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In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five pairs of words. Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.
1. Young people may be ______ the ability to read emotions, as digital devices such as smart phones are ______ their face-to-face social skills.
a) faking, hiding                                 b) affecting, stopping             c) losing, limiting      
d) falling, hindering               e) mastering, providing
2. ______ are the days when consumers were passive passengers with little or _______ choice over the design of the product.
a) Went, less                           b) Pass, much                         c) Gone, no    
d) Extinct, nil                         e) Lost, so
3. Researchers _______ that eating less meat would help in _______ water resources in dry areas around the world.
a) opine, conserve                  b) said, procuring                   c) suggest, removing 
d) prove, store                        e) believe, preserving
4. The Government is _______ on launching a system to strictly monitor _______ of industrial wastes.
a) keen, treatment                   b) thinking, capturing             c) contemplating, cure          
d) interested, disposal                        e) eager, healing
5. Scientists from across the country have _______ emphasis on the need to take immediate  steps to _______ the issue of climate change.
a) placed, stop                        b) paid, halt                            c) given, hold 
d) laid, address                                   e) put, clear
6.         The attempt to ________ India’s public sector undertakings has entered a ________ stage.
            a) uplift, professional                         b) unite, stumbling     c) privatize, decisive
            d) compete, viable                  e) control, yielding
7.         Companies that are truly ______ will ______ whether they are startups or expansions.
            a) enterprising, expand                       b) dynamic, result      c) motivated, deserve
            d) oriented, compete              e) innovative, flourish
8.         Today’s valuation systems _____ development with economic ____
            a) balance, aspect                   b) equate, growth        c) relate, sustenance
            d) derive, affairs                     e) conjure, action
9.         The country is on a huge resource ________, and cannot even ______ its present population.
            a) crunch, control                   b) drainage, survive    c) abuse, suffice        
            d) overdraft, sustain               e) imbalance, oblige
10.       One of the most serious threats to the forest lies in the _______, ________.
            a) massive, encroachments    b) faint, ecology         c) dying, animals
            d) smuggling animals             e) illegal, hunting      
11.       The last couple of years have seen an ____ increase in the _____ of air pollution.
            a) hectic, sum                         b) influential, capacity                       c) amazing, addition
            d) enormous, quantity            e) alarming, level
12.       As the world races towards ___ advancement, natural resources are being ___ by the second.
            a) sudden, jolted                     b) rapid, depleted       c) superb, driven        
            d) continuous, harassed          e) tremendous, explored
13.       The corridor is being _____ with the assistance and in _______ with reputed international agencies.
            a) organized, tandem              b) opened, union         c) developed, symphony
            d) planned, consultation         e) equipped, handled.
14.       _____ efforts are being made to make available _______ quantity of power for our industries.
            a) Immense, large       b) High, thorough       c) Intense, adequate
            d) Various, certain      e) Genuine, enormous.
15.       There are the institutional ____ who take a _____ in many leading joint ventures.
            a) buyers, share          b) developers, claim               c) bidders slot            
            d) investors, stake      e) dealers, bargain
16. Probing the _____ of life in India, Mark Tully takes the reader _______ into the country he has made his home, in his latest book, The Heart of India.
            a) colours, across                    b) shades, straight                  c) strata, quick
            d) nuances, deep                     e) strategy, vigorously
17.       After the _______ success of his autobiography Straight UP, Arthur Daley is back with his second ______ into the world of letters: Back to Basics.
            a) miserable, effort                 b) happy, trip              c) diligent, career
            d) swashbuckling, work                     e) runaway, foray
18.       A writer-psychoanalyst ___ into the human psyche and ______ his observations.
            a) explains, emits       b) delves, pens                        c) explores, enters
            d) looks, writes                       e) confides, declares.
19.       His academic career was ______ by four years of military service in the First World War, an __ that pushed him to escape from the contours of traditional academic endeavour.
            a) troubled, enigma    b) thwarted, anathema                        c) supported, episode
            d) interrupted, experience      e) assisted, activity.
20.       Jones has been around high-level politics at West-minister since 1968, when _ with what now seems the ____ reporter’s skill of immaculate shorthand, he became humble Times parliamentary reporter.
            a) established, ancient                        b) satisfied, futile       c) backed, correct
            d) equipped, antediluvian       e) enjoined, antiquarian
21.   History has ______ demonstrated that monopolies hurt customers and actually _____ a very high cost burden on the economy.
            a) partly, define                      b) avowedly, bargain              c) amply, impose
            d) earnestly hurt         e) extensively, find
22.       The wide and serious __________ of a national response to the Kashmiri demand for autonomy should not be
            a) consequence, tolerated                   b) ramification, agreed
            c) aftermath, welcomed                                 d) atmospherics, adhered      
            e) implications, overlooked.
23.       India and China are trying to give a new ______ to their _____ relations.
            a) platform, core         b) impetus, bilateral               c) dimension , stretched
            d) alternative, concerned        e) spirit, collapse
24.       Trade between the two countries had earlier achieved a ______ when they _____ an agreement in 1984 for mutual cooperation in various areas.
            a) momentum, called             b) deadlock made       c) flashpoint, demarcated
            d) standpoint, inked                e) breakthrough, signed
25.       The small sector is ___ up and contributing to the national economy in no small ____.
            a) gearing, measure                b) vying, effort                       c) heading, exercise
            d) soaring, tactics                   e) bouncing, way
26.       In very remote areas____ radio may not be available and satellite communications may be the only ______.
             a) modern, notion                  b) outdated, source     c) distinct, hope
            d) conventional, option                      e) frequently, way out
27.       After the freedom, politics ____ to be a means of service but instead became a source of _____ gain.
            a) vanished, political              b) ceased, material     c) stopped, power
            d) halted, corrupt                    e) diminished, commercial
28.       What has been affecting the progress of ______ of elementary education ins not only shortage of funds but also _____ in expenditure in various programmes.
            a) speed, mismanagement                  b) spread, allocation              
c) universalisation, extravagance      d) momentum, corruption
e) pace, deprivation
29.       The military and paramilitary personnel must be _____ with proper ___ to uphold basic human values.
            a) trained, awareness              b) educated, skill        c) supervised, humanity
            d) humanized, training                       e) deployed, utility
30.       Copyright law in an ___ of digital publishing _____ many challenges.
            a) atmosphere, confronts        b) era, poses                c) age, tackles
            d) array, faces                                     e) arena, fears
31.       The environment is a life-sustaining system ______________ of both living and non living __________________
            a) containing, organisms        b) consisting, entities c) commanding, world
            d) combination, properties     e) blending, particles
32.       The ______________ of economic growth itself brings about rapid and _____________ changes
            a) pursuit, profound                b) pace, gradual          c) concept, structural
            d) idea, quick                          e) ground, lasting
33.       Love for the living and a strong ___________ to ____________ life are very important for the fire engineer
            a) devotion, support               b) will, appreciate      c) impulse, generate
            d) persuasion, survive                        e) urge, save
34.       When development and environment are ____________ it is ______________ that development should be environment friendly
            a) friendly, worthy     b) sustainable, advisable        c) inseparable, evident
            d) related, assumed    e) connected, suspected
35.       The world’s population is increasing _____________ and so are people’s ________________ needs
            a) hazardly, unwanted                        b) rapidly, mounting  c) immensely, concerning
            d) violently, alarming            e) relentlessly, perceived
36.       Philosophical ____________ of life teach us to be ____________ with ourselves and with the society
            a) norms, obliged                   b) preaching, adjusted            c) principles, grouped
            d) dimensions, occupied                    e) values, content
37.       The success of Indian software firms is due in large _____________ to the _______________ of Software Technology Parks of India (STPI).
            a) areas, onus                          b) spectrum, push       c) measures, efforts
            d) aspect, orientation              e) sense, obligation
38.       The _______________ during this century will be both economical and ecological ________________ to food.
            a) factor, phenomenon                       b) advent, reach          c) hurdle, claim
            d) challenges, access              e) objective, certainty
39.       Food and drinking water _______________ are _________________ to human security
            a) availability, urgent             b) necessity, meant     c) safety, connected
            d) resources, viewed               e) security, fundamental
40.       Water storage tanks and ponds should be _____________ to _______________ breeding of mosquitoes and made mosquito proof
            a) sprayed, stop                                  b) disinfected, prevent           c) covered, control
            d) checked, minimize             e) washed, drive

1. (c)2. (c)    3. (e)    4. (a)    5. (d)     6. (c)     7. (e)     8. (b)     9. (d)     10. (a)   
11. (e)    12. (b)    13. (d)    14. (c)    15. (d) 16. (d)    17. (e)    18. (b)    19. (d)    20. (d)
21. (c)    22. (e)    23. (b)    24. (e)    25. (a)   26. (d)    27. (b)    28. (c)    29. (d)    30. (b)   
31. (b)    32. (a)    33. (e)    34. (c)    35. (b)    36. (e)    37. (c)    38. (d)    39. (e)    40. (b)

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