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·       Researchers from Manipal University and Giessen from _____ discovered four new atomic nuclei to be added to nuclei charts.
·       As per recent study, population of marine creatures have declined by how many percent since 1970?
·       Which country has launched its newly-developed smaller version of carrier rocket Long March-6?
·       Shane Watson announced retirement from Test cricket. He belongs to which country?
·       Asian Boxing Championships 2015 held in which country?
·       Lewis Hamilton from _____ won Italian Grand Prix 2015. 
·       Levan Aronian of _____ won Sinquefield Cup International Chess Tournament at St. Louis (USA).
·       _____ won BuchiBabu Memorial Trophy by defeating Tamil Nadu Cricket Association Districts (TNCA) XI.
·       “30 Women in Power” has been written by whom?
Naina Lal Kidwai
·       “Globalisation, Democratization and Distributive Justice” has been authored by _____
Mool Chand Sharma
·       _____ acquired Silicon Valley-based startup Reduce Data, a programmatic display advertising platform.
·       _____ General Insurance tied up with Catholic Syrian Bank (CSB) for sale of Insurance products through Over 430 branches of Kerala Based Catholic Syrian Bank.
ICICI Lombard
·       Reserve Bank of India will issue coins of _____ denomination to commemorate golden jubilee (50th) year of Indo-Pak War 1965.
5 rupees
·       Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) bought 15% stake in which country’s second-largest oil firm Rosneft for about 1.35 billion USD?
·       With which UN-based organization for Digitization of Payments and to promote financial inclusion programme Pradhan Mantri Jan-DhanYojana (PMJDY).         
Better Than Cash Alliance
·       Who has been honoured with the lifetime achievement award at the Forbes India Leadership Awards, 2015?
RC Bhargava
·       Which state govt. has launched the Digitised NFSA Ration Card recently?
·       Which city will host 13th World Spice Congress?
·       Which state has imposed the Drought Tax?
Madhya Pradesh
·       Who inaugurate the National Conference on Human Trafficking?
Rajnath Singh
·       Union Government decided to provide additional _____ of unskilled manual work in the financial year 2015-16 in drought-hit areas under MGNREGA scheme.          
50 days
·       India and Cambodia signed _____ MoUs.                                                                
·       NGT passed slew of directions to prevent pollution in River _____                       
·       Navtej Sarna has been appointed as the new High Commissioner to the _____     
United Kingdom
·       How many agreements were signed between India and Germany?                         
·       The male and female literacy rate in rural areas was _____ and _____ respectively in India.                                                                                              
79.1 percent, 60.6 percent
·       Who launched Indian Railway Knowledge Portal?                          
Minister of Railways
·       Who has organised the Indo-German Summit 2015 in Bengaluru?             
·       The Union Government declared the National Socialist Council of _____ an unlawful organisation. (NSCN-K)                                                                
·       Mulayam Singh Yadav inaugurated the 660 MW first unit of the _____ Power
Generation Company Ltd. Lalitpur
·       Which state government declared that it will develop Gurgaon as a smart city?
·       The Odisha Government decided to implement _____ sub-schemes for empowerment of transgenders.                                                                                                                     
·       World’s highest terrestrial Research and Development centre has been established in which Indian state?                                                                       
Jammu & Kashmir
·       Which state Government increased the pension given to the ex-servicemen or widows of soldiers who took part in World War I and World War II.                                 
·       In how many districts the second phase of Mission Indradhanush has been launched?
·       Governor of _____ V. Shanmuganathan was appointed as the Governor of Manipur.
·       Who has launched a Citizen Portal?                                                 
Naveen Patnaik
·       Who chaired the first meeting of the National Sagarmala Apex Committee held in New Delhi?                                                                                                    
Nitin Gadkari
·       NPA stands for -                                                                    
Non-Performing Assets
·       Ashish Bahuguna is the Chairman of the food regulator_____                               
·       Flipkart appointed Sriram Venkataraman as its _____        
Chief Financial Officer
·       Twitter announced _____ as its permanent Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
Jack Dorsey
·       Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated how many Pakistan-China Friendship Tunnels?
·       Malcolm Turnbull was sworn in as the 29th Prime Minister of which country?
·       Sharif Ismail sworn in as Prime Minister of which country?                                              
·       Michel Kafando was reinstated as the President of which country?           
Burkina Faso

Banking and Financial Awareness
·       RBI inked an agreement with which bank on exchange of supervisory information?
Nepal Rastra Bank
·       Meena Hemchandra is the Executive Director of _____                                         
·       Reserve Bank of India (RBI) granted in principle approval to how many entities to set up small finance banks?                                                                                      
10 entities
·       RBI giving nod to how many entities for launching Payments Banks?       
11 entities
·       Sun Pharmaceutical Industries has entered into an agreement with _____ 
InSite Vision
·       Expand FMC-                                                            
Forward Markets Commission
·       Reserve Bank of India cancelled license of _____ due to several irregularities and ignoring financial rules and regulations.
Sahara India Financial Corporation Limited
·       Which bank has launched ‘Design Your Own Loan’ scheme?                    
·       Blackstone Group LP repurchased the India-based BPO operations of the which country’s Serco Group Plc?                                                                                      
·       Prime Minister Narendra Modi, launched a significant financial inclusion initiative in which city?                                                                                                
·       As per a statement by Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu, World Bank will provide aid of _____ to Railways for completing ongoing infrastructural projects.            
$30 billion
·       Hero Cycles has acquired _____ to strengthen its fast-growing premium cycling segment in India.                                                                                                       
Firefox Bikes
·       Indra Nooyi and Shobhana Bharatia have been presented with the 2015 Global Leadership Award of the _____                                            
US Business Council.
·       Shobhana Bharatia is the chairman of which group?                       
Hindustan Times Group
·       Central Board of Trustees enhanced Insurance benefits under Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme for EPF members from 3,60,000 to Rs _____ during 208th meeting of Central Board of Trustees in Hyderabad?                                                          
·       SEBI imposed a penalty of _____ on PACL for illegal and fraudulent mobilisation of funds from the public.                                                                              
Rs.7,269.5 crore
·       Committee headed by _____ recommended to amend section 115JB of Income-tax Act to clarify the inapplicability of MAT (Minimum Alternate Tax) provisions to FIIs/FPIs for period prior to 01.04.2015.                                                                              
A.P. Shah
·       NDTV Convergence signed a strategic deal with the _____ content recommendations engine Taboola.                                                                                       
·       Which state has started scheme for adoption of wild animals in zoos and deer parks?
·       Seychelles was admitted as the _____ Member of WTO in April 2015.                 
·       The government received 638 declarations of black money and assets abroad worth _____                                                                                                 
Rs.3,770 crore
·       Who has launched ‘Access to Clean Cooking Energy and Electricity - Survey of States Report’.                                                                                                           
Piyush Goel
·       European Union has imposed a provisional anti-dumping duty of up to_____ on imports of water and sewage pipes from India.                                                        
31.2 percent
·       Which company was selected as member of the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index-2015.                                                                                                    
Wipro Limited
·       Qualcomm announced that it will invest what amount for Indian start-ups?          
150 million US dollars
·       SEBI was set up in _____ as a non-statutory body for regulating the securities markets.
·       India signed a 123.51 million US dollar loan agreement with _____                      
Asian Development Bank
·       Which bank registered the highest increase in gross Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) in percentage terms against total loans in the 2014- 15 fiscal year?           
UCO Bank
·       Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) is expected to take _____ stake in the TAPI project.                                                                                                           
10 percent
·       Indirect Tax Revenue Collections increased to Rs. 2,63,089 crore during April-August 2015 from Rs.1,92,677 crore in April-August 2014 ( _____ up).                           
·       Ashok Vemuri resigned from his position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of _____ and Tata Trusts launched a scholarship programme to educate Indian students in Android development in collaboration with Udacity for offering 1000 scholarships.              
·       According to World Bank which state emerged as number 1 state in terms of ease of doing business in India?                                                                                
·       With which country’s central bank RBI inked an agreement on exchange of supervisory information?                                                                                          
Nepal Rashtra Bank
·       What is the amount allocated for Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission (SPMRM)?
Rs.5142.08 crores
·       How many entities have got RBI’s approval to set up Small Finance Banks?        
·       How many channels will be provided to cable operators through HITS digital broadcasting platform?                                                                     
more than 500
·       What is OECD’s world growth forecast for the year 2015?                                    
·       What is the rank of India in the Global Innovation Index 2015?                             
·       How much amount has been allocated to Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS)?
Rs.45,000 crore
·       What is Standard Chartered’s Current Account Deficit (CAD) forecast for India for the FY 2015-16?                                                                                                                    
·       Who has been appointed the new Chairman of Finance Industry Development Council (FIDC)?                                                                                            
Raman Agarwal
·       With which country India has signed a MoU on energy security, climate change and clean energy?                                                                                                             
·       In its biggest ever fine SEBI imposed a penalty of _____ on PACL Ltd.
7,269 crore rupees
·       Government has launched Swavlarnban Health Insurance Scheme for _____        
People with Disabilities
·       Who has topped Forbes Magazine’s ‘India top 100 rich list’?        
Mukesh Ambani
·       Who has been appointed as Additional Secretary in NITI Aayog?  
Yudhvir Singh Malik
·       Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) comprises of how many broad goals?    
·       Which state Government won highest capacity addition in grid connected solar rooftop power in the country during the financial year 2014-15?                           
·       Who is appointed as President of Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM)?
Vinod Dasari
·       Who has been appointed as Finance Secretary replacing Rajiv Mehrishi? 
Ratan P Watal
·       SEBI provisioned fine of Minimum Rs. _____ for companies without a woman director on board.                                                                                                      
·       _____ launched RE60 quadricycle named Qute at a free-on-board (FoB) cost of 1.35 lakh).                                                                                                              
Bajaj Auto
·       Which financial institution has organized MUDRA credit camp in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada District for those setting up small business units?                   

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