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Select the word that most nearly means the word provided. 71 to 110

Select the word that most nearly means the word

71. modest most nearly means
a. attractive
b. clever
c. current
d. humble
72. custom most nearly means
a. dessert
b. habit
c. ethic
d. deliver
73. prolong most nearly means
a. extend
b. inquire
c. relax
d. wait
74. hustle most nearly means
a. dance
b. hurry
c. busy
d. clean
75. solemn most nearly means
a. amusing
b. harmful
c. speech
d. serious
76. imply most nearly means
a. suggest
b. stab
c. thick
d. destroy
77. ramble most nearly means
a. knot
b. confuse
c. wander
d. wonder
78. beneficial most nearly means
a. help
b. advantageous
c. charity
d. wise
79. flare most nearly means
a. judicial
b. temper
c. style
d. blaze
80. negligent most nearly means
a. pajamas
b. morbid
c. careless
d. dark
81. aloof most nearly means
a. above
b. tidy
c. clever
d. reserved
82. resolve most nearly means
a. turn
b. puzzle
c. decide
d. want
83. congregate most nearly
a. worship
b. gather
c. disturb
d. hurry
84. utter most nearly means
a. express
b. defer
c. borrow
d. laugh
85. fearless most nearly means
a. powerful
b. cowardly
c. brave
d. careful
86. negligible most nearly
a. insignificant
b. arguable
c. careless
d. dark
87. placid most nearly means
a. calm
b. lazy
c. solemn
d. devious
88. rake most nearly means
a. thin
b. scoundrel
c. gentleman
d. shovel

89. dupe most nearly means
a. rancher
b. trick
c. simpleton
d. drug
90. stigma most nearly means
a. stain
b. trial
c. difficulty
d. holiness
91. reside most nearly means
a. remain
b. home
c. dwell
d. sediment
92. covetous most nearly means
a. quiet
b. sneaky
c. lurking
d. greedy
93. abide most nearly means
a. endure
b. hate
c. attendance
d. live
94. shrewd most nearly means
a. intractable
b. mean
c. astute
d. intelligent
95. fetter most nearly means
a. rancid
b. praise
c. hamper
d. persist
96. flagrant most nearly means
a. vibrant
b. glaring
c. vicious
d. pleasant
97. mitigate most nearly means
a. relieve
b. blend
c. defend
d. confuse
98. rail most nearly means
a. scold
b. push
c. try
d. punish
99. meld most nearly means
a. character
b. distinction
c. blend
d. firmness
100. rally most nearly means
a. demonstrate
b. muster
c. course
d. truly
101. abject most nearly means
a. indigent
b. desire
c. despondent
d. extreme
102. bespoke most nearly means
a. gentle
b. quiet
c. tailored
d. handsome
103. diffident most nearly means
a. apathetic
b. shy
c. arrogant
d. quarrelsome
104. proffer most nearly means
a. mendicant
b. wastrel
c. predict
d. tender
105. mordant most nearly means
a. dead
b. gruesome
c. fetid
d. caustic
106. churlish most nearly means
a. childish
b. boorish
c. tempestuous
d. disorderly
107. antediluvian most nearly
a. antiquated
b. parched
c. nonsectarian
d. nonsensical
108. picayune most nearly means
a. petty
b. spicy
c. paltry
d. southern
109. smite most nearly means
a. flee
b. speck
c. dirt
d. strike
110. winnow most nearly means
a. carve
b. wind
c. weed
d. carry

71. d. modest means to be free of conceit or pretension, or humble
72. b. a custom means a long-established practice, or a habit
73. a. to prolong means to lengthen in time, or to extend
74. b. to hustle means to hurry
75. d. solemn means marked by grave sobriety, or serious
76. a. to imply means to express indirectly, or to suggest
77. c. to ramble means to move aimlessly from place to place, or to
78. b. beneficial means causing benefit, or advantageous
79. d. flare means a fire or blaze used to signal; flair means talent or
80. c. negligent means marked by neglect, or careless
81. d. aloof means distant in feeling, or reserved
82. c. one meaning of resolve is to decide, often to stop from doing
83. b. to congregate means to gather in a group
84. a. to utter means to express in words
85. c. fearless means lacking fear, or brave
86. a. negligible means so small or insignificant as to deserve little
87. a. placid means free of disturbance, or calm
88. b. a rake is a dissolute person, or a scoundrel
89. b. to dupe means to deceive or to trick
90. a. stigma means a mark of shame or discredit, or a stain
91. c. to reside means to occupy a place as one’s home, or to dwell
92. d. covetous means having an inordinate desire for wealth, or
93. a. to abide means to endure without yielding, or to withstand
94. c. shrewd means marked by clever awareness, or astute
95. c. to fetter means to hamper, or to restrain
96. b. flagrant means obviously wrong or immoral; glaring means
painfully obvious
97. a. mitigate means to make less severe or painful, or to relieve
98. a. to rail means to scold in harsh, abusive language
99. c. to meld means to merge or to blend
100. b. to rally means to arouse for action, or to muster
101. c. abject means cast down in spirit, or utterly hopeless;
despondent means having lost all hope
102. c. bespoke means custom-made; tailored also means custommade
103. b. diffident means shy or lacking in confidence
104. d. to proffer means to put something forward for acceptance, or to
105. d. mordant means biting or caustic in means or speech
106. b. churlish means resembling an ill-bred or vulgar person, or
107. a. antediluvian means so ancient that it could have come before
the time of the flood and Noah’s ark, or antiquated
108. c. picayune means trivial or of little value; paltry means trivial or
109. d. smite means to strike heavily especially with the hand
110. c. to winnow means to sift or get rid of, like weed, it is often used

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