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As Sweden Shifts To A 6-Hour Work Day, Here's Why It Is A Great Idea For India!

Earlier this year the Swedish government introduced a six-hour working day norm and slashed two hours from its regular eight-hour work culture. The latest in introducing the six-hour work culture is a Stockholm-based app developer company Filimundus.
After it experimented the new work hour schedule last year and then finally incorporated it, it found no downsides to the change. Apparently it was squeezing in the same amount of productivity into each day as before.
The advantages so to mention of a six hour work day are :

1. People are happier.

Six hour work day, oh it definitely would make anyone happy, won't it?

2. It helps companies hire quickly and retain the employees.

So when a company has six hour work day, it definitely is a lucrative offer for anyone to deny. It helps the company hire quickly as number of potential employees is manifold. And once when an employee gets used to the six hour schedule, it makes difficult for him/her to switch over.

3. No major loss in productivity or how people work.

The notion is that people work more and productivity is higher during an eight hour schedule. But the experiment proved it wrong. An eight hour work day is not as effective as we think. To stay focused on a work for eight hours is a huge challenge and to be able to cope with it we mix pauses and social distractions to make it more endurable. So, with a six hour work day in place and social distractions asked to be kept off, it was proved, that productivity wasn't really affected.

4. More time to spend with family and friends.

Only six hours a day! More and more time to spend with your family, kids, friends or you could simply spend the rest of the day playing video games. 

5. Energy levels are increased.

With less hours dedicated to work, people tend to work more efficiently and the energy levels are high!

6. Don't feel drained or fatigued.

Due to long working hours people often feel drained and frustrated by the time they reach home. The six hour work day solves that problem too!

7. Helps to work better with the team, less conflicts and arguments.

Short working hours and more time to spend family and friends keeps the employee satisfied. Consequently there is peace of mind which helps coordinating with colleagues in an improved way. There is less conflict and argument.

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