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one word substitution --USEFUL FOR BANK EXAMS AND SSC


1.One who is greedy - Rapacious 
2.One who is without moral - Libertine 
3.One who works without thinking - Impetuous 
4.One who is proud and haughty - Supercilious 
5.One who is self centered - Egocentric 

6.One who things of oneself - Egoist
7.One who abstains from alcoholic drinks - Teetotaller 
8.One who knows many languages - Polyglot 
9.One who makes research on languages -  Linguist 
10.One who sells cloths - Draper

11.One who sells clay pots - Tinker
12.One who is present everywhere - Omnipresent 
13.One who eats everything - Omnivorous 
14.One who knows everything - Omniscient 
15.One who is all powerful - Omnipotent 

16.One who hates one's own religion - Apostate  
17.One who uses amoral words to God - Blasphemist 
18.One who behaves in a peculiar way - Crazy 
19.One who leaves earthy pleasure for religion - Sage 
20.One who abstains sexual desire - Celibate 

21.One who spend money for luxury - Prodigal 
22.One who plays for pleasure - Amateur 
23.One who plays for money - Professional 
24.One who looks at the bright side of life - Optimist 
25.One who looks at the dark side of life - Pessimist 

26.One who loved mankind - Philanthropist  
27.One hates mankind - Misanthropist 
28.One who loves womankind - Philogynist 
29.One who hates womankind - Misogynist 
30.One who hates the system of marriage - Misogamist 

31.Practice of having more than  one husbands -  Polyandry 
32.Practice of having more than one wives - Polygamy 
33.An art of making maps and charts - Cartography 
34.An art of good hand writing - Calligraphy 
35.An art of writing with spelling mistakes - Cacography 

36.Art of making dictionary - Lexicography 
36.Dead body of human being - Corps 
37.Dead body of animals - Caracas 
38.One who bury the dead body - Undertaker 
39.A place where dead bodies are buried - Cemetery 
40.A place where historical records are kept - Archives 

41.A place where historical things are kept - Museum 
42.A place where arms are kept - Arsenal 
43.A place where wines are store - Cellar 
44.A place where wines are produced - Brewery 
45. A place where pigs are kept - Sty 

46.A place where dogs are kept - Kennel 
47.A place where rabbits are kept - Hutch 
48.A place where squirrel are kept - Drey 
49.A place where birds are kept - Aviary 
50.A place where bees are kept - Apiary 
51.An assembly of person for warship - Congregation 
52.Study of birds - Ornithology 
53.Study of teeth - Odontology
54.Study of human mind - Psychology 
55.Study of records of classification - Taxonomy 

56.Study of poison - Toxicology 
57.Animals living on grass - Graminivorous 
58.Animals living on  human flesh - Carnivorous 
59.Animals living on herbs - Herbivorous 
60.Animals living in trees - Arboreal 

61.Animals living in ground - Terrestrial 
62.Animals living in water - Aquatic 
63.Animals living in both water and land - Amphibian 
64.Animals living is sky - Ariel 
65.Animals living in another planet - Alien 

66.Animal living in flocks - Gregarious 
67.That which is beyond correction - Incorrigible 
68.That which can not be conquered - Invincible 
79.A person with a long experience of any occupation - Veteran 
80.Words written on a tomb - Epitaph 

81.Something no longer in use - Obsolete 
82.One not concerned with right or wrong - Amoral 
83.A person who apposes war or use of military force - Pacifist 
84.Severely abusive writing in journals - Scurrilous  
85.Call upon God or any other power for help or protection - Invocation 

86.Fear of being enclosed in a small closed space - Claustrophobia 
87.One who has become dependent on something or drugs- Addict 
88.That which lasts for a short time - Transitory 
89.Ready to belief anything - Credulous 
90.A four footed animal - Quadruped 

91.A person who believes on the total abolition of war - Pacifist 
92.Constant effort to achieve something -  Perseverance 
93.One who collects coins - Numismatist 
94.A system of Government in which only one political party is allowed to function - Totalitarianism 
95.Customs and habits of a particular group - Mores 

96.Indifference of pleasure or pain - Stoicism 
97.A place where Government/public records are kept - Archive 
98.A government in which all religions are honored - Secular 
99.Living together with a man & woman without being married to each other - Concubinage    
100.A remedy for all disease - Panacea

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