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Thanks to reservation, more women will get plum posts in Karnataka

More women will be recruited to top jobs in various Karnataka government departments, with the hike in reservation for women at 33 per cent from the present 30 per cent.
Currently, the percentage of women employees in ‘A’ and ‘B’ categories is well-short of the level prescribed by the new reservation policy. Women in ‘A’ category jobs such as Senior Assistant Directors and Deputy Directors were at 22.47 per cent as against the stipulated quota of 33 per cent.
The situation is no different in ‘B’ category jobs. Women employees were short by nearly nine per cent in the category that covers postings such as Assistant Agricultural Officers, Assistant Directors, and college lecturers.
Only in category ‘C’, a good percentage of women have been employed (32.46 per cent).
This category included a large number of women teachers in government and aided schools, receptionists, and first division clerks. There are 27.18 per cent women employees in ‘D’ category, which comprised lower clerical staff, typists, and peons.
Employees in Govt. services
CategoryMenWomenTotalPercentage of women staff
B29, 8199,55539,37424.26
C2, 88, 6371,38,7244,27,36132.46
Sources in the State Secretariat said that following the hike in women’s job quota, a few thousands of women graduates would be absorbed into various departmental postings in the next couple of years. Already several departments have called applications for filling vacancies.
Currently, the female workforce constituted 31.07 per cent of the total employees in the State. The percentage of women staff to total workforce in the State declined from 32 per cent in 2001 Census to 31.09 per cent in 2011 Census.
Sources said that the women’s quota was hiked owing to increase in the number of graduates in various disciplines in the State in the last decade. The State government has been implementing reservation in jobs for women since 1996.
Women legislators have demanded an increase in the quota for women in government sector jobs.
They have pointed out that women workforce in government jobs was less compared to female graduates employed in IT/BT sectors and multi-national companies in Bengaluru and other cities in the State.

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