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Shame! Shame! Passenger urinates on Air India Flight

A boozy traveler force down his pants and urinated within the aisle of an Air india Boeing 787 Dreamliner that was on its way to Great Britain, according to a report.

Jinu abraham, 39, was stopped by the cabin crew when he began to flip aggressive and had to be controlled till the plane landed at Birmingham field.

Abraham, a hospital porter, was traveling along with his 10-year-old son once he reportedly consumed 2 whiskeys whereas being on anti-depressant medication, aforementioned a report in the Birmingham Mail.

He had to be handcuffed with seat belts till the plane landed, aforementioned official.

Abraham pleaded guilty to misbehaving with the cabin crew and urinating within the aisle of Air India flight. He was created at Birmingham Magistrates' Court and was maltreated with a fine of £300. additionally, he was conjointly asked to pay £500 as compensation and £185 prices.

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