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MY CHOICE-- CONTROVERSY about the short film -- for essay writing


It happened last week when a short video called My Choice was released on YouTube. All hell broke loose. This was not the first time a piece of work had been criticised. But, everything about the merciless attack against the video was immensely disturbing.
The video is certainly not without flaws. A phrase such as ‘sex outside of marriage’ cannot be so loosely used where it would seem as if infidelity is being glorified, agreed. The particular tone with which the script was delivered could seem defensive, agreed. However, as far as calling it ‘anti-men’ is concerned, I fail to see any part of the video that meant stripping men of their choices. I respect men and I believe in equal rights for all genders. But since when is a reminder about choices of one gender inversely proportional to the choices of another?
As far as the accusation of misleading young women is concerned, the video does not preach that women must come home late, that they must wear skimpy clothes, that they must not marry or have children, that they must have extra-marital affairs. It simply reminds us that a woman must not be tied down and made to do anything simply because of her gender. It talks about choices that are still a taboo for many, simply because they are women.
I certainly do not support fraudulent cases of abuse against men. It is important to understand, though, that neither do abuse against men negate the abuse on women nor does the fight against each stand against one another. They are both equally pertinent issues that need solutions.
It is not the only one, but to have a say about one’s body and sex life is an inevitable part of empowerment. The choice of everything related to one’s body is up to that particular individual – man, woman or transgender; straight, homosexual or bisexual. They spoke for women in this video but that does not make it mutually exclusive to the freedom of others.
No educational degree or financial comfort would hold much ground if one is forced to surrender the most basic of human rights – the right to one’s own body. The few who have access to education and can assert financial freedom do not necessarily have freedom of choices related to their bodies ranging from marriage to motherhood to clinical advices and treatments, even. There are several aspects to empowerment and all of them go hand-in-hand. None of them is dispensable. Why pit one against the other?
I shall wait to be shunned for drawing such a parallel. But, the ones who will strive to think before throwing a fist will realize that the point is that the WLM did not just happen one fine day. Several little reminders empowered them to consistently fight for what was rightfully theirs.
Sadly, this is only one of the examples of the epidemic of an unrelentingly sadistic disease contracted by the online world. Truth is, this video is one of the many creative expressions about one very important aspect of empowerment.
Agree or disagree with, even misunderstand the style of expression but that will not change the need for it.
Let us discuss everything for a better future for all of us. Would it be too much to hope, though, to do so with respect?
This could change. If we make as much effort to understand as we do to disagree. If we try to understand that the basic idea is to co-exist. Couldn’t we all benefit from this? Could we try to resuscitate respect?
Could we restore it where it belongs – in our character?

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