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1. India will launch a second multi-spectral remote sensing satellite LAPAN A2/Orari of whichof the following countries? The LAPAN A1/Tubsat was also launched in India in 2007.
a) Malaysia b) Indonesiac) Philippines d) Thailande) Vietnam 

2. The govt has cancelled the FCRA licence of the NGO Greenpeace India. What does the term FCRA stand for?
a) Foreign Contribution Regulations Act b) Foreign Company Regulations Act
c) Foreign Cooperation Regulations Act d) Foreign Coordination Regulations Act
e) None of these 

3. The ONGC Videsh has acquired 15 % stake in Vankor field which is the second largest field by production of
a) Kazakhstan b) Turkmenistanc) Tajikistan d) Russiae) Uzbekistan 

4. Which of the following states on 3 Sep bagged the Skoch Order-of-Merit national award for implementing e-governance initiatives in the state?
a) Karnataka b) Tamil Naduc) Andhra Pradesh d) Telanganae) Haryana 

5. The Reserve Bank of India will shortly put into circulation ________ coins to commemorate golden jubilee of Indo-Pak War 1965.
a) Rs 1 b) Rs 2c) Rs 5 d) Rs 50e) Rs 65 

6. ___________ city would soon be declared as the first total HIV/AIDS literate district in the country. The “Jyothirgamaya” project helped the city achieved the feat.
a) Thrissur b) Kochic) Ernakulam d) Palakkade) Kollam 

7.Vassiliki Thanou was sworn in as the first female Prime Minister of which of the following countries recently? The Supreme Court appointed her as the head of a caretaker govt until next snap election.
a) Thailand b) Greecec) Egypt d) Turkeye) Spain 

8. The Teachers’ Day is observed in India on 5 Sep. On this day, PM Narendra Modi released the commemorative coins of Rs 125 & Rs 10 to mark the 125th birth anniversary of
a) Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan b) Vallabhbhai Patelc) Lal Bahadur Shastri 
d) Zakir Husaine) Rajendra Prasad 

9. The ICICI Lombard General Insurance has tied up with Catholic Syrian Bank (CSB) for sale of its products. The private sector bank CSB is headquartered at
a) Thrissur, Kerala b) Chennai, Tamil Naduc) Nadia, West Bengal d) Cuttack, Odisha
e) Pune, Maharashtra 

10. The __________ state govt has renamed the Wheeler Island in Bhadrak district as Abdul Kalam Island.
a) Karnataka b) Tamil Naduc) Andhra Pradesh d) Telanganae) Odisha 
Who won the Italian Grand Prix F1 championship on 6 Sep?

a) Lewis Hamilton b) Sebastian Vettelc) Felipe Massa d) V
e) Kimi Raikkonen 

12. Name the author who has been selected for the prestigious 2014 National Humanities Medal to be presented by the US President Barack Obama.
a) Anita Desai b) Amitav Ghoshc) Kiran Desai d) Arundhati Roye) Jhumpa Lahiri 

13. Chandra Bahadur Dangi, who died at 75 recently, was verified by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s
a) shortest manb) tallest manc) heaviest man d) lightest mane) None of these 

14. The G20 and OECD has announced new corporate governance principles for listed companies and regulators in all member countries. OECD is headquartered in
a) New York b) Manilac) Tokyo d) Parise) London 

15. The book titled “Combating Hunger and Achieving Food Security” has been authored by who among the following?
a) Jayant Narlikar b) CNR Raoc) Anil Kakodkar d) Raghunath Anant Mashelkar
e) MS Swaminathan 

16. Which of the following states has decided to provide training to over 50,000 employees as part of its Key Result Area (KRA) programme to enhance their performance?
a) Gujarat b) Madhya Pradeshc) Odisha d) Uttar Pradeshe) Maharashtra 

17. The G20 has launched W20 grouping having 20 women leaders from member nations. The new grouping will host its first summit in Oct in
a) Rome, Italy b) New Delhi, Indiac) Istanbul, Turkey d) Buenos Aires, Argentina
e) Shanghai, China 

18. The veteran all rounder Shane Watson announced on 6 Sep his retirement from Test cricket. He played for
a) England b) Australiac) South Africa d) New Zealande) West Indies 

19. In India 5 Sep is observed as National Teachers Day while the World Teachers day is celebrated on
a) 5 Oct b) 5 Novc) 5 Dec d) 5 Jane) 5 Mar 

20. Aadesh Shrivastava, who died of cancer on 5 Sep, was a popular
a) music composer and singer b) authorc) bollywood actor d) director and producer
e) None of these 

21. The retirement fund body EPFO is likely to increase the maximum amount assured under its Employees' Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI) to
a) Rs 3.5 lakh b) Rs 4 lakhc) Rs 4.5 lakh d) Rs 5 lakhe) Rs 5.5 lakh 

22. Name the communication satellite of India (launched on 27 Aug) which was on 6 Sep successfully positioned in its orbital slot.
a) IRNSS1C b) GAAT 10c) GSAT 12 d) GSAT 6e) GSLV-D6 

23. The G20 has launched W20 grouping having 20 women leaders from member nations. Who among the following is the newly appointed president of the W20 grouping?
a) Gulden Turktan b) Lakshmi Puric) Arancha Gonzalez d) Angel Gurria
e) Zhanna Nemtsova 

24. The Group of Twenty (G20) is the premier forum for global economic and financial cooperation. Which of the following is NOT a member of the G20 grouping?
a) Argentina b) Malaysiac) Russia d) Saudi Arabiae) European Union 

25. The central govt on 5 Sep announced the implementation of the long delayed One Rank One Pension (OROP) for ex-servicemen. The scheme will be effective from
a) Jan 1, 2014 b) Apr 1, 2014c) Jul 1, 2014 d) Dec 1, 2014e) Apr 1, 2015 

26. The fourth World Conference of speakers of Parliament was held from 31 Aug to 2 Sep, 2015 at United Nations Headquarters in
a) Washington DC b) Parisc) New York d) Londone) Geneva 

27. Vikas Krishan, who bagged a silver medal in Asian Championships on 5 Sep, is an Indian
a) boxer b) archerc) shooter d) weightliftere) wrestler 

28. Which of the following state govts has rechristened its e-governance architecture as “e-Pragati”?
a) Kerala b) Karnatakac) Andhra Pradesh d) Telanganae) Tamil Nadu 

29. Pakistan conducted “Shaheen (Eagle)-4” joint air drill with which of the following countries starting 6 Sep?
a) Turkey b) UAEc) Russia d) Chinae) Saudi Arabia 

30. The DRDO has appointed who among the following as the Director General - Electronics & Communications Systems (ECS), first woman in the role?
a) J Manjula b) Tessy Thomasc) Mangala Narlikar d) Charusita Chakravarty
e) None of these 

31. The World Economic Forum has released the first ever “Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2015” (for 112 nations) based on seven pillars. Which of the following is NOT one of these seven pillars?
a) Fiscal transfers b) Basic servicesc) Corruption d) Crime against women
e) Asset building 

32. The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a non-profit organization based in
a) Geneva, Switzerland b) New York, USc) Paris, France d) Seoul, South Korea
e) Manila, Philippines 
33. Seven Indians feature in the Forbes Asia’s 9th list of philanthropists in the Asia-Pacific region. Who among the following is NOT one of them?
a) Sunny Varkey b) Rohan Murthyc) SD Shibulal d) Nandan Nilekanie) Anand Mahindra 

34. The sixth edition of the joint military training exercise, ‘EKUVRIN 2015’ was held in Kerala starting 31 Aug between the Indian Army and the armed forces of
a) Sri Lanka b) Maldivesc) Nepal d) Singaporee) Thailand 

35. Who among the following has been appointed as the full-time member of NITI Aayog by the govt recently?
a) MS Swaminathan b) Ramesh Chandc) Chandi Prasad Bhatt d) Sanjaya Rajaram
e) None of these 

36. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has announced the launch of nationwide e-payment literacy workshop. Who among the following is the present chairman of the NPCI?
a) Jyotsna Suri b) Sidharth Birlac) Sumit Mazumder d) M Balachandrane) None of these 

37. Apurvi Chandela, who bagged a silver medal at the World Cup Final on 5 Sep, is a
a) squash player b) shooterc) archer d) boxere) discus thrower 

38. The central govt on 8 Sep set a target of achieving 100 per cent literacy in villages adopted under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana by
a) Dec 2015 b) Mar 2016c) Apr 2016 d) Sep 2016e) Dec 2016 

39. Which of the following telecom service providers has announced to provide minimum 2 Mbps speed to its landline broadband users starting 1 Oct 2015?
a) Airtel b) Reliance Communicationsc) BSNL d) Hathway broadbande) None of these 

40. The International Literacy Day is observed on which of the following days?
a) 5 Sep b) 8 Sepc) 9 Sep d) 10 Sepe) 14 Sep 

41. As announced by the World Federation of Exchanges (WEF), recently, which of the following stock exchanges in the world has the highest number of listed companies as of now?
a) Shanghai stock exchange b) National Stock Exchangec) Bombay Stock Exchange 
d) NASDAQ Stock Markete) New York Stock Exchange 

42. India and Belarus have set trade target of $1 bn by 2018. The capital city of Belarus is
a) Warsaw b) Rigac) Vilnius d) Minske) Copenhagen 

43. The European lender ABN Amro has applied to the RBI to set up a wholly owned subsidiary (WoS) in India. The bank is headquartered at
a) Amsterdam, Netherlands b) London, UKc) Rome, Italy d) Paris, France
e) Frankfurt, Germany 

44. The US Department of Labor in its investigation found no violation into alleged visa abuse by which of the following two Indian IT firms recently?
a) Infosys, Wipro b) Wipro, TCSc) Infosys, HCL d) HCL, TCSe) Infosys, TCS 

45. Which of the following states passed a Bill on 7 Sep, fixing the minimum educational qualification for elections to the Panchayati Raj institutions?
a) Tamil Nadu b) Karnatakac) Kerala d) Tripurae) Haryana 

46. Deepak Lather, who won gold medal in the fifth Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa, is an Indian
a) weightlifter b) wrestlerc) shooter d) boxere) sprinter 

47. What is the total number of member countries of the United Nations (UN), each of whom is a member of the United Nations General Assembly also?
a) 97 b) 116c) 173 d) 193e) 203 

48. Joe Kaeser has announced that his company will further invest 1 billion euros in India. He is the present CEO of
a) Daimler Chrysler b) Siemens AGc) Bosch Group d) Henkele) Bayer 

49. The Spices Board plans to open signature outlets in foreign markets under brand names ‘Spices India’ and ‘Flavourit.’ Who is the present chairman of the Spices Board?
a) Siraj Hussain b) Sanjeev Balyanc) A Jayathilak d) MGVK Bhanue) None of these 

50. Who won the NSCI Open squash title in the women’s category in Mumbai recently?
a) Habiba Mohamed b) Joshana Chinappac) Laura Massaro d) Anaka Alankamony
e) Dipika Pallikal 

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