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·       India’s Largest Producer of fertilizers- IFFCO
·       The bank which launched the “Corp Bullion Plus” scheme for sale of gold for domestic and export purposes-Corporation Bank.
·       World Coconut Day-September 2.
·       The Sector in which Govt. to launch Rs.1000 Crore Venture Capital fund to support Start-Ups-Pharmaceuticals.
·       The state which has bagged the maximum number of cities under Smart City Category-Uttar Pradesh (12) followed by Maharashtra (10).
·       The bank which has raised Rs.2000 Crore through sale of bonds to boost lending and meet capital needs-HDFC Bank.
·       Chairman of SEBI Reconstituted Takeover Panel for seeking exemption from the mandatory open offer-Justice NK Sodhi.
·       10 new entrants of Indian Heritage on Google Cultural Institute including-Heritage Transport Museum, Gurgaon.
·       Chairman of the Banking Codes and Standards Board of India-AC Mahajan.
·       The Country whose Banking Regulator injected 60 billion Yuan ($9.4 billion) into the inter-bank money market through short term liquidity operations-China.
·       The Richest Temple of the world is to benefit the Gold Monetisation Scheme-Balaji Temple Tirupati.
·       The Bank whose Base Rate is the Lowest in the Banking Industry-HDFC Bank (9.35%).
·       The Banks which have been designated “As too big to fail” by RBI-SBI and ICICI Bank.
·       The Airline whose new CMD Aswani Lohani has been appointed-Air India.
·       The Award which Whistle-Blower Bureaucrat Sanjay Chaturvedi has been conferred-Ramon Magsaysay Award.
·       The Commission which recommended abolishing death penalty for all crimes other than terrorism-related one-Law Commission of India.
·       The country which celebrated its 58th National Day commemorating the independence from British colonial rule-Malaysia.
·       Countries whose cricket test series to be held in November will be known as “Mahatma Gandhi-Nelson Mandela Series”-India-South Africa
·       The Commission whose recommendations on MAT have been accepted by the Government- AP Shah Panel.
·       The State which has decided to form Farmers’ Public Limited Company to provide linkage of national markets to the local produce-Goa
·       The units for which the Govt. has launched five common facility centres in West Bengal, Assam and Bihar- Small Jute Handicrafts.
·       The Activity which the Govt. has decided to recognize as a “Sports Discipline” and placed it in the “Priority Category”-Yoga.
·       The Regulator for which the Govt. has notified to be merged on September 28 with SEBI-Forward Markets Commission.
·       The country which is major player in the world by having 10 out of 13 “Root Servers” in Global Internet Governance-USA.
·       The latest communication satellite has been successfully positioned in its orbit slot-GSAT-6.
·       The government has appointed Ramesh Chand to become the 3rd Full- time member after Bibek Debroy and VK Saraswat in-Niti Aayog.
·       India has been ranked at the bottom 37 out of 38 globally on inclusive growths and development parameters-World Economic Forum report.
·       The State where 10th World Hindi Summit was held on 10-12 September-Madhya Pradesh.
·       The country which scraps dividend tax for long-term investors-China.
·       Forbes Asia’s 9th list of philanthropists features 7 Indians including- Three Infosys co-founders.
·       The route through which about four Lakh people crossed in 2015 seeking refuge in Europe-Mediterranean Route.
·       The Scheme which the Government has approved for development of plants in the country-National offshore Wind Energy policy.
·       The Regulator on whose recommendations the government has allowed Spectrum Trading-TRAI.
·       The State where households owning mobile phones enjoy 30% higher level of economic prosperity compared with non-mobile-owning Kerala.
·       The country which is the Best Place in the World to live for those aged 60 and over-Switzerland
·       68 years after independence, Pakistan’s Supreme Court has ordered the Government to implement Urdu as-Country’s Official Language.
·       The country which plans to allow foreign central banks enter into its inter-bank currency market-China.
·       Union HRD Ministry for promotion of a national apprenticeship scheme has launched-National Web Portal
·       Union Commerce Ministry to reach out to new and potential exporters has launched-Online Certification Programme.
·       The country whose rating has been downgraded to “Junk Grade” by S&P-Brazil
·       India’s Billionaire Brigade has doubled in three years and Mukesh Ambani continues for the fourth year as-Richest Indian.
·       The currency notes which has topped the Demand Chart of India-Rs.500 Note.
·       The Exchange whose CEO has been charged with embezzlement by Japanese Prosecutors- Biticoin Exchange.
·       As per Hurum India Rich List 2015, the woman who has topped the Rich List in India-Indu Jain followed by Savitri Jindal
·       The Venture Capital Fund for which the Industry veterans have teamed up, to launch exclusively for-Women Entrepreneurs.
·       The Most Powerful Business-woman -Mary Barra of General Motors (First) followed by Indra Nooyi of Pepsi Co.(2nd)
·       The State in India where China seeks Government help to build Mega Township-Haryana.
·       The countries which have agreed to remove import duties on close to half the goods traded between them under RCEP Pact-India and China.
·       The State which ranked First in “Ease of Doing Business”-Gujarat followed by Andhra Pradesh
·       The country which has got the 5th Prime Minister in 8 years-Australia.
·       The Nation whose Constituent Assembly has rejected the State as “Hindu State” and reaffirmed to remain as a “Secular Nation”-Nepal
·       The country which has been ranked on the top in emerging economies in fall of Foreign Exchange Reserves in August-China followed by Indonesia, Malaysia and India.
·       The Institute which has been ranked 15th in India in the “Financial Times Masters in Management Rankings 2015”-IIM-Ahmedabad.
·       The Place which has the World’s highest Cricket Stadium (At an altitude of 1457 metre above sea-level) with the 20, 000 seating capacity-Dharmsala (HP) in India.
·       Global Magazine Fortune shows in the list of Most Powerful Woman Banker on the Top-Chanda Kochar.
·       The project which has been marked the formal linking of the two rivers on 15th September-Krishna-Godavari Linking Project.
·       In Equity Category, R.Jankiraman and Roshi Jain of Franklin Templeton Investments have been on the Top of the-BS Fund Managers of the Year.
·       In Debt category, Santosh Kamath and Kunal Aggarwal of Franklin Templeton have been on the Top of the-BS Fund Managers of the Year.
·       First time in history of QS World University Rankings, two Indian Institutes have entered in top 200 list-Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and IIT, Delhi.
·       The scheme under which drought-hit districts to get 50 more days of work under-MGNREGA
·       The scheme which the Govt. has announced to develop 300 rural clusters, each with a population of about 50000-Rurban Scheme.
·       The World Body which has called for Special Court to prosecute Sri Lankan forces and Tamil Tiger rebels who committed war crimes-United Nations.
·       New digital money service which has been unveiled by Novopay Solutions and partnered with RBI, Banks-Mobile Wallet.
·       The postal Stamps which have been stopped to sell by the Government-Stamps of former PM Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.
·       The Regulator which has launched a Mobile App. and other phone-based services like accessing PF Account details-EPFO.
·       The country which has been ranked 34th among 60 leading economies in terms of “Business Growth Environment” by Thornton Report-India.
·       The University which has topped inaugural Reuters Top 100 universities in the world-Stanford University USA
·       India slips to 81 Rank in “Global Innovation Index” 2015, while the country which has topped the list is-Switzerland followed by UK.
·       The Bank who has added 5 Lakh customers within less than one month after starting banking business-Bandhan Bank.
·       The company which has announced India’s Largest Vehicle Recall (2, 23, 578 manufactured between 2003 and 2011)-Honda Company.
·       PM Modi terms giving up of the LPG Subsidy as-Silent Revolution.
·       The Nation which adopted a new constitution after it became a democratic Republic in 2008-Nepal.
·       The bank which gets First Prize in Rajbhasha Kirti Puraskar for 2014-15-Syndicate Bank.
·       As per report of the United Nations, the country whose broadband penetration ranking has gone down to 155 from 111-India.
·       The currency which have been reintroduced after two decades by the Finance Ministry-Rs.1 Note.
·       A 5.2-metre-tall hourglass, with a diameter of 1metre, displayed at a Japanese Museum has been recognized by-Guinness Worlds Records.
·       The institution which launched Renew Wind Energy’s “Credit Enhanced” Infra bonds worth Rs.451 Crore-IIFCL
·       The latest appl. which has been launched by Microsoft India-Office 2016.
·       The Boston-based (USA) company to whom First License Issued to offer digital currency services in the State-Circle Internet Financial.
·       As per World Bank Report, the city which is the Worst in 381 cities in developing countries-Delhi.
·       The country in which only Global Development Institutions are allowed to sell Panda Bonds and the proceeds must remain in the country-China.
·       The Banks whose presence in the Empowered Group made mandatory as per modified norms of Joint Lenders’ Forum-SBI and ICICI Bank.
·       The Tax which would not be applicable to overseas firms not having a permanent establishment in India-MAT.
·       The Orbiter, India’s First Interplanetary Mission, which completes one year around the Red Planet on 24th September-Mars Orbiter.

·       The Executives who will no longer require permission from Finance Ministry to go on official foreign trip- Heads of Banks and FIs.

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