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A few points regarding IBPS PO MAIN EXAMINATION -- best wishes

IBPS PO -- Candidates -- we can expect results any day because the exam is in the last week of this month.
IN THE MEANTIME, be reading computer knowledge, general awareness and also practice more of DI, reasoning and English.
In the main exam -- allocate time for five papers -- QA and Reasoning 35 mts each. English 20mins. Computer knowledge 1- 10 mins. and GA 15 mins. 5 mins revision.
Confine yourself to the time allotted. remember to answer first easy questions. Candidates get tough questions initially and spend more time on that and in the end find easy ones in the latter half.
In reasoning leave tough questions that will take more time -- input out put, puzzle. attempt syllogism, assumption etc.
Similarly in English -- attempt one comprehension reading thoroughly and second one attempt synonyms and antonyms after reading those sentences only.
DI attempt easy/familiar ones.
Mark answers for questions where you are at least 60% confident. Do not make wild guesses. (especially in GA and comp knowledge)
From now on attempt at least two question papers online every day and two papers from books.
you may also see some model papers in --search advanced reasoning, English, Computer Knowledge.
Spend some time in reading KUNDAN SIR POSTINGS, also
Those who have not subscribed for online tests you may try free tests
In case you have any doubt please post them here or in another group

If I know I will answer. Otherwise I will tell you and if possible send links.
blessings and best wishes to all the candidates.
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