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Mr. Joy is EEE graduate appearing for RRB Officer interview.  But the questions were more from Banking.  Read.

1.      What is balance sheet?

It is accounting statement which illustrate the financial condition of any organization

2.      In balance sheet which reside on which side?

Answered liability on left and asset on right side.

3.      Why deposit is liability why loan  in asset?

Answered bank get interest on loan but in deposit bank has to pay interest.

4.      Contingency liability resides on which side?

Don’t know sir
5.      To which type of customer we can  give loan below base rate ?

Answered to the farmers under priority sector lending…then they go deeper then they asked me anyone else other than them….i can’t answer it

        6 what is the function of GMR group…
          Answered to construct  airport and airstrips then they asked who is md and ceo of gmr (sorry sir don’t know).

6.      What are s&p and moody?

Answered credit rating agency

     6(1). What is the full form of asean?
       Can’t answer it

       7.then again what is isl
          Answered …what is the present scenario in isl (answered)

     8 what are the current news ?


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