Summer brings with it mangoes, breathtaking skyscapes, lazy Sunday afternoon movie sessions and the joys of vacationing with family and friends. But no amount of focusing on the beauty of summer can take away from the havoc that the blazing sun inflicts on our moods and bodies. The sweating, dehydration, short tempers, chaotic traffic and prickly heat leave us with frayed nerves and a sense of lethargy and stagnation. I keep hearing of waning mental energy and tiredness from a lot of people, even the ones who live, work and drive around in air-conditioned spaces. One must realise that living in an air-conditioned environment dehydrates the body as much being out in the sun does.
Seventy per cent of our body is water, and most of our bodily functions, including brain function, are dependent on the presence of life-giving water. Replenishing body fluids with a steady intake of water is important to maintain homeostasis or equilibrium in the body.
A focused 20-30 minute exercise routine releases toxins, drains lymph and boosts metabolism. It is important to do all these small activities so that we maintain some amount of good cheer and mental balance throughout the day. Our bodies are made to weather through most environmental conditions and here is how yoga can help you achieve the same.
Vitality Boosting Routine (To be done early in the morning upon waking up. Pregnant women in their first trimester, those who suffer from hernias, diarrhoea and heat strokes should not do this.)
Sit with your eyes closed and your back well-supported. Just take care that you don’t slouch.
Keep your chest open and bring your chin parallel to the ground.
Let your body relax and allow your breath to slow down naturally.
Deep Abdominal Breathing
Close your eyes.
Inhale deeply to expand your stomach like a balloon. Then, draw your belly in and exhale.
Repeat this ten times.
Simplified Surya Bedha Pranayama (Vitality Enhancing Breath)
Cover your left nostril with your ring finger.
Inhale deeply through your right nostril.
Cover the right nostril using your thumb, hold your breath and gently bring your chin down to your chest. Hold for two counts.Lift the chin up and exhale through your left nostril. This is one round. Repeat 10 times.