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I wish you get many questions out of this in the online exam. 


1.  Who among the following was sworn in as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka in August 2015?
a) Wijeyananda Dahanayake  b) Ratnasiri Wickremenayake           c) Dingiri Banda Wijetunga
d) Ranil Wickremesinghe      e) Disanayaka Jayaratne

2. Who among the following RBI Deputy Governors headed the High Powered Committee constituted by the Central Bank to re-examine issues governing the functioning of Urban Cooperative Banks and their conversion into Commercial Banks?
a) R. Gandhi   b) H. R. Khan  c) Urjit R. Patel          d) S. S. Mundra          e) Harish Rawat

3. C. V. R. Rajendran was appointed as the new CEO of the association of …….. in India.
a) Regional rural banks                      b) Mutual Funds         c) NBFCs        d) Private sector banks
e) Company secretaries

4. Who among the following replaced L.C. Goyal as the new Union Home Secretary at the end of August 2015?
a) Ratan Watal            b) Rajiv Mehrishi       c) Raghav Chandra     d) Shaktikanta Das
e) Hasmukh Adhia

5. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna 2015 was conferred on Sania Mirza in August 2015. She is only the second tennis player after …….. to receive this honour.
a) Vijay Amritraj                    b) Leander Paes                    c) Anand Amritraj      d) Ramanathan Krishnan
e) Ramesh Krishnan

6. Abhilash Bhardwaj took charge as the head of which of the following organizations in September 2015?
a) Atomic Energy Commission         b) Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
c) Atomic Energy Regulatory Board            d) Nuclear Corporation of India Limited
e) Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research

7. “Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights” is the forthcoming book of which Booker Award winning author?
a) Kiran Desai   b) Aravind Adiga      c) Arundhati Roy  d) Salman Rushdie e) None of the above

8. Which of the following is the initiative announced by the Prime Minister to boost entrepreneurship in his Independence Day address to the nation in August 2015?
a) Plug-in India           b) Start-up India        c) Create India            d) Incubator India       e) Venture India

9. Which of the following is the new name for Agriculture Ministry announced by the Prime Minister his Independence Day address to the nation in August 2015?
a) Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Empowerment
b) Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare
c) Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Rejuvenation
d) Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Development
e) Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Care

10. The Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India released the data on Population by Religious Communities of Census 2011 in August 2015. The growth rate of population in the decade 2001-2011 was lowest in which of the following communities?
a) Muslim       b) Christian     c) Sikh d) Buddhist                 e) Jain

11. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MH(a) cancelled the registration of Greenpeace India in September. This has been done for violation of which of the following laws?
a) Consumer Protection Act   b) Essential Service Maintenance Act
c) Foreign Contribution Regulation Act       d) Prevention of Money Laundering Act
e) Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act.

12. Which state named Wheeler Island as Abdul Kalam Island in September 2015?
a) Odisha        b) Andhra Pradesh      c) Goa d) Kerala         e) West Bengal

13. The Union Cabinet approved the constitution of the 21st Law Commission in September 2015. Which of the following statements is/are correct?
I. The Law Commission is a statutory body constituted by the Government of India
II. The First Law Commission was constituted in 1955
III. The Law Commission has been constituted for a term o three years
a) I only          b) II only         c) Both I and II            d) Both I and III          e) I, II and III

14. What is the trilateral military exercise involving China, Australia and the US in Drawin (Australia) in August-September 2015 called?
a) Exercise Dodo                    b) Exercise Marmoset            c) Exercise Kowari                d) Exercise Koala
e) Exercise Platypus

15. Central Bank of which SAARC nation received 1.1 billion dollars from the Reserve Bank of India under the currency swap agreement between the two reserve banks recently?
a) Sri Lanka   b) Bhutan        c) Bangladesh             d) Maldives    e) Nepal

16. Which ASEAN country’s LAPAN A2/Orari satellite will be launched by India?
a) Malaysia                 b) Vietnam                  c) Indonesia    d) Cambodia   e) The Philippines

17. Which of the following became the first country to implement a vaccination programme for all newborn babies against meningitis in September 2015
a) Australia                 b) Canada        c) United Kingdom     d) New Zealand          e) Singapore

18. A 6168 m high mountain name after which former US President was renamed as Denali by Barack Obama in September 2015?
a) John F. Kennedy     b) Abraham Lincoln               c) James Madison       d) William McKinley
e) Ulysses S. Grant
19. Which UN sponsored initiative promotes transition from cash to digital payments? India joined it in September 2015.
a) Digital Better Alliance       b) Cash Replacement Alliance           c) Better Than Currency Alliance
d) Better Than Money Alliance         e) Better Than Cash Alliance

20. The Reserve Bank granted ‘in-principle’ approval to 11 entities to set up Payments Banks in August 2015. What is the minimum paid-up equity capital of such banks?
a)  10 crore   b)  50 crore   c)  100 crore             d)  250 crore             e)  500 crore

21. Which public sector bank launched the Usecure Credit Card in August 2015?
a) Corporation Bank               b) Union Bank of India                      c) Central Bank of India
d) Bank of Maharashtra         e) United Commercial Bank

22. Which private sector bank was named as a Domestic Systemically Important Bank (D-SI(b) by the RBI in August 2015?
a) Axis Bank   b) ICICI Bank            c) HDFC Bank            d) IndusInd Bank                    e) Kotak Mahindra Bank

23. Which of the following is merging with SEBI?
a) Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India
b) Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority
c) Reserve Bank of India        d) Forward Markets Commission   e) Forward Markets Commission

24. Which of the following launched the Finacle solution for Small Finance Banks and Payment Banks in September 2015?
a) TCS b) Wipro         c) HCL Infosystems               d) Infosys        e) Tech Mahindra

25. The Gold Deposit Scheme was launched in September 2015. What is the minimum quantity of gold an investor has to bring to subscribe?
a) 30 grams    b) 50 grams     c) 100 grams   d) 250 grams   e) 500 grams

26. The forthcoming India-South Africa series has been named after Nelson Mandela and ….. .
a) Amartya Sen           b) Rahul Dravid          c) Mother Teresa                    d) Sachin Tendulkar
e) Mahatma Gandhi

27. Apurvi Chandela is India’s leading women’s player in which sport?
a) archery        b) wrestling    c) shooting                  d) rowing        e) boxing

28.  Which of the following tool is used by RBI to control credit and monetary situations of the markets?
a)   RTGS      b)   NEFT      c)   ECS      d)   CRR     e)   None of these

29.  Which one of the following is not a money market instrument
a)    Repo      b)   Negotiable certificate of deposit      c)   Commercial paper
d)   Treasury bill      e)   None of these

30.  Outright forward transactions involve the exchange of currency beyond three days at a fixed exchange rate, known as the :
a)   spot rate      b)   forward rate      c)   FX swap rate      d)   reverse transaction rate
e)   None of these

31.  DFHI :
a)   Is a Non-intermediary financial institution      b)   is a capital market institution      c)   is a primary dealer          d)   None of the above      e)   All of the above.

32. The International Day of Older Persons is observed across the world on
a) 30 Sep 
b) 1 Oct
c) 2 Oct 
d) 4 Oct
e) 5 Oct 

33. Which of the following is the latest private bank in India which started its operations on 1 Oct?
a) Bandhan Bank 
b) IDFC Bank
c) Aditya Birla Nuvo 
d) National Securities Depository Limited
e) Department of Posts 

34.  Who among the following was elected unopposed as the new BCCI President recently?
a) Sharad Pawar
b) Shashank Manohar
c) Anurag Thakur
d) Rajeev Shukla
e) Sundar Raman

35.  The Google Inc has now morphed into Alphabet Inc. Who among the following is the CEO of the Alphabet?
a) Sundar Pichai
b) Eric Schmidt
c) Sergey Brin
d) Larry Page
e) Marissa Mayer

36 Which of the following countries has becomes the world’s largest producer of cotton as per the data released for the marketing year of 2014-2015?
a) China
b) India
c) US
d) Indonesia
e) Brazil

37. RC Bhargava has been honoured with the lifetime achievement award at the Forbes India Leadership Awards, 2015. He is the present chairman of
a) Mahindra & Mahindra 
b) Bajaj Auto
c) Force Motors 
d) Hero MotoCorp
e) Maruti Suzuki 
38. The World Teachers Day is observed on
a) 5 Oct 
b) 6 Oct
c) 4 Oct 
d) 3 Oct
e) 2 Oct 

39. Which of the following states inaugurated ‘e-pragati’ recently, a single integrated platform encompassing all govt services and linking all govt departments?
a) Karnataka 
b) West Bengal 
c) Madhya Pradesh 
d) Haryana
e) Andhra Pradesh 

40.  Which of the following is not correct as on date? (27th October 201e)
a) Bank Rate  --  7.75%         
b) Repo Rate  --  6.75%
c) CRR         --      4.0%
d) SLR          --    21.5%
e) None of these.


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