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Test-I: General Awareness
1.         A panel headed by Parthasarathi Sahome submitted its recommendation recently. Which of the following is NOT correct with respect to these recommendations?
a) The post of revenue secretary should be abolished as part of needed reforms in the tax administration.
b) The Central Board of Direct Taxes and the Central Board of Excise and Customs should be merged to achieve efficiencies.
c) A separate budget allocation to ensure time-bond tax refund and a passbook scheme for tax Deduction at Source.
d) Develop PAN as a common business identification number to be used by other govt departments also.
e) The retrospective amendments to tax laws should be adopted to avoid tax losses.
2.         Who among the following leading Indian software exporters has become the world’s third largest employer of people in the IT sector, with over 3 lakh employees? At the present pace it is all set to become the second largest employer in IT sector only behind IBM this year.
a) Infosys           b) Wipro        c) TCS        d) HCL        e) Tech Mahindra
3.         Through which of the following tools do banks park excess liquidity with the Reserve Bank of India?
a) Term repo      b) Reverse term repo       c) Bank rate      d) LAF       
e) None of these
4.         The then Finance Minister P Chidambaram had asked the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to double its lending capacity to $20 bn a year at the annual meeting of ADB in Astana, Kazakhstan. What has been the annual lending capacity of ADB under Ordinary Capital Resources for the past five years?
a) $4-5 bn       b) $6-7 bn       c) $8-9 bn        d) $10-11 bn         e) $12-13 bn
5.         The new Indian capital market regulations provides for all existing overseas investor classes to register now as FPIs to invest in Indian markets.  What does the letter ‘P’ denotes in the term FPI?
a) Participatory      b) Portfolio       c) Preferred         d) Priority           e) Periodic
6.         In which of the following countries has a powerful Congressional committee sought a classified briefing on technologies that are currently being considered for transfer or export to India from that country?
a) Russia     b) France       c) US        d) UK         e) None of these
7.         Which of the following is NOT a Banking/Finance-related term?
a) CAR        b) Bank rate          c) SAR         d) SLR        e) None of these
8.         Who among the following provides short-term credit limits to state Cooperative Banks against pledge of Govt securities for financing seasonal agriculture operations?
a) RBI        b) NABARD         c) Ministry of Finance    d) Ministry of Agriculture
e) None of these
9.         The capital market regulator, Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi), raised the minimum net worth criteria of asset management companies from Rs.10 cr to what amount earlier this year?
a) Rs.20 cr           b) Rs.30 cr            c) Rs.40 cr          d) Rs.50 cr             e) Rs.70 cr
10.       Which of the following panels set up by the RBI on credit information has recommended that a copy of their credit profile should be provided to customers for free?
a) Deepak Parekh Panel         b) Shikha Sharma Panel         c) Aditya Puri Panel
d) Chanda Kochhar Panel       e) Pratip Chaudhuri Panel

11.       What is the full form of SEFIO?
a) Systematic Fraud Investigation Office          
b) Securities Fraud Investigation Office
c) Server Fraud Investigation Office                  
d) Serious Fraud Investigation Office
e) None of these
12.       Industry body SIAM is associated with which of the following industries? Its recently released data shows an increase in the sales in the industry which was facing slowdown for a long time.
a) Software                 b) Automobiles          c) Textiles                   d) Shipping     
e) None of these
13.       The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has simplified KYC norms for opening of bank accounts recently. Which of the following statements is/are correct in this regard?
a) A bank account can be opened with just one address proof.
b) Customers may submit either current or permanent address proof while opening a bank account or while undergoing periodic updation.
c) In cases where customer is not able to furnish local proof of address, the bank may the banks take a declaration of the local address on which all correspondence will be made by the bank with the customer.
d) All the above
e) Only (a) and (b)
14.       The Govt is considering which of the following measures to help sugar mill owners in the country?
a) Extra Rs.4,400-cr interest-free loans to sugar mills
b) Hiking sugar import duty from 15 per cent to 100 per cent to curb cheap imports
c) Increasing ethanol blending in petrol to 10 per cent as an effort to improve the liquidity of mills
d) All the above
e) Only (a) and (c)
15.       The market regulator Sebi is likely to tweak Initial Public Offering (IPO) norms to boost retail participation. As per the current regulation, a company has to divest at least what per cent of its stake through the IPO if its valuation is below 4,000 cr?
a) 50 per cent              b) 40 per cent              c) 30 per cent              d) 25 per cent
e) 15 per cent
16.       Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has been appointed on the Board of Governors of Asian Development Bank (ADB). Founded in 1966, the multilateral funding agency aims to improve people’s lives in Asia and the Pacific and is headquartered at
a) Manila                    b) Kuala Lumpur                    c) Tokyo         d) Jakarta        
e) None of these
17.       Who among the following has been appointed as the new revenue secretary recently?
a) RR Wattal                           b) Ravi Mathur                       c) GS Sandhu
d) Shaktikanta Das                 e) None of these
18.       An industrial accident took place recently in SAIL’s steel plant, killing six persons and affecting several others in which of the following cities? Possibly a composition of deadly methane and carbon monoxide leaked from the plant, causing the fatal accident.
a) Jamshedpur                        b) Paradeep                 c) Bhilai          d) Rourkela
e) None of these
19.       Vishal Sikka was appointed as the chief executive officer (CEO) of which of the following leading software exporters in India recently?
a) Wipro           b) Infosys         c) TCS       d) Tech Mahindra           e) None of these
20.       A panel of Cabinet ministers of which of the following countries recently voted unanimously to reject the 3.2-bn-dollar Hidro Aysen mega-project planned to be built on Baker and Pascua rivers? The dams were to come up in the environmentally sensitive Patagonia region.
a) Bolivia                    b) Argentina               c) Peru            d) Brazil           e) Chile
21.       The total value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a particular year, plus income earned by its citizens (including income of those located abroad), minus income of non-residence located in that country, is called
a) GDP            b) GNP            c) PPP             d) GNI             e) None of these
22.       Name plant scientist who won the USD 250,000 World Food Prize for his contribution in increasing global wheat production by more than 200 mn tonnes in the years following the Green Revolution?
a) Gebisa Ejeta                      b) Daniel Hillel                      c) Robert Fraley
d) Sanjaya Rajaram                e) None of these
23.       The public sector thermal and hydro power generation company NTPC has sought lifiting of embargo on Lata Tapovan project work. The project was to come up in which of the following states?
a) Himachal Pradesh              b) Sikkim                    c) Arunachal Pradesh
d) Jammu & Kashmir             e) Uttarakhand
24.       The Bangalore-based GMR Infrastructure won the arbitration proceedings initiated against the govt of which of the following countries after the latter had unilaterally cancelled the $500-mn contract given to GMR?
a) Sri Lanka                b) Maldives                c) Myanmar                d) Malaysia
e) None of these
25.       As per the latest data released by the Swiss National Bank (SNB), Switzerland’s central banking authority, Indian money is Swiss banks has risen to over
a) Rs.14,000 cr                       b) Rs.19,000 cr                       c) Rs.22,000 cr
d) Rs.34,000 cr                                   e) None of these
26.       The Chinese govt has published a white paper on Hong Kong that stresses its authority over the territory. Hong kong was handed over to China on 1 Jul 1997 by
a) UK              b) Germany                 c) Russia                     d) France            e) None of these
27.       Who among the following is NOT associated with day-to-day functioning of the Reserve Bank of India?
a) R Gandhi                b) Urjit R Patel          c) HR Khan     d) KC Chakrabatry
e) None of these  
28.       India has emerged as a major player in the global agriculture market. The agriculture sector accounted for about what per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2013?
a) 8 per cent                b) 10 per cent              c) 12 per cent          d) 14 per cent        
e) None of these
29.       Which of the following gases in NOT a Greenhouse Gas? The greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming.
a) Methane                  b) Nitrous Oxide                     c) CFC-12       d) Carbon Dioxide
e) None of these 
30.       Which of the following is/are the feature(s) of the ambitious Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) programme launched by the govt?
a) It aims at enhancing the livelihood security of people in rural areas.
b) It guarantees hundred days of wage employment in a financial year to do unskilled manual work.
c) It provides for medical care of up to 30,000 per family per year in any of the empanelled hospitals.
d) Only (a) and (b)
e) Only (b) and (c)
31.       Which of the following is a path-breaking initiative by the Union Govt and the Indian Banks ‘Association aimed at bringing the underprivileged segments of Indian population into the formal banking fold for the first time?
a) Ek Nayi Shuruat                 b) Swavalamban                     c) Antyodaya Yojana
d) Swabhimaan                       e) None of these
32.       The Union Govt is considering amending the Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) Act. Under the Act the farmers can sell their produce only to who among the following?
a) Retailers                             b) Consumers             c) Traders and Middlemen
d) Local hawker’s                   e) None of these
33.       What does letter ‘A’ denote in the term LAF?
a) Advance                  b) Adjustment            c) Adequacy                d) Availability
e) None of these
34.       Which among the following is a savings bank account opened with a commercial bank with zero or very minimal balance?
a) Current Account                 b) Call Deposit                       c) No Frill Account
d) Deposit Account                e) None of these
35.       Which of the following statements is are correct with respect to the warship INS Vikramaditya Commissioned into the Indian Navy recently?
a) The 44,500-tonnes aircraft carrier carries 1,500 personnel.
b) With her complete stock of provisions, she is capable of sustaining herself at sea for about 90 days.
c) It is a modified Kiev-class aircraft carrier which was purchased by India from Russia for over Rs.15,000 cr.
d) All the above
e) Only (a) and (c)
36.       Militant separatist group ISIS is in news for its recent activities in which of the following countries?
a) Iraq             b) Iran             c) Libya          d) Nigeria          e) None of these
37.       Which of the following institutions has been set up with an aim to boost overall rural development in India?
a) SIDBI          b) IDBI            c) NABARD   d) SEBI           e) None of these
38.       Which of the following Acts regulates banks operating in India?
a) Reserve Bank of India Act                         b) Banking Regulation Act
c) Companies Act                                           d) State Bank of India Act
e) None of these
39.       The State Govt transactions are carried out by the RBI. As of now, such agreements exist between RBI and all the State Govts except
a) Govt of Manipur                b) Govt of Sikkim                  c) Got of Tripura
d) Govt of Nagaland               e) None of these
40.       KYC is an acronym for “know Your Customer”, a term used for customer identification process.  For the purpose of KYC who among following are the ‘Customers of the bank’ as per the RBI norms?
a) A person or entity that maintains an account and/or has a business relationship with the bank.
b) One on whose behalf the account is maintained (ie the beneficial owner).
c) Any person or entity connected with a financial transaction which can pose significant reputational or other risks to the bank.
d) All the above
e) Only (a) and (b)
41.       Which of the following agencies/organisations is responsible for compilation of data on Industrial production in India?
a) Central Statistics Office                            b) National Development Council
c) National Testing Lab                                 d) Department of Commerce, GoI
e) None of these
42.       Which of the following will NOT be accepted by the bank as a valid proof of address for an individual?
a) Telephone bill       
b) Bank account statement                
c) PAN Card
d) Letter from any recognized public authority
e) Electricity bill
43.      When we opt for a loan, generally the bank offers to repay the amount in Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs). EMIs comprise
a) Only the principal             
b) Only the interest   
c) both principal and interest
d) Only interest for half the loan tenure and then both principal and interest
e) None of these
44.       The shareholders approved the re-appointment of Rana Kapoor as managing director and CEO of which of the following private sector banks operating in India recently?
a) YES Bank                           b) Federal Bank          c) Axis Bank
d) Kotak Mahindra Bank      e) None of these
45.       The Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the bilateral relations between India and which of the following countries as ‘B2B’ recently? The first ‘B’ stands for Bharat in the term B2B.
a) Bangladesh             b) Bhutan        c) Belarus       d) Brazil         e) None of these
46.       We often read about performance of core sector in financial newspapers. While talking about Core sector, which of the following is NOT considered?
a) Electricity               b) Textiles                  c) Crude Oil                d) Fertilizers     
e) Natural Gas
47.       A statement that summarises an economy’s transactions with the rest of the world for a specified time period, is called
a) Gross National Income                  b) Balance sheet                     c) Balance of trade
d) Balance of payments                      e) None of these
48.       After suppression of Russia from the powerful G-8 group the 2014 summit scheduled to be held in Sochi was cancelled. Thereafter G7 meeting was held on Jun 4-5 in which of the following cities?
a) Frankfurt                b) Rome          c) Brussels                  d) Hague      
e) None of these
49.       Which of the following is NOT non-tax revenue of the Govt of India?
a) Aid from the US                             b) Dividends and profits       
c) Loans or other borrowings                         d) Revenue from sale of state assets       
e) Union excise duties
50.       As we read in financial newspapers, services sector contribute greatly in the country’s economy. Which of the following comes under services sector?
a) Construction           b) Banking                  c) Mining       d) Food processing     
e) None of these
51.       Who among the following is one of the four deputy governors of the Reserve Bank of India?
a) R Gandhi                b) DK Mohanty         c) P Vijaya Bhaskar                
d) B Mahapatra           e) G Padmanabhan
52.       Expand the term TARC.
a) Trade Administration Reform Commission
b) Territorial Administration Reform Commission
c) Tiered Administration Reform Commission
d) Tax Administration Reform Commission
e) None of these
53.       What does the term ‘SHG’ denote? It is the short form of a popular women empowerment
a) Shree Health Group            b) Small Housing Group        c) Street Hawkers’ Group
d) Self Help Group                 e) None of these
54.       Which the following loans is NOT part of the loans to micro and small enterprises?
a) Loans for software development                           b) Loans to small business
c) Loans to small road transport operators                d) All the above
e) None of these
55.       India became a permanent member of Washington Accord (WA) recently. WA is an International agreement with the charter of promoting mobility and quality assurance of which of the following across international boundaries?
a) Engineers                b) Doctors                   c) Nurses         d) Software developers    
e) None of these
56.       The delivery of financial services at affordable costs to sections of disadvantaged and low-income segments of society is known as
a) financial exclusion             b) financial inclusion             c) financial stability
d) poverty alleviation             e) None of these
57.       Star series banknotes refer to which of the following?
a) Currency notes with defective printing
b) Banknotes with an asterisk printed on them
c) Banknotes used to replace defectively printed banknotes
d) Banknotes used to replace old banknotes
e) None of these
58.       Open Market Operation (OMOs) are among the measures taken by the RBI to control credit expansion in the economy. OMOs mean
a) Auction of precious metals
b) Sale or purchase of short-or-long-term govt securities
c) Issuance of different types of bonds
d) Facilitating direct finance to borrowers
e) None of these
59.       Which of the following pairs of international institutions and their heads is NOT correctly matched?
a) World Bank – Jim Young Kim                  b) IMF – Christine Lagarde   
c) ADB -  Haruhiko Kuroda                           d) UN – Ban KI-moon         
e) None of these
60.       Which of the following banks is NOT insured by the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC)?
a) Branches of foreign banks functioning in India
b) Local area banks and regional rural banks
c) Primary cooperative societies     
d) Private sectors banks    
e) None of these
61.       Which of the following does the DICGC insure in the event of a bank failure?
a) Deposits of foreign Govts              b) Deposits of Central/State Govts
c) Inter-bank deposits         
d) Deposits of the State Land Development Banks with the State Cooperative banks.
e) None of these
62.       The Banking Ombudsman is senior official who redresses customer complaints against Ombudsman is appointed by
a) the Reserve Bank of India              b) the Finance Ministry      
c) the Governor of the state               d) the High court of the state     
e) None of these
63.       A Banking Ombudsman will not entertain a complaint if the compensation sought by the complainant is beyond
a) Rs.2 lakh                 b) Rs.5 lakh          c) Rs.10 lakh         d) Rs.20 lakh          
e) Rs.50 lakh
64.       Who among the following is the present President of the World Bank?
a) Margaret Chan       b) Robert Zoellick     c) Ophelia Dahl      d) Jim Yong Kim    
e) Paul Farmer
65.       While participating in some international organisations and international events, the name Chinese Taipei is used by
a) Taiwan       b) Hong Kong             c) Tibet           d) Mongolia        e) None of these
66.       What is the meaning of a scheduled bank?
a) The bank incorporated under the Banking Companies Act 1956
b) The bank authorized to do banking functions
c) The bank included in the Second Schedule of the RBI Act 1934
d) The bank functioning under the provisions of the Bank Regulation Act 1949
e) None of these
67.       As per the provision of the RBI Act, what is the highest-denomination banknote that the Central bank can issue?
a) Rs.1000                   b) Rs.2000                  c) Rs.5000                   d) Rs.10000       
e) Rs.20000
68.       Which of the following is NOT a negotiable instrument?
a) National Savings Certificate         b) Promissory note          c) Bill of exchange
d) Demand draft                                 e) Cheque
69.       One of the primary functions of the RBI is to control the supply as well as the cost of credit in the country. One of the tools it uses for the purpose is Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR). Which of the following statements is/are NOT correct about CRR?
a) Under CRR a certain percentage of the total bank deposits has to be kept in the current account with the RBI.
b) Banks do not earn anything on the money parked under CRR.
c) Banks are allowed to lend the money parked under CRR to individual borrowers but not to commercial borrowers.
d) The current CRR is 4 per cent.
e) None of these
70.       A market where investors purchase securities or assets from issuing companies themselves, is known as
a) Primary Market                 b) Secondary Market              c) Tertiary Market  
d) Services Market                             e) None of these
71.       According to a paper published recently in the journal Climate Dynamics, the Indus basin is projected to warm with average temperatures set to increase by around __________ by 2080.
a) 0.5° C          b) 1° C            c) 2° C             d) 3° C            e) 4° C
72.       Under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme, all resident individuals, including minors, are allowed to freely remit up to USD 125,000 per financial year. Remittances directly or indirectly to which of the following countries is NOT allowed under the scheme?
a) Sri Lanka       b) Afghanistan      c) China       d) Bhutan      e) None of these
73.       Gilt funds are mutual fund schemes floated by asset management companies (AMCs) with exclusive investments in
a) Govt securities                   b) Blue-chip companies      c) Foreign market
d) IT companies                      e) None of these
74.       Some Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) are said to be systemically important NBFCs. For being a systemically important NBFC, its asset size as per last audited balance sheet should be __________ or more.
a) Rs.100 cr                b) Rs.200 cr                c) Rs.500 cr                d) Rs.1000 cr     
e) None of these
75.       Which of the following is NOT correct with respect to Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR), tool used by the RBI?
a) It is the amount a commercial bank needs to maintain in the form of cash or gold or govt approved securities (Bonds) before providing credit to its customers.
b) It is determined and maintained by the RBI in order to control the expansion of bank credit.
c) The RBI can ensure the solvency of a commercial bank with SLR.
d) The RBI compels is the commercial banks to lend to priority sector through SLR.
e) None of these
76.       What is the maximum number of the ‘Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account’ that an individual can maintain with a bank?
a) One                         b) Two                        c) Three                      d) Five           
e) Any number of accounts
77.       What is India’s ranking in the latest annual ranking of the Global Peace Index?
a) 161st           b) 154th           c) 143rd            d) 134th           e) None of these
78.       Which of the following industrial groups in India has announced to invest Rs.1.8 lakh cr ($30 bn) across business over the next three years with an aim to break into the Fortune 50 club?
a) Tata Group             b) RIL             c) Bharti Airtel           d) Essar Group   
e) None of these
79.       Sri Lankan parliament overwhelmingly voted not to allow which of the following recently?
a) Voting rights to the minority Tamil community
b) The foreign assistance in building infrastructure in devastated Tamil-majority areas
c) The UNHRC team into the country to investigate alleged human rights abuses during the last phase of the civil war against the LITE
d) Opening up different sectors of country’s economy to the foreign direct investment (FDI)
e) None of these
80.       The capital markets regulator SEBI cleared a slew of reforms recently. Which of the following is NOT among these reforms?
a) It has made it mandatory for all listed PSUs to have at least 25 per cent public share holding within three years.
b) It proposed easing of the Offer For Sale (OFS) norms wherein retail investors would be provided with 10 per cent reservation.
c) Non-promoters with more than 10 per cent stake in the company would be allowed to tap the OFS route.
d) It has asked not to share KYC (Know Your Client) information with entities regulated by other financial-sector watchdogs.

e) None of these

1. e                  2. c                 3. b                 4. d                 5. b    
6. c                 7. c                 8. b                 9. d                 10.c    
11. d               12. b               13. d                           14. e                            15. d  
16. a               17. d               18. c               19. b               20. e       
21. b               22. d               23. e                24. b               25. a    
26. a               27. d               28. d               29. e                            30. d    
31. d               32. c               33. b               34. c               35. e
36. a               37. c               38. b               39. b               40. d     
41. a                           42. c               43. c               44. a               45. b      
46. b               47. d               48. c               49. e                50. b     
51. a               52. d               53. d               54. a                           55. a                     
56. b               57. c               58. b               59. c               60. c     
61. e                62. a               63. c               64. d               65. a      
66. c                           67. d               68. a               69. c               70. b      
71. e                72. d               73. a               74. a               75. d     
76. a               77. c               78. b               79. c               80. d    

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