e) None of these

39. Which of the following global organizations has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to end open defection in India?
      1) WTO                             2) WASTE                              3) FINISH
      a) 1 and 2              b) 1 and 3        c) 2 and 3        d) 1, 2 and 3               e) None of these

40.Which of the following states has launched the Women Entrepreneurship Scheme 2014-15 to empower women and ensure their participation in the process of industrialization?
      a) Uttar Pradesh                          b) Madhya Pradesh                 c) Andhra Pradesh                 
      d) West Bengal                             e) None of these

41.Which of the following states has recently bagged India’s Best Project-2014 award for implementation of skill generation in the state for the benefit of youth?
      a) Kerala                b) Rajasthan       c) Arunachal Pradesh        d) Sikkim        e) None of these

42. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has coined the acronym for police forces across the country.  What is that acronym?
      a) SMART           b) START              c) MASTER                     d) FAST          e) None of these

43. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has flagged off first passenger train from Assam to which of the following states making that state on India’s railway map for the first time?
      a) Meghalaya       b) Mizoram         c) Sikkim          d) Arunachal Pradesh         e) None of above

44. Which of the following states has signed of MoU with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI) to promote Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in state?
      a) Andhra Pradesh                     b) Madhya Pradesh                 c) West Bengal           
      d) Gujarat                                      e) None of these

45. India has recently signed an MoU for cooperation in Oil and Gas sector for a period of five years with which of the following countries?
      a) Japan                 b) Thailand      c) Mozambique          d) China          e) None of these

46. Government has recently decided to decriminalize ‘attempt to suicide’ by scrapping it from the Indian Penal Code.  Under which section of the IPC does this comes?
      a) Section 350       b) Section 315             c) Section 314       d) Section 309      e) None of these

47. The trial run of the Guwahati- Shillong-Dhaka passenger bus service was recently flagged off.  Dhaka is the capital of which of the following countries?
      a) Pakistan             b) Nepal          c) Bhutan        d) Bangladesh            e) None of these

48. The Union Cabinet has approved Regional Rural Banks (Amendment) Bill, 2013.  This Bill seeks to amend which of the following act?
      a) Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) Act, 1975
      b) Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) Act, 1976
      c) Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) Act, 1979
      d) Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) Act, 1980
      e) None of these

49. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), chaired by the Prime Minister, has approved the creation of the intra state transmission system in which of the following states?
      a) Gujarat              b) Maharashtra            c) Bihar           d) Tamil Nadu           e) None of these

50. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has launched a book titled “Born Again on the Mountain” authored by whom of the followings?
      a) Tintu Luka                                             b) Arunima Sinha                            c) Anirban Lahiri 
      d) Aravind Adiga                                     e) None of these

51. Pakistan has signed a defence and military Cooperation agreement aimed at bringing peace and stability in the region with which of the following countries?
      a) China                 b) Russia                    c) Japan           d) Bangladesh                        e) None of these

52. Which of the following countries has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on bilateral Antarctic cooperation?
      a) China and Australia                           b) Russia and Australia           c) China and Russia   
      d) China and Vietnam                              e) None of these

53. China will play host to the Group of Twenty (G20) Summit of the emerging economies in 2016.  Which of the following countries will host this G20 summit in 2015?
      a) Australia            b) Turkey                   c) Japan              d) Russia                  e) None of these

54. Maldives has recently signed an MoU for a preliminary study of a proposed bridge connecting the international airport to Maldives capital Male with which of the following countries?
      a) Australia            b) Japan                       c) China             d) Russia                  e) None of these

55.Which of the following countries has announced to adopt the Euro VI emission standards for petrol vehicles from 2017?
      a) China                 b) Malaysia                  c) Singapore      d) Japan                    e) None of these

56. Which of the following countries has recently launched the new generation navigation satellite GLONASS-K?
      a) Russia               b) Japan                       c) China               d) Australia             e) None of these

57. First bio-Fuel powered bus has recently become operational in which of the following countries?
      a) Russia                b) US                           c) UK              d) China                      e) None of these

58. Which of the following cities of China has banned smoking in all indoor public spaces like workplaces and public transport vehicles?
      a) Beijing              b) Shanghai                 c) Hangzhou    d) Guangzhou             e) None of these

59. Which of the following countries has voted to ban commercial surrogacy?
      a) New Zealand                b) Australia                 c) Thailand          d) France    e) None of these

60. Which terrorist organizations of Pakistan has recently stormed the premises of the Army Public School in Peshawar and shot dead about 141 people, 132 of them students?
      a) Lashkar-e-Omar (LeO)                         b) Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)
      c) Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) d) Tehreek-e-Jaferia Pakistan (TJP)   
      e) None of these

61. Which of the following banks has recently won Custodian of the Year 2014 award?
      a) Standard Chartered bank          b) Deutsche Bank          c) Industrial & Commercial Bank  
      d) Royal Bank Canada                 e) None of these

62. Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has de-recognized which of the following exchanges on the allegations of serious irregularities in its functioning?
      a) Bombay Stock Exchange                      b) Delhi Stock Exchange (DSE)
      c) Bangalore Stock Exchange                   d) Chennai Stock Exchange              
      e) None of these

63. Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd (IREDA) has signed an MoU with respect to cooperation on clean energy investment with which of the following countries’ Export-Import (Exim) Bank?
      a) US                     b) UK              c) Japan           d) Russia                     e) None of these

64. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has increased RTGS (real time gross settlement) business hours on weekdays from 7.30 hours to how many hours?
      a) 8.30                   b) 9                  c) 10                d) 12                            e) None of these

65. RBI has asked banks to inform their customers about a fall in minimum balance well in advance.  The guidelines with respect to levying of penal charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance will be effective from?
      a) December 1, 2014                                 b) January 1, 2015                   c) February 28, 2015  
      d) April 1, 2015                                        e) None of these

66. Which of the following private sector banks has announced its plan to acquire ING Vysya Bank?
      a) Kotak Mahindra Bank                       b) ICICI Bank                        c) Axis Bank
      d) Federal bank                                         e) None of these

67. Which of the following tech giants has launched a new e-mail application named ‘Verse’ for businesses that integrate social media, file sharing and analytics to learn a user’s behavior and predict interactions with co-workers?
      a) Google              b) Yahoo         c) Accenture    d) IBM                        e) None of these

68. Which of the following states, apart from Kerala, has achieved 100% banking inclusion under the Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) according to the Union Finance Ministry?
      a) Mizoram            b) Goa             c) Delhi      d) Jammu & Kashmir       e) None of these

69. SEBI has allowed how many entities to set up Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), a newly created class of pooled-in investment vehicles for real estate, private equity and hedge funds- in less than two-and-half years?
      a) 120                    b) 121              c) 122              d) 123                          e) None of these

70. Which of the following company was named India’s biggest company according to Fortune 500 list of Indian companies for 2014 released recently?
      a) Reliance Industries                   b) Steel Authority of India     c) Bharat Petroleum   
      d) Indian Oil Corporation          e) None of these

71. RBI has decided to sell how many crore rupees government bonds through Open Market Operations (OMOs) to squeeze the liquidity in the market?  
      a) 1200 crore         b) 1500 crore               c) 1800 crore         d) 2000 crore        e) None of these

72. Nippon Life Insurance has recently announced to hike its stake in Anil Ambani-led Reliance Capital Asset Management (RCAM) from 26 percent to 49 percent.  Nippon Life Insurance is based in which of the following countries?
      a) Japan               b) China                      c) US               d) UK                          e) None of these

73. Mukesh Ambani led-Reliance Industries Limited(RIL) has announced to sell 49% stake in its iconic textile brand ‘Vimal’ to which of the following Chinese textile companies?
      a) Bosideng           b) Metersbonwe          c) Shandong Ruyi      d) Youngor     e) None of these

74. Delhi High Court has restrained which of the following Chinese mobile companies from importing and selling its mobile phones in India due to charges of patent infringement?
      a) Lenovo              b) Huawei                   c) Xiaomi        d) Ericsson                  e) None of these

75. YouTube has recently added an option to watch videos even when users are offline through its mobile application.  You Tube is owned by which of the following companies?
      a) Google              b) Microsoft                c) IBM             d) Yahoo                     e) None of these

76. Which of the following states has increased Value Added Tax (VAT) on petrol and diesel by 4 percent?
      a) Andhra Pradesh                        b) Madhya Pradesh  c) Gujarat        d) Karnataka   e) None of these

77. Which of the following banks has launched mobile banking facility ‘Bank Aap Ki Muththi Mein’ an initiative which turns a mobile phone into a bank branch?
      a) ICICI                b) HDFC                    c) SBI              d) Axis Bank               e) None of these

78. Which of the following telecom companies has sold over 1100 telecom towers in Zambia and Rwanda to HIS Holding?
      a) Bharti Airtel    b) Vodafone    c) Idea                         d) Reliance Infocomm                        e) None of these

79. The Reserve Bank of India has imposed monetary penalty on which of the following banks for violation of its instructions regarding norms on Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML)?
      a) ICICI Bank       b) Bank of Baroda      c) Axis Bank      d) Both a and b       e) None of these

80.  Which of the following companies has announced selling its multiplex business ‘BIG Cinemas’ to South India based carnival Group?
      a) Aditya Birla Group                               b)  Bharati Airtel                     c) Tata Group 
      d) Reliance Group                                   e) None of these

81. Which of the following countries has won the 2014 South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Women’s Championship held in Pakistan?
      a) Nepal                 b) India           c) Pakistan       d) Bangladesh             e) None of these

82. Who of the following was the co-owner of the Uttar Pradesh Wizards franchise in the Hero Hockey India League (HHIL)?
      a) Virat Kohli        b) Suresh Raina         c) Rohit Sharma          d) MS Dohni   e) None of these

83. Who of the following has won 2014 ATP World Tour finals held in UK, after Roger Federer withdrew from the title clash due to a back injury?
      a) Rafael Nadal                             b) Andy Murray                      c) Stanslas Wawrinka 
      d) Novak Djokovic                      e) None of these

84. Saina Nehwal has won the women’s singles title of China Open Badminton championship 2014, who of the following Indian has won the men’s single title of this tournament?
      a) Kidambi Srikanth                   b) Parupalli Kashyap               c) Sourabh Verma      
      d) R. M. V. Gurusaidutt               e) None of these
85. Which of the following cities has won the right to host the 2019 IAAF World Championships?
      a) London             b) Beijing                    c) Tokyo                      d) Doha          e) None of these

86. Who of the following Indian cricketer has recently received the prestigious BCCI-instituted Colonel C K Nayudu Lifetime achievement award?
      a) Kapil Dev                                  b) Dilip Vengsarkar              c) Rahul Dravid         
      d) VVS Laxman                           e) None of these

87. Justice Mukul Mudgal Committee, which investigated the allegations of spot fixing and betting in the 2013 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), has given a clean chit to whom of the following?
      a) Gurunath Meiyappan                b) Raj Kundra                         c) S Sreeshanth          
      d) N. Srinivasan                           e) None of these

88. Indian Cyclist Deborah has won four gold medals at the Track Asia Cup cycling Championship 2014 held in which of the following cities of India?
      a) Pune                  b) Delhi           c) Mumbai       d) Bangalore               e) None of these

89. Magnus Carlsen has won FIDE World Chess Championship 2014 held at Sochi, Russia.  He is related to which of the following countries?
      a) Norway                        b) Indonesia    c) Japan           d) South Korea           e) None of these
90. Indian Women Boxers Sarjubala Devi and Saweety have recently won Silver medals at the 8th World Women’s Boxing Championships 2014 held in which of the following countries?
      a) Japan                 b) South Korea          c) Indonesia    d) Nepal          e) None of these

91. Who of the following has recently won the Formula One world championship 2014?
      a) Sebastian Vettel                        b) Nico Rosberg                      c) Lewis Hamilton    
      d) Fernando Alonso                      e) None of these

92. Which of the following countries has recently won the Hockey Champions Trophy 2014?
      a) Germany          b) Pakistan      c) Australia                  d) India           e) None of these

93. Renaud Lavillenie and Olympic shot put champion Valerie Adams were recently named World Athletes of the Year 2014 at an IAAF World Athletics gala held in Monaco.  Renaud Lavillenie is related to which of the following sports?
      a) Shot Put                                                b) Triple Jump                         c) Marathon Running 
      d) Pole Vault                                e) None of these

94. Who of the following has become the first Indian Footballer to be conferred with Asian football Confederation (AFC) Hall of Fame Award?
      a) Baichung Bhutia                     b) Sunil Chetri                         c) Mahesh Gawli        
      d) I.M.Vijayan                              e) None of these

95. Who of the following has won 2014 Macau Open Grand Prix Gold Badminton Title?
      a) PV Sindhu                               b) Sania Nehwal                      c) Prakash Padukone  
      d) Jwala Gutta                              e) None of these

96. Who of the following Boxer has received his Arjuna Award from Sports Minister after winning a High Court case?
      a) Vijendar Singh                          b) Manoj Kumar                   c) Akhil Kumar          
      d) Jitender Kumar                         e) None of these

97. Who of the following has been chosen the new head coach of Indian Premier League team Mumbai Indians?
      a) Mathew Hayden                       b) Adam Gilchrist                   c) Ricky Ponting       
      d) Michael Beven                          e) None of these

98. Boxer Sarita Devi has finally received her Asian Games bronze medal which she had refused at controversial circumstances where were the Asian Games 2014 held at?
      a) Sochi, Russia                             b) New Delhi, India                c) Incheon, South Korea      
      d) Beijing, China                           e) None of these

99. Ding Junhui has becomes the first Asian player to take the world number one snooker ranking.  He is related from which of the following countries?
      a) South Korea                  b) Japan           c) Thailand      d) China         e) None of these

100. Virat Kohli has become only the second player in the history of Test Match cricket to score twin centuries on captaincy debut with his knocks of 115 and 141 in the two innings of first Test against Australia.  Who of the following was the first player?
      a) Vivian Richards                        b) Sunil Gavaskar                    c) Greg chappell       
      d) Rahul Dravid                            e) None of these

1. d        2.b       3.c       4.c       5.d       6.a       7.c       8.a       9.c     10.a     11.d     12.d    
13.b      14.c     15.c     16.b     17.a     18.d     19.b     20.b     21.a     22.b     23.c     24.c    
25.b      26.d     27.a     28.d     29.a     30.a     31.c     32.b     33.c     34.c     35.b     36.c    
37.d      38.b     39.d     40.a     41.c     42.a     43.a     44.a     45.c     46.d     47.d     48.b    
49.d      50.b     51.b     52.a     53.b     54.c     55.c     56.a     57.c     58.a     59.c     60.b    
61.b      62.b     63.a     64.d     65.d     66.a     67.d     68.b     69.d     70.d     71.d     72.a    
73.c     74.c     75.a     76.b     77.b     78.a     79.d     80.d     81.b     82.b     83.d     84.a    
85.d      86.b     87.d     88.b     89.a     90.b     91.c     92.a     93.d     94.a     95.a     96.b                
97.c      98.c     99.d     100.c

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