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general awareness --jagranjosh 10th november 2015

1.    Court of which country on 10 November 2015 asked Facebook to stop tracking the country's Internet users who are not members of the US-based social networking website within 48 hours?
a)    Luxembourg
b)    Netherlands
c)    Belgium
d)    France

2.    Name the person who was on 9 October 2015 appointed as ethics officer (ombudsman) at Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).
a)    Justice Ajit Prakash Shah
b)    Justice Rajendra Mal Lodha
c)    Justice HL Dattu
d)    Justice Kurian Joseph

3.    Name the cricket stadium of Cuttack that was on 9 November 2015 excluded from the list of newly declared Test venues by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).
a)    Baripada Stadium
b)    Veer Surendra Sai Stadium
c)    Barabati stadium
d)    Gopabandhu Stadium

4.    BCCI on 9 November 2015 decided to replace Srinivasan as chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC). Who of the following will replace him for the remaining of his tenure as ICC Chairperson?
a)    Sundar Raman
b)    Shashank Manohar
c)    Anurag Thakur
d)    Sharad Pawar

5.     Who topped the list of Most Powerful Woman in Indian Business released by Fortune India’s on 8 November 2015?
a)    Chanda Kochhar
b)    Shikha Sharma
c)    Arundhati Bhattacharya
d)    Nishi Vasudeva

6.    Name the NRI industrialist who died on 8 November 2015 who was also associated with the Caparo industries.
a)    Swraj Paul
b)    Angad Paul
c)    Sunjay Kapur
d)    Micky Jagtiani

7.    India on 9 November 2015 was re-elected by the General Assembly to a six year term on the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). When was UNCITRAL established by the UN General Assembly?
a)    17 December 1965
b)    17 December 1967
c)    17 December 1966
d)    17 December 1968

8.    The Union Government on 9 November 2015 approved four proposals of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of what amount?
a)    384.45 crore rupees.
b)    267.78 crore rupees
c)    397.38 crore rupees
d)    298.76 crore rupees

9.     Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced 80000 crore rupee development package for which state?
a)    Madhya Pradesh
b)    Rajasthan
c)    Assam
d)    Jammu and Kashmir

10.    The Union Government on 9 November 2015 signed 273 million US dollar loan agreement with which overseas bank to continue improving rural roads in the States of Assam, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal?
a)    International Monetary Fund
b)    World Bank
c)    Swiss Bank
d)    Asian Development Bank

11.    Indian Railways on 9 November 2015 issued a Letter of Award (LoA) to which company for setting up of Diesel Locomotive Factory (DLF) at Marhowra, Bihar?
a)    GE Global Sourcing India Pvt Limited
b)    Tata Advanced Systems Ltd
c)    Con-Tech Parts Manufacturers Ltd
d)    SF Global Sourcing Ltd

12.    What is the theme for World Science Day for Peace and Development 2015 observed on 10 November 2015?
a)    Quality Science Education
b)    Science for a Sustainable Future
c)    Towards Green Societies
d)    Science and Development

   Identify the Indian island. It was named after former president of India APJ Abdul Kalam in September 2015?
a)    Wheeler
b)    Bhavani
c)    Quibble
d)    Netrani

14.    Which country was found guilty by a World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) appointed Independent Commission on 9 November 2015 for helping its athletes in doping?
a)    China
b)    Mexico
c)    Russia
d)    Iran

15.    Which of the following facilities were launched by the Ministry of Defence on 9 November 2015 as part of Digital Army Programme?
a)    Army Cloud
b)    Software Defined Data Centre
c)    Digi-Locker
d)    All of them

1-(c)    6-(b)    11-(a)
2-(a)    7-(c)    12-(b)
3-(c)    8-(a)    13-(a)
4-(b)    9-(d)    14-(c)
5-(c)    10-(d)    15-(d)

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