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Gandhi Stadium- Jalandhar, Punjab  
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) headquarter- Beijing China 
NACH full form- National Automated Clearing House
 IFSC last four digit related to- Branch code 
One question asked from ARC(Asset Reconstruction Company)
 Jai Prakash Narayan Airport- Patna, Bihar 
July 17 celebrated as- Day of International Criminal Justice 
Kishor maximum limit under MUDRA – Rs 5,00,000
 Amer fort- Jaipur, Rajasthan 

West Champaran district in- Bihar


Ahmedabad is  located on the bank of which river bank? Sabarmati 
11 digit code used in cheques – IFSC code
 Debt market also called as? – Bond /Credit Market 
New low cost train in Rail Budget –Tejas Express 
PayPal is largest what kind of service? online payments system 
NICL majority stakeholder? – Govt of India 
IDA or IFC hq? – Washington DC 
Wings of fire authored by? A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 
HPCA stadium located at – Dharamsala 
July 28 is observed as? World Hepatitis Day
 What does I stand for in RIDF? Infrastructure (Rural Infrastructure Development Fund)
 Defence park in which state? Kerala
Surya mitra by which ministry?  Ministry of New & Renewable Energy
Nairobi is capital of? Kenya
 LPG scheme name? Pahal
 HPCA cricket stadium in? Himachal Pradesh 
Bank of India HQ? Mumbai 
RBI can’t issue banknote more than what denomination? 1000 
Deadline for Basel 3 implementation? 31-March-2019 
IMPS is? Immediate Payment System
 Bandhan is – pvt sect or RRB or payment bank? Pvt sector 
Which state has got it’s own mascot animal? Assam
 CIBIL is? credit rating agency 
Wular lake in which state? Jammu and Kashmir 
Anant Geete constituency Raigad in which state? Maharashtra 
Shishu loan amount? upto Rs 50,000
Largest nuclear plant name? – Kashiwazaki-Kariwa
 Neeraj chopra associated wd which sport?  Javelin throw
Piñarayi Vijayan cm of which state? Kerala 
Currency of Israel? shekel
SE-100 index – Karachi Stock Exchange
 Federal is the central bank of which country?  USA 
Valmiki park in which state? Bihar
Which country gv back india d artifacts it stole 2000yr back? USA 
6 metro coaches exported to Australia frm which indian state?- Mumbai 
Where is Gobi desert located? Asia (China & Mongolia) 
Chabahar port in which country? Iran 
G in ECGC stands for? Guarantee (Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India)
 Umaid bhavan palace in which state? Rajasthan 
Gopinath bordoloi stadium in? Assam 
Risk that borrower will default on any type of debt by failing to make payment? 

Diff b/w CRR and SLR?

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