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List of Important Abbreviations

List of Important Abbreviations
AQI - Air Quality Index
IPR - Intellectual Property Rights
BIRD - Bankers Institute for Rural Development
TSO - Time Sharing Option
TOD - Transit Oriented Development
FTII - Film and Television Institute of India
GAGAN - GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation
MFI - Micro Finance Institution
DIPP - Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion

ULIP - Unit Linked Insurance Plan
CRA - Credit Risk Assessment
CRA - Contingent Reserve Arrangement
FSSAI - Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
NCRB - National Crime Record Bureau
FSLRC - Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Committee
QIP - Qualified Institutional Placement
FATCA - Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
EEFC - Exchange Earner's Foreign Currency
REIT - Real Estate Investment Trust
IFRS - Indian Financial Reporting Standards
MTSS - Money Transfer Service Scheme
SFMS - Structured Financial Messaging System
ASBA - Application Supported by Blocked Amount
LTV - Loan To Value
ESOP - Employee Stock Option Plan
NSSO - National Sample Survey Organisation
AMFI - Association of Mutual Funds in India
FI - Financial Inclusion

APEDA - Agricultural and Processed Food Products Exports Development Authority
NIIF - National Investment and Infrastructure Fund
ELSS - Equity Linked Savings Scheme
UNSC - United Nations Security Council
ADSL - Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line
RAPDRP- Restructured Power Development and Completion of the Reforms Program
ITP - Institutional Trading Platform
NOFHC - Non Operative Financial Holding Company
ISLRTC - Indian Sign Language Research and Training Centre
PMKKKY- Pradhan Mantri Khanij Khethra Kalyan Yojana
NCMC - National Common Mobility Card
MLAT - Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty
FIPB - Foreign Investment Promotion Board
FSDC - Financial Stability and Development Council
ePMS - Electronic Project Management System
GIFT - Gujarat International Film Tech-city
ASCI - Advertisement Standard Council of India
MTSS - Money Transfer Service Scheme
IFRS - Indian Financial Reporting Standards
CRILC - Central Repository of Information on Large Credits
MAST - Multi Application Solar Telescope
CORE - Centralised Online Real time Exchange
EFTS - Electronic Fund Transfer System
PMVLK - Pradhan Mantri Vidhya Lakshmi Karyakram
PMKVY - pradhan Mantri Kaushalya Vikas Yojana
UNFCCC- United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change
ANBC - Adjusted Net Bank Credit
CDR - Corporate Debt Restructuring
RMS - Revenue Market Share
EMV - Europay, Master card and Visa
SDR - Strategic Debt Restructuring
SDR - Special Drawing Rights
CSO - Central Statistical Organisation
APE - Annual Premium Equivalent
IPO - Initial Public Offering
FPO - Follow on Public Offering
RHP - Red Herring Prospectus
PKI - Public Key Infrastructure
NMCEX - National Multi Commodity Exchange
FIMMDA- Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association
DWBIS - Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence System
EBT - Electronic Benefits Transfer
DBT - Direct Benefits Transfer
EDLI - Employees Deposit Linked Insurance
BCSBI - Banking Codes and Standards Board of India
DTAA - Double Taxation Anti Avoidance Scheme
CDSL - Central Depository Securities Limited
NSDL - National Security Depository Limited
EBW - Export Bill permitted to be Written off

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